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  1. As Happygcruiser said it was the wristband, it's as if you had your mobile phone with you the whole time and they could track your every move. Princess has this with their medallion system. With contact tracing they could determine if 2 or more people who were sufficently close together for a long enough time, there was a likely chance the unaffected party could have caught the virus from the affected party. Of course, the contact tracing may not work if an infected person who walks by you, sneezes or coughs at you and both parties do not bother to take notice. So, in the future on the cru
  2. TeeRick, noted, it was just my response to her middle comment and I thought it best to give counter-examples.
  3. Not anymore for your middle comment or, at least, they applied different rules for this pandemic. Remember hydroxychloroquine, it has been around since 1955 for malaria, but they limit it to hospital use for this virus where it was not effective (as an anti-viral, it stops or inhibits the growth of virus, but by the time you enter the hospital because of breathing difficulties, your immune system is attacking the live/dead virus in your lungs - paradoxically, they can't find live covid-19 virus in almost all patients 12 days after onset of 1st symptoms, I guess your immune system kills all t
  4. That was a bit obvious when nurses and people who had to lift people in and out of gurneys or who had to turn them over were complaining about how big many patients were back in March 2020.
  5. Probably, the same way that the EU is having so few that are vaccinated. It's first come, first serve - at least, in this case, if you order first, you get it first. If you order last, you get it last. That question of why you are not higher up in the queue should be asked of your political leaders.
  6. We were on the last cruise aboard the Nautica, a 30-day cruise from Cape Town to Singapore, but it was diverted to Dubai where all passengers disembark. At that time the ship was still in good shape. My cabin, an inside, was in good shape. It didn't look like she really needed a full refurbishment. Oceania does a good job of maintaining their ships. However, I'm not as detail-oriented as some of my fellow cruisers so take my opinion for what it's worth. Even if they didn't refurbish the Nautica, I would still go on her with the right itinerary.
  7. Once J&J vaccine becomes more readily available and in sufficient numbers, it could feed the normal flu vaccine distribution apparatus. Apparently, J&J vaccine are being sent to California. CVS is offering Moderna or Pfizer if you go through their options. It appears they will offer J&J vaccine soon if available. I guess it is getting into one of the most utilized section of the flu distribution apparatus.
  8. Good point! The 1st and 2nd order for the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines will probably be fully utilized since production of J&J vaccine is behind its original schedule. It is the 3rd order of those mRNA vaccines where the doses will have difficulty finding willing recipients in the USA and majority of that order might go to waste or, more likely, diverted to Canada and overseas.
  9. Unless they struck a deal with each and every state where they are distributing the vaccine, they would be technically in violation of each State's law. However, once we start into Phase II, I don't think any State would care except for States that are run by control freaks.
  10. Not so easy to dump your sick passengers in a port where host country don't want sick people visiting their country. Easy way for a cruise line to be banned from ever entering their country. This could be a way where the cruise line can put sick passengers ashore to pre-arranged medical facilities without the passenger's permission. The PR would be too horrendous for everyone. I'm not supporting Celebrity, just saying Celebrity may have tried to cover their rear end a little too much and left a big opening. Just make a big stink about it to Celebrity to force them to clarify.
  11. It may be, but it is more about lawyers covering the rear end of Celebrity. MSC may be a baseline in the how they will treat you. Heck, I don't think they want it to be known that MSC treats their passengers with more dignity and class than Azamara. This is more of a case where it sounds worst than than what it will be. This is more of a way for Celebrity to punish people who may not adhere to their protocols without legal repercussions. Let's see how it plays out.
  12. It could be. That's the worst that can happen to you. It's not what will happen to you if you got covid from someone else on the ship. It's the worst that can happen to you. There appears to be alot of latitude that Celebrity can take. If they did this to a passenger who caught it from another passenger or crew memeber, it will not be good for their image.
  13. Only in comparison to what was done in the past. You can wait until it reverts back to what was done in the past though the wait may be longer than your remaining years.
  14. Please be aware this is MSC Grandiosa's 2nd incident. The first was back in early February. Whether you like it or not, this may be how everything will be when more cruising resumes in April in Europe despite you being vaccinated or not - they will be very cautious in the beginning.
  15. Apparently, the MSC Grandiosa is still sailing in Europe. Here is a peek at what may happened if you get sick: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2773417-grandiosa-1-week-sailing-with-covid-protection-activated/
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