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  1. Best coffee bet for mass market lines - try Costa or MSC, both Italian-owned and both cater primarily to Italians and other Europeans.
  2. If your cruise is the Pacific Northwest, then I would recommend the Star rather than the Ruby. Ruby is what I considered a warm weather ship. PNW is still fairly cool in April. So, it is cool enough that people don't go out on top, it will feel quite crowded below. I was on the Emerald Princess, a sister ship, re-positioning back to the USA from the Baltics. It was cool enough that very few people went out on top and felt quite crowded below. The Ruby may have a few more anemities than the Star, but if you like to go swimming or even to use the hot tubs, Star would be the one I recommend.
  3. Rule of thumb is the smaller the ship, the better itinerary experience you may have as the smaller islands requires tendering - not good on a big ship. However, these transpacific or partial transpacific requires alot of sea days which you may not like if you are used to much larger ships. It is generally a much more relaxing cruise on a small ship as opposed to a larger ship. We did a SF to Sydney back in 2009 on the Star Princess - we had a great experience visiting the Hawaiian Islands, Tahitian Islands, Samoan Islands, Fuji, and New Zealand. A few years back we were on the Marina which went from Papeete to Lima, Peru - we also had a great time. Sea days were tougher on the smaller ship and internet was non-existent most of the way. With proper planning, you can have a great time on any type of ship on these type of cruises because islands like Bora Bora or Fakarava are simply gorgeous. If you can afford it, do the smaller ships.
  4. Oceania is usually 1st choice for most people who have actually tried them. Have sailed on Oceania, Celebrity, Princess, Holland America, RCCL, Carnival, and Costa with food quality in that order. Big difference between Oceania and Celebrity, very small difference between Celebrity and Princess. Even Costa wasn't that bad thought it was different. The only cruiseline with decent pizza was Princess in their Alfredo's Pizzeria. Only food I would not eat at Oceania is pizza. My favorite dishes on Oceania is miso-glazed Chilean Seabass, black peppered new york cut steak, & surf and turf sandwich (filet mignon & lobstertail sandwich). Their french baguettes are surprisingly addictive.
  5. The only foods superior to Oceania will be pizza, sausages, and, maybe, pasta. We came to Oceania by way of Princess. It has been almost 4 years since our last Princess cruise. There will be much more ship activities on the Hawaiian cruises than you think. Just relax and enjoy it - you are on vacation. Also, during dinner, if you don't like anything on the menu, you can always order a sirloin hamburger and fries even though it is not officially on the menu.
  6. Miriam, Thank you very much. I'm surprised that the Nautica was actually docking at the Deep Sea Port. I guess we will be docking at the Deep Sea Port. I'm just curious where the Costa Fortuna was that day - tendering over at Patong Beach?
  7. Going on the Feb. 3, 2020 Cape Town to Singapore cruise. Right now, trying to determine where the Nautica will be docking when it is at Phuket. We have 2 other ships that day, the MSC Splendida and the Star Clipper. It appears that there is only 1 berth for docking at the deep water port at Phuket which I expect the MSC Splendida will get as it as their standard passenger capacity is 4 times the combined total of Nautica and Star Clipper. During high season, ships are supposed to be tendering the passengers onto Patong Beach. Called Oceania and they just say we are docking at the deep sea port.
  8. Take a look at this site: https://www.sagetraveling.com/Venice-Accessibility Also, take a look at tide charts for the time you are there. Really high and low tides requires you to make more of an effort to board and disembark these Vaporetto stops. The minor stops may require people having to assist you in such times, but in general you will be o.k. However, it will be very crowded on the Vaporettos and the main thoroughfares - not quite rush hour in the Japanese metro, but rush hour almost anywhere else. It is that crowded these days in Venice during high season and with the cruise ships in port.
  9. For Miami to Rio, keep the cabin, you are not going transoceanic. It will rarely go over 15 knots and if it does, it will probably be at night (only important if you like to sleep in the balcony).
  10. The faster the ship travels, the more spray you get. Wind doesn't help. Transoceanic crossing is usually done at their top cruising speed. My friends who were at the aft section of deck 7 never mentioned their balcony was wet when we complained about our wet balcony. Question for you is, how often you didn't get sprayed when the ship was traveling at 17 knots. Traveling around in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, these ships may not even go over 15 knots. This problem will probably only occur during your crossing of the Atlantic. It will be o.k. once you reached Brazil. Anyway, it will be cool and windy during your crossing so you will probably not spend much time on the balcony.
  11. daveispar, Had 7009 from Papeete to Lima, really couldn't use it after we left French Polynesia. When the ship gets to cruising speed, the spray will leave most of the deck 7 balconies in the front pretty wet. When you are crossing the Atlantic, your balcony will be useless. You probably be o.k. once you hit South America.
  12. I believe they are on sale now. Look at trainline.com where you can see the schedules of trains for both companies.
  13. The only time, I believe from observations, you may have trouble is when the tides are really low or really high, then there is difference of up to 8-10 inches between the Vaporetto and the landing for the pier, so you may need some assistance at that time. The major stops are larger and more sophisticated so less problems. It is the smaller stops on Vaporetto 1 that you may have more trouble. In the major stops, there is always a person on the pier as well as the person on board who could then assist you.
  14. Except the radar map for the West Coast shows clear sailing up to the Canadian border, so it is not the weather.
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