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  1. Sounds almost as bad as CD Peter Roberts singing.....🙉🙉🙉
  2. That looks a lot less "bling" than the Oceania equivalent in La Reserve!
  3. Hi there, Just replied to your post in the freighter forum 😀
  4. Just to add a few bits..... Hirtshals isn't the easiest place to get to as an embarkation port... Aalborg is the closest airport, but not particularly well served for us from the UK - KLM via Amsterdam, Norwegian via Copenhagen, or Great Dane Airlines twice a week from Edinburgh, but we've gone for BA to Copenhagen, and then the train direct from Copenhagen Airport to Hirtshals with one change in Aalborg (most journeys are 2 changes) & takes 6 hours 20. On the way back we're getting the local train from Hirtshals to Fredrikshavn via Hjorring (takes just under an hour with a change) and staying there for a night, so we can go up to Skagen for the afternoon if the weather is good. The following day we'll catch the Stena ferry to Gothenburg (just over 3 hours) and fly back from there on BA in the evening.
  5. My partner and I are booked on the last "North Atlantic Cruise" of this year at the end of October.....we don't mind bad weather living in Scotland! It's certainly a good value way of seeing something of the Faroes and Iceland. We took the Deluxe Cruise package (meals, excursions etc) & the Suite as the cabin & the total came to €2600 for 2, just drinks to pay on top (they let you buy from the duty free shop on board and you can drink it in your cabin or on deck). There's a few good You Tube videos, including..... There is also a recent episode of Mighty Ships on Norrona......in the UK it's shown on Quest & in the US on Smithsonian. It's certainly going to be a change from our usual cruises with Oceania!!
  6. Having benefitted from industry rates in the past (prefer knowing where I'll be on the ship and having a confirmed booking in place) I was always under the impression that eligibility/fares etc etc should never be discussed with those that don't benefit from them.....just sayin'!
  7. It's easy, although a little confusing......... follow the link I've posted below, it's in french but scroll down and click the "Plan de la gare" pdf link........the exit you need to head to is the Parvis St Devote. Don't panic when you get there as there is nothing apart from a taxi phone point (Borne d'appel taxis).....pick up the phone and order a cab, we waited ten minutes to get a taxi to the ship and it cost us €15. https://www.gares-sncf.com/fr/gare/frxmm/monaco-monte-carlo/plan-de-la-gare
  8. Scott, My partner and I are on the verge of ditching Oceania after 14 cruises due to a less than stellar crossing in April and the general dumbing down/NCLification of their product. In looking for an alternative we stumbled across your "Auntie Vera Charles" You Tube channel, and every time we've tuned in it's been a case of "Let's just watch one more!" 😁 Thanks for the smiles and insight on Crystal, all the best from here in London xx
  9. If it is Mandara, then it's a Steiner brand (like Elemis), so it's going to be sell, sell, sell.......
  10. Greenock Central station is approximately a 25 minute walk from the cruise terminal, Greenock West slightly shorter & Fort Matilda slightly longer depending which route you want to walk - otherwise a taxi is your best bet to Greenock Central. All 3 stations are on the same line and there are 4 trains an hour (2 an hour are fast taking around 10 minutes less), and fares range between £5.80 & £10.90 return into Glasgow Central......further details at https://www.scotrail.co.uk
  11. ORV.......you just jogged my memory! I did have one minor peeve with F&B......there was NO Indian Buffet on my NYC-Southampton 😲😲 😂
  12. We've had 35 days on Marina in the last 12 months, including the crossing the NYC-Southampton crossing that disembarked on Friday. Last years Montreal-Southampton was pretty good with some minor issues all resolved, and our shorter cruise in November was spot on with a fantastic time had by all. Sadly on the NYC-Southampton we encountered issue after issue - I won't elaborate further as Oceania shoreside are still dealing with our feedback, but I will post a full review if we don't get assurances that our feedback has been acted on. There are certainly consistency issues on Marina at the moment, but I must give credit where it is due, with F&B and Housekeeping being as good as ever. We had both been ardent Oceania cheerleaders up until now, but Crystal are looking increasingly appealing.
  13. With regards to peoples interpretation of the "country club casual" dress code, we actually noticed the opposite - it became a game seeing how many people we could notice at dinner in jeans (and we didn't use the Terrace in the evening).....I won with 14 pairs noticed in Polo one evening 😁 The port changes weren't a problem - the overnight in Cobh was a positive as we got a weekday in in Cork rather than the original Sunday when everything was closed (Dublin I can take or leave as it's a long shuttle ride into the city with everything that entails), and we had gained St John's, NF on a previous Regatta crossing. Activities during the poor weather were poor & seemed to consist of the invisible CD scheduling an extra movie or 2 in the afternoons....his PA announcements were incessant though - we can all read Currents! The cruise/entertainment staff rarely engaged with passengers. On a positive note F&B service was as good as ever, particularly in the Culinary Centre. I agree with the previous comment about the ship needing a refresh.....GDR in particular.
  14. Thanks for your reply Ken.....the list is lengthy, but the main complaints revolve around filling the empty B grades with upsells from sister line NCL. I'm no snob but this resulted in a non existent dress code....we'd never seen so many jeans and shorts in the evening. We had a few minor issues that needed to be addressed by the reception team who did nothing to remedy them, and when asked what the follow up was they denied that any issues had been raised in the first place. Entertainers not mingling with guests during the Club cocktail party, and openly gossiping about them. Between my partner and I, and the friends we were travelling with we also had the misfortune to witness 2 cases of blatant racism towards other passengers, and homophobic and anti semitic comments towards other couples. On the plus side the F&B department was as good as ever, especially the Culinary Centre.
  15. We just disembarked from Marina's transatlantic on Friday and feel exactly the same way!
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