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  1. We went out of Puerto Caldera in Costa Rice. The Spirit took 19 days. As I stated we were early so we actually took 19. We went along the equator " the doldrums" and we had the calmest seas one could imagine. Sails only for 2 days. Glorious. Hawaii was far to North. The only land we saw were the Îles de Disappointment. I think the Spirit is staying in Tahiti. She should the Breeze will be nice, the Spirit with sails is gorgeous.
  2. Highly recommend the trans Pacific. We did it on the Spirit when she first went over, to say we loved it does not even begin to say how great it was. Because we were two days ahead of time we sailed, sails only for two days and Captain Pinto just about sailed into Papeete Harbor. It was one of our greatest travel experiences. Happy Sailing.
  3. I think WS will have enhance their loyalty program one to get people back on the ships and two referrals. I hope their enhancements will be choices instead one size fits all. I know before this pandemic and before John Delaney left they supposedly were working on it. In a correspondence with him they were looking at creative enhancements. Hope so. The way WS rolled it out at Christmas time last year it was not to well organized to say the least. Happy Sailing
  4. I think the Spirit just went in for refurbishment. I think they are figuring out a new schedule for both boats. These ships now are truly working in a margin of we need to get this right because financially they are all in a muddle. Happy Sailing. Susanne
  5. Hi, I think you have some very valid points. I think it must be extremely hard to plan with cruises with the world the way it is. A lot is at stake. The Breeze is going to cross the Pacific, we did that on the Spirit and magnificent is not a big enough world to describe how great that was. Personally, I would much prefer the sail boats which we also did on the Spirit right after the crossing, we stayed on. It was glorious. Tahiti is fantastic it is simply a long flight from the East Coast. On that trip we only had to do one way which was even better. Highly recommend the crossing. If anyone has any questions ask away. We would do it again but we missed our Malta trip this year for obvious reasons and I have waited too long to go there. Happy Sailing Susanne
  6. My thinking is Tahiti is extremely popular for good reason and perhaps they need a longer time frame to stay away from Asia due to the virus. I think to stay in business these cruise lines have to try and do creative thinking taking in educational guessing and mixing it with true science. I think Tahiti might be a given and they are well positioned to go to Asia when it deems to be safe. Only my thoughts. Happy Sailing
  7. Petoonya, I think you need to ask your TA to ask WS to put you on a wait list, make sure they know you are an alumni and the number of cruises you have with them. I think your chances are good that someone will cancel. I think lots of people are reserving due to the price and Tahiti but when the time comes and if this virus is still a problem here people people will not want to fly. We are not fussy people and with 26 WS cruises under our belt we have been in many cabins including way forward. Noise was never an issue with us and I say this cruise is so spectacular and the little time spent in the cabin you will be fine. Ideal no, but focus on Tahiti and the time you will have. Not to sound like a goody goody we focus on the experience and how fortunate we are to be able to do this. In all likelyhood I think you will be fine but it is the job of your TA to be more aggressive and to make sure WS understands. Happy Sailing, Susanne
  8. Petoonya, Perhaps this will help. Draw a straight line from 108 up through the ship you will find that BX rooms 108-134 are basically the center if the ship, as well as B 133-137. On A deck AX rooms 207-234 avoid the rooms near the passenger entrance 210,208, 205, 207 and A avoid 233 and 240. None of the rooms are bad. Believe me you will be on deck most of the time, at least I hope so, the visuals are fabulous. This is a small, intimate ship. I think you have to have sails for this destination. The reflections and shadows of the sails against the water and mountains/hill is worth hardly ever going in your room. From sun up to set you will not want to miss one minute. Don't stress about the rooms they are comfortable and well thought out. Simply relax and have the time if your life. Susanne
  9. on the Sailing ships I buy BX, I like being down for the gentle rocking, great for my sleeping. The rooms are exactly alike really. After reading the nightmares people had on the big ships with the pandemic, I do not think on any of the motor yachts I would get anything but a room with a balcony. I do not think we would ever take a giant ship the reason being I really dislike buffets, I mean really dislike. My least favorite night on a WS cruise is the deck barbecue. Happy Sailing
  10. I always have a copy of the deck plan of the ship I am going on. When I talk to my TA or WS that plan is with me, no decisions concerning rooms are made without it. Our only time on a motor yacht we were upgraded from a window room to a balcony an room, I checked my deck plan all was great. We loved that room with the sitting area part that had the FR balcony, reading talking, listening to music all the while getting oodles of fresh air. When we reserved the Breeze for this coming January ( fingers crossed) we made sure we had that type of a room not one with the bed next to the FR balcony. I have always found the deck plans useful. Happy Sailing.
  11. Fabulous Windstar, one of the reasons we have sailed so often with you. Great going. Happy Future Sailing to all of us with WS.
  12. Misty Morning, I went on the Canadian Page indeed there are some great prices. The exchange is about 25% even with that the prices are US $ 400 less on some cruises and some are the same. Interesting because my husband is a Québecois but a resident in the US. Good for you. Happy Sailing.
  13. I think that WS before this pandemic had some regular times when their prices would go down: July sales, before Christmas, the 7for 7, 90 days before a particular cruise. If they have cruises they know will sell from past years or a particular popular route ie., Greece and Tahiti very rarely will they drop considerably to be considered to be a " good deal". Barrycat is absolutely watch, watch, watch. Now it is basically a new ball game. Cruises have to be able to attract their alumni and new passengers. I do think smaller ships will have an advantage. I jumped on the Caribbean in January 2021 for 14 days $ 1999 pp, I have never seen it that low. (26 cruises) We do not care about cabins on the Surf all basically the same. So, since we reserved immediately we got the most central cabin in the least category. I remember Tall Ships 2015, the day it advertised we jumped on it, not cheap but we wanted to go, that cruise never became cheaper. If you really like a cruise and the price is something that is ok but you love the itinerary go for it if you can. You can always change as time goes on, if the price is reduced, do the math because you might lose out in some benefits. If not watch and wait. Now, I think Europe will be a watch and wait. My Malta cruise this year cancelled it was always expensive but I wanted to go. I am going but I will watch and wait now. Also, remember last minute air is always more but that pricing is also up in the air now. It is all new, our old stand bys have probably all changed. One thing with WS it will be happy sailing. ( wish I had answers)
  14. Do not give up on Windstar. Your experience with Seattle is not even remotely like what your experience on board will be. Their Tahiti is bliss, about as perfect as one can get. Seattle does not even come close in service as what you will get on the ship. Use a travel agent. You will not get frustrated or angry. Why the difference who knows, I have always wondered how they got business but once on you will be so happy . You are making a good decision, call a few travel agents get the one that knows the most about cruising and Windstar. Happy Sailing.
  15. We have completed 2 trans Atlantic passages with the Wind Surf and one trans Pacific with the Wind Spirit when it transitioned to Tahiti. We love them. We love the perspective of the world when we wake each day and see no land, we love the quiet, we appreciate the feeling of time, sort of like the pandemic, only much nicer obviously, with no agenda ( we are retired ). We love the slowness of a sailing ship, yes the engines are cut once in a while and we love that silence. We love the freshness of the air and the colors of the blues. We love looking out on the ocean for hours and the pensiveness forces us into. We find people who have been on trans ocean cruising to be different and interesting, it is a different array of people. What we really love is the smallness of the ships. Obviously we would highly recommend the experience. Happy Sailing ( I have great traveling weather karma, we have never encountered storms I live in the NE where my weather karma is not so great)
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