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  1. On the excursion I got the price match I am glad I did the ships excursion . If I had of taken a private excursion that day I most likely would have been looking for alternative transportation options to get home . It was a tender port , ship excursions get priority getting off the ship , we were the first excursion offered that day and made it back to the pier 15 mins before the last tender . My wife didnt want to go on this excursion and said it was the best one she ever did when she came back. Some places a private excursion works for some people , sometimes it wont . .
  2. I agree , Some people don' want to be wasteful ordering a full entree and send most of it back but may want to try multiple apps instead . The original poster having concern is warranted , they paid for their experience already and should get the experience they paid for . As it is many people booked cruises and some changes have been made that diminish some of the experiences hopefully this ordering experience does not add to the list .
  3. I know the shorter cruises dont include lobster but his post said that he was going to preview what a 7 day menu would look like . The Dream does an 8 day sailing so when they released that , it also had 2 cruise elegant night "feast menus" the first one was completely different from the 2nd one which has the lobster on it . The first one had escargot , chicken alfredo , duet of filet mignon and short rib , 2 different Emerils items I think a tuna appetizer and a bbq salmon entree , different desserts including grand marnier souflee , and chocolate panacotta . Although I do like some of the offereings on the menus he posted on FB for the elegant nights I prefer to have variety on my main dining experiences. With the old menus the formal night dinner just was the version of the elehant night without the lobster not the lobster being switched out menu . I could see them using that menu on a shorter sailing like on the Conquest which I think only has 4 and 3 day cruises now but when theres 2 formal nights it would be nice to have different offerings .
  4. So I was folowing John Heald 's posts on FB and he leaked a menu night each day . I think there might have been something wrong with those posts because both elegant night menus were identical except for one entree . The first had rhe Shrimp and Fishcake as an entree and the 2nd had lobster . All the other items including deserts were the same on both that he posted .
  5. I might go there after dinner and get something to eat if I go to listen to some music but I doubt it will be my first choice of the evening ,
  6. twice as much is not always true and you need to look at different factors,. Do your research see if there is any differences in the trips . One time I was able to get a partial price match I only tried once so its not like it only worked the one time kind of thing . The difference in the tours was the Carnival excursion included lunch so they credited me 65 dollars instead of 80 for 3 people total . We were on a long excursion that had 3 different departure times and we were on first trip we got back to the port 15 minutes before the last tender . I imagine the other 2 groups were glad they booked with the cruiseline .
  7. I think they are refering to Java Blue on the new ships . Mardi Gras and Celebration have a different set up for Java Blue . There are some things that are offered on other ships that you would pay for just as you would for those items on other ships but they also have additional items , sandwiches , epanadas and a few other items that they make as well as a grab and go section that has fruit and other healthy options .
  8. We went on a snorkling tour in Grand Turk through the cruiseline . Oue excursion got back late , The ship waited for us . We dropped our stuff back at the room went up to get a burger from Guys and before we ordered the ship was pulling away . If you do do an excursion with a different vendor make sure they have plenty of time from when the excursion ends and that you need to be back.
  9. They do different sales incentives . Right now they have save 15 percent on internet packages when you purchase that at the same time as your excursion .
  10. So I see a lot of posts and videos on old San Juan walking tours . How long do you think a typical visit to each of the 2 main forts. I'm thinking of taking a taxi to a beach and was wondering how much time we should budget if we wanted to explore San Cristobal and El Moro. Would a half hour at each fort be a realistic amount of time to spend at each location ,
  11. I think the strategy is based on the main dining rooms not being large enough to accomodate all the passengers . The people who in the past have opted for set dining times were guaranteed their seats in a set location with the same waitstaff. by having this policy it encourages traditional diners to keep with their traditions .
  12. I believe the juice they may be refering to is juice at the mdr during dinner,
  13. Yes as long as its cans . You can even mix it up . You can take up to 12 different soda cans per person . They wont let you take bottles anymore though.
  14. Did Carnival do away with the ports of call section . I think that was Carnivals answer to give a theme . I kind of liked that strategy because you could order the special apetizer , entree or drink .
  15. Are you playing till the $20 dollars runs through or are you playing till theres no money left after losing some winning some losing some ?
  16. You can also bring a 12 pack of cans per person on the ship at the start of the cruise . The downside of that is having to drag it around with you until you get to your room , but you can bring the soda you like and not be stuck with the ships selection .
  17. The waterparks on the ships look fun and im sure my family would like to try them oursekves when we go. When watching a youtube video i saw you need to reserve times and they do 45 minute time slots , that actually sounds good to me so things dont get to overcrowed . I didnt see if the waterparks cost anything or if they were included. If they do cost how much are they and if its included thats even better .
  18. I'm new to MSC my wife and I have sailed on other lines and I would also like some info on the entertainment . Are there comedians onboard . Also on a facebook page I saw something about some of the shows in the main theater being shows you need to purchase tickets to attend . Do they have free nighttime shows in the main theater?
  19. The Costa ship is a Vista class ship but im assuming they wont be putting typical Carnival venues like Guys, Blue Iguana , and Red Frog . Hopefully what it does offer gives people a nice change of pace though . Does anyone know if bookings on the 2 costa ships other then the Luminosa will count as days sailed on Carnival for Vip status.?
  20. I wasnt looking for onboard credit , never stated , never implied I was looking for it . I never sail just for the ship , I shop for ports and price . Not always looking for cheapest option at the time but what we are in the mood to try . We most likely will enjoy the trip but it is a let down , as I stated this is a makeup trip from before Covid for us . It had already dropped 1 port from the itinary that we originally booked and most likely are going to swap out another port , both ports were ones that we have not visited . Replacing it with Nassua is not high on our options because it is offered in so many short cruises that we could do that port at any time plus my son and I scubadive and its a place that we fly and stay a few days while diving its not as diver friendly to dive when cruising in Nassua ( not impossible but more of a hassle then some other places ) . When you take a port is only on a few itinaries and replace it with one that is on a lot itinaries it is underwhelming .
  21. I am sailing on Mardi Gras this summer .I have not received an email and my itinary has not changed on my cruise planner . I really hope that this change does not happen . My activity on cruise critic picked up recently because we were debating on taking another short cruise before our 7 day but many of the options seemed to have Nassau and that has us underwhelmed . if the change was for weather or something that was a temporary issue for a few cruises I am cool with that but to change the itinary this far our sucks . We booked this cruise as a replacement for a Covid Cancelled trip . So far other then the ship we feel downgraded by the replacement .
  22. Its a shame the appetizer menu isnt available , my son and I were hoping to catch a little of the live band and have some appetizers while we enjoyed the show ,
  23. Now for more of the ports to relax protocols , I personally was ok with a pre cruise test but we are not vacinated , I had covid twice , I test periodically and both times I got it I followed protocols and isolated . I felt fine to work but I wasnt going to spread it , Grand Turk had listed that they required proof of vacination to come ashore . I wouldnt mind taking a test to go ashore there either .
  24. We are going on the Mardi gras and I noticed a few , not all the specialty restauarants are included . We are looking at going on the Horizon and 2 of the restuarants included on Mardi Gras complimentary options The smokehouse and Capitano are included for dinner are also on the Horizon . It would be really cool if that was included too ,
  25. I think for now since Covid I think some tour operators have scaled back their amount of tours , If a tour operator has 2 similar but different tours they might not be offering the other tour at this time , If they are running boats or buses its more profitable to send out one full booking then 2 half full , It might also be a time of year thing too , More options may be added when you actually are onboard .
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