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  1. It matters from a revenue standpoint. Since most math suggests that purchasing a package becomes cost beneficial once one orders 2.5 to 3 drinks per day, then the sharing of drinks on one person's package would discourage the second person from purchasing the same package. That deprives Princess of the additional $60-$80 per day from that second person. It would not be unusual at all for the following to be true: 15 drinks per day at $20 or less is sufficient for both people in a cabin The multi-course meal at Sabatini's is enough food for two people to share and still be satisfied The multi-course meal at Crown Grill is enough food for two people to share and still be satisfied An appetizer and a pizza at Alfredo's can easily feed two people for lunch Unlimited Special Desserts for one person can easily become one per day for two people 4 device WiFi privileges can easily be split two per person. So in the end, two people could get everything that they need out of just one person paying $80 per day. (The second person would just have to pay Crew Appreciation.) Yes, this would work. But Princess doesn't want it to because they want the revenue. So which of these features, if enforced, is the one that is going to push people to purchase one package for each of the two people sharing a cabin? Easy. The drinks portion of the package.
  2. A “third party tour company”, (and I put that in quotes because Princess’ tour companies are also third party providers…Princess does not own boats, vans and buses in port cities) would be out of business overnight if they stranded a group of passengers who missed the ship. This is their livelihood. They won’t allow mistakes to happen. If you book with “Shoreside Tours” as an independent provider, there is a good chance that the people who booked through Princess will also be going on their tour with “ Shoreside Tours”. Especially in smaller ports. There just isn’t enough room or workforce to support multiple companies who do the exact same thing. Often you can tell by looking at the promotional photos that are part of both the Princess excursion page and the third party provider’s home page. You will often see the exact same photos. Because it is the same company.
  3. The menu posted above shows that EVERY option is made with vanilla gelato. Is that the only option? What about people who aren’t so,…well…”vanilla”?
  4. The OP asked about Mini-Suites on SKY Princess. The thread you cited to is about Cabana Class cabins on SUN Princess. The two have nothing in common.
  5. I’m confused about #1. You ask if half the drinks have to be billed to the second adult in the cabin, but you said that she is booked as the solo. Who is the second adult? Yes, as a solo, she can order two drinks at a time, provided that she intends to drink them. She cannot order two drinks and then give one to someone who doesn’t have a package. In practice, can she get away with doing this? Yes, especially if the drinks are delivered to her cabin and the the old switcheroo is done after the server leaves. But this is cheating. Let your conscience be your guide. 2. Sipping each other’s drinks for tasting purposes is fine. The drink police are not and cannot be so strict as to prevent this. 3. A person with a package can ask that a drink be charged against the shipboard account and not be deducted from the daily allowance, but don’t be surprised if this gets messed up and not done correctly. Complicated transactions are not always handled properly. The crew is very busy and sometimes flustered. They will always seek out the path of least resistance to move on to the next customer.
  6. Can something be a “Spellbound Favorite” after just a few cruises?
  7. Me too. Which is why I had to get clearance from my better half. The $99 red tag shows up on the cruise I booked, but after getting through the booking process, I had to plop down $1,200 to reserve my cabin. (3 people). Irksome, but inn the end, I have to pay the money at some point.
  8. We had "the talk" tonight over dinner as I needed to put down $1,200 before midnight to hold our cabin. (I cooked Coquille St Jacques served with an Aubert Chardonnay). She said: "Two years from now? Well, that's two more years closer to not caring if I get fired. This is our life. It's not a dress rehearsal. We should go." So the deposit is paid and the confirming email arrived about 10 minutes ago!
  9. @Coral This x100!! I didn't receive any notice from any other source, and at 6:00 a.m. I was able to reserve my favorite cabin on a cruise that has been on my bucket list for a long time. Still not sure that I can convince my wife that we can take a 14 day vacation (plus travel dates on either end) while we are both still working. If she says "no", then I cancel. If she says "yes", then I have the perfect cabin on the perfect date on a great ship!
  10. So if one IS on board, what should they be doing? Seems if they have two options. Look optimistically at the compensation that they are getting, or complain about it. Spoiler alert: Doing the latter will accomplish nothing.
