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  1. I had one of the studio balconies when we were on the Anthem out of New York 2015. It was wonderful and I could live in it for a long time.
  2. To you riders out there. Have any of you sailed with Harley Captain Johnny? A funny story, my daughter and her boyfriend were on deck on the Allure (before he went to the Harmony) and they thought they were going nuts and hearing things, sounded like a motorcycle and sure enough they saw him on his bike riding on the deck. Probably would not allow that nowadays.
  3. Yes, free flight but not for me. Cannot leave the house or the dog or my volunteer activities at that time. I prepared my paper work and went into a court room here totally ready and the judge listen to me and told them to pay for the damage. Needless to say it was scary the whole time.
  4. Oh my is that judge Judy from over here? A few years ago they contacted me to be on the TV show about the neighbors snow plow person running into my garage and causing lots of damage. I sued and won!!!! No way would I fly to California and be on TV. Not enough money for me to do that!!!!!!
  5. A balmy 10 above here in Minneapolis. Snow much, much better than freezing rain and then snow on top of that. A nightmare to drive on.
  6. Great cartoon thank you for sending. Happy Healthy New Year to you and your family Graham from Minnesota.
  7. Thank you, sorry about your fur kids too. Just me in the big family house fixing things to sell it and get out of dodge! Really hard not to get another dog Daughter wants the west coast of FL cause she has been there on business trips and likes it a lot. Then when we move there just a "short" walk to the ports there! Happy Healthy New Year.
  8. Yes, thank you. My dog went to heaven so trying real hard not to rescue another one till we complete the move to FL.
  9. For our book discussion. Daughter got 2 books for Christmas. "The Joy of Cruising" and "Death in a Deck Chair" Should be fun reading for us cruise people.
  10. After reading all the horrors of driving 41, 75, 95 I will convince my daughter that when we make the move we will ship the 4 vehicles and fly down to FL.
  11. Yes, I know and will get one soon but Alexa is so bossy and controlling. I will not involve her. I always take a book with me to docs, dentists, car washes, planes, trains, ships but this time I really missed the boat. Will not happen again. Merry Christmas to you and Laura and "my" sweet Bella.
  12. Sandford lived in Minneapolis and wrote for the St Paul paper. Some of his books take place in MN and the MPLS police department. Really enjoyable reading. Thanks for mentioning him I had forgotten about his and some other MN mystery writers.
  13. HI: Thanks for all the book ideas. Here I am stranded at my daughter's house for days and did not bring one book from home. Never thought this storm would turn out so, so bad. I have taken notes on all the books everyone recommended and have read many of them. So everyone have a Warm and Healthy and Merry Christmas. And book cruises for the next year and year after and year after. Keeps us happy.
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