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  1. Our first carnival cruise was on the Mardi Gras 1974. Been on many 60+ since then and have sailed on most of the cruise lines. Love to cruise but not this year because of @@##$$%%^^^ virus.
  2. Just thought I would send you to coordinates for tonight in Minnesota. Pouring rain all day and night so no chance to see. Time: Sun May 17 9:25 PM, Visible: 6 min, Max Height: 45°, Appears: 10° above SW, Disappears: 10° above ENE. Coming again near my house. Third night in a row do not know when it will stop over here.
  3. HI: I was excited to write today about the ISS. Absolutely clear sky last night. Went out my front door at 11pm and there it was coming from sw heading ene. Almost right over my head and just a perfect view for me and then my daughter 25 miles away. It seemed brighter and bigger than the last time it passed by. We got notice today that it will be here tonight at 10:13 however it will be very cloudy tonight so not visible. I hope you got to see it.
  4. Oh my goodness. Exciting. When we were on the QM2 last July we had a lecture from the NASA director? and we got to sign up to be notified when the ISS would be over our area. We have gone outside and seen it a number of times on a clear night. Me here in the middle of the city and my daughter 25 miles from me. So exciting. Tonight 11pm from wsw to ene.
  5. May I inquire where you consulted? Was it for the whole year? I am in south Mpls near Lake Harriet. Did you get to see all the city lakes-which I might say are closed for all activities. Our winters can be very very bad. We have the coldest temps in the USA and a town up north named Embarrass, MN makes the news for the coldest temps. This winter was much better than last. Not as much snow and below zero temps. It should be safe to plant my tomato plants the end of May. Some in the ground and some in pots. I make homemade tomato sauces and freeze for winter cooking. Time to get into the gardens and put mulch around and decide where to locate 3 small pine type trees. I hope you all have a nice warm gardening week-end. Yea, first pro sports event to happen this week-end. NASCAR!!!!!I am a fan.
  6. Wow zone 9 great for growing. Long season too. I have problems with rabbits and squirrels. Our hair salons and barbers are not allowed to open. If things go ok with the 5/18 openings then on June 1 he will allow more places to open. Our building stores have one entrance in and one for out. Target does too but not the grocery stores. Have a nice week-end and good luck with the new maples they are beautiful when in bloom.
  7. Thank you for writing. You are warmer where you are located. We can have snow in May and did last week. Now it will warm up next week 60's and 70's. I will finish planting in my pots and then dig up the garden areas and plant seeds in about 2 weeks. I have 2 raised garden beds-3.5 feet tall and 3 feet long. I put small herbs and pea pods in those. Then I have the front yard and that is where my roses are and my oriental lilies and peonies and hostas. I am a avid planter!. All our garden events/shows have been canceled. In fact everything is canceled. All my volunteer activities canceled too. Last time I did a volunteer event and got out of the house was 2/22. All our charities are hurting and small businesses too. Everything still shut down. Our cases have been growing daily. However, 5/18 the governor said a few things can open but with lots of regulations. Good luck with your plantings.
  8. Thank you and I should know about the test results in 2 weeks and daughter also. But then what does that even mean? Up for guessing. Anyway, some lilacs blooming and smell nice. Took hanging plants out of the garage and put near the door in case I have to put them back. Minnesota has a short growing season so me and rest of the gardners want to get the vegetables in the ground. We are zone 4 down here but northern Minnesota is zone 3-the worst!!! You may have growing zones in England???? Bye for now.
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