  11. The math works out the same on a proportionate sliding scale. When you pay more, you get more back. If you paid $2,800 per person for the 7 day cruise, then in your mind, this experience of being on the ship and seeing the ports was worth $400 per day. Impossible to know how you allocate that amount as between the ship experience versus the port experience. But if you allocate it $375 for the ports per day and $25 per day for the ship experience, why take a cruise at all? Just book a series of legs on the Alaska Marine Highway System instead and see the ports that way since the cruise ship offers so little value. But having opted not to do that, one can assume that you place some value on the shipboard experience. After getting your 75% credit, then the week on the ship cost you $100 per day for a stay in (presumably) a suite, with all the food, drinks and entertainment that the ship has to offer, and you get $2,100 to play with for a future cruise. Play your cards right and that covers 100% of your future cruise. 14 days on a ship, one to nowhere and one to all the ports you want to see, for a grand total of $700. Not bad for $50 per day.
  12. All true statements. But your earlier post that I quoted did not say: "for me." It was a general statement that read as a proclamation for all guests. Had you said that this is insufficient compensation for your situation, I would never have been so presumptuous as to tell you that your opinion about your situation is "wrong."
  13. All the more reason to ensure that they get every crumb they can, no?
  14. True, but I believe that that is an attitude that develops over time, and is certainly itinerary-dependent. If I were in the Caribbean and the ship missed St. Thomas, Nassau and Princess Cay, I'd 100% agree with this. If I booked a cruise to cultural and historic places where I expected to go to Delos (Mykonos), Pompeii (Naples), Akrotiri (Santorini) or the Acropolis (Athens) and the ship never made these ports, the "even if they cancel my ports" philosophy would be hard to bring to the surface. For many, the Alaska itinerary is such an cruise.
  15. Meh. When you put numbers to it, it becomes pretty clear that this isn't true. At the end of the day, if a person spent $1,000 to be on this cruise to nowhere, they will have spent $250 for 7 days enjoying the ship's food, drinks and entertainment. Assuming that there isn't one other single redeeming factor of this cruise, that comes to $35 per day for only those things that I mentioned. Of course, during the course of that week, there was angst, anger and uncertainty, and that surely eats into the overall enjoyment, but those are intangibles. And as they say on TV...But wait! There's more! That same person gets to book a replacement cruise that presumably will hit all the places that this cruise did not and their $1,000 cruise will cost them $250 of new money. Add it all up, and that is 14 days on a ship with full use of the ship's services and entertainment, of which around 7 days are sea days (some on this cruise and some on the next cruise) and around 7 days are spent enjoying the ports on this itinerary. All this for $500, or $35 per day. Yes, there is the inconvenience of having to travel all the way back to Alaska, but if that is a hardship, the replacement cruise can be to any location. I truly feel for the people who are missing out on this cruise, but it's not as if they were spending it on a ship that was dead in the water with no electricity, plumbing or food. When the 75% refund and 75% FCC is overlaid on top of this, I'd say that this is pretty good compensation.
  16. Can someone explain how the mechanics of the kickoff works? I have never been in a position to book a cruise so far in advance before, but I believe I can commit to a cruise that interests me. Assume that I qualify for the early launch date (May 16) and I am on the East Coast. Will these 2026 cruises appear on the website if I am logged in to the Princess site and allow me to book one? If so, what time will that happen? Or do I need to work through a TA or a Princess Cruise Specialist during the early booking period because they won't appear on the website until 5/23? Thanks in advance.
  17. Not sure. But if so, it's a fair point.
  18. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most difficult to find.
  19. Maybe you can use Ocean Now to order it from the app and brought to your table! 🤣
  20. That’s a concern. I’ve been to several different Brazilian Steakhouses including Fogo (business dinners where I had no say in venue) and the quality of the meat at all of them was average at best. They try to disguise grocery store beef with theatrics. And the side dishes were all afterthoughts.
  21. I suspect that many who use the term “dry dock” don’t understand the literal implications and really just mean time at a repair facility, wet or dry.
  22. I simply said that I don’t want to dine at chain restaurants. If there is a Sabatini’s in Times Square or Vegas, I missed them.
  23. And I am disappointed for the same reasons. I don't want my cruise ship to have restaurants that one can go to in Vegas, Times Square or South Coast Plaza. I don't want Johnny Rockets, or anything from Guy Fieri, or Shake Shack, or meat on a stick. But that's just me. I'm sure that there must have been some marketing research done that suggests that I am in the minority. That said, I was not a fan of the location of Sterling, and when on Sapphire, confined my Specialty Dining to Sabatini's...a trend that will continue if I am ever on that ship again.
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