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  1. We stayed in 8029 November 2022. Quiet. No noise from above. Great size shower. Wonderful butler called Alan. I would book this again. You could look through the CC cabin thread too?
  2. Thank you...not the best experience! I shall contact a travel agent.
  3. I am.interesred in booking. If I access the Exlora website and 'book' the screen proceeds asking for passenger details. Is there a way to look at available suites?
  4. Good to see the hree today in Funchal 20231109_123621_06.mp4
  5. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my thread. So very helpful.
  6. The tender ports are Portovenere and St Ttopez so I am guessing there are plenty of actual docking ports in the area such as .La Spezia and Nice No problem iin packing a tie! We don't fancy packing a jacket to only wear perhaps once or twice as we are looking at a week touring by car once getting to Barcelona.
  7. Another question please....if the weather means that the ship cannot tender do Seabourn try ttheir best to find an alternative dock/port or just pur on a seaday? Azamara have always been efficient in alternative ports ? Oceania don't appear to find alternatives!
  8. Thank you for your helpful responses. I cruised around 10 years ago on Cunard and found it too formal...so Seabourn appears to have the balance just right. The Ovation and Seabourn certainly look like they are what we are looking for upon reading your responses. Sandra
  9. We are looking at a 7 night Mediterranean cruise on the Ovation. Having cruised previously our favourite line has been Azamara. We enjoy the none stuffy. Informal atmosphere with wonderful staff,, food and wine. Their dress code suits us oerfectly. I always wear a nice dress or smart trousers and pretty evening tops and husband a collared shirt and trousers (no jeans!). He doesn't want to take a jacket or tux to wear on the formal night. Therefore is there an alternative dining restaurant available and later in the evening around the ship willl he stand out like a sore thumb in his nice collared shirt and trousers and no jacket or tux?. It isn't like Cunard is it...where some guests are above themselves?! Also. There are two tender ports. Do you require tickets on the outward tender or like Azamara can you just turn up when you wish? Do the restaurants require reservations in advance of sailing?
  10. B2B November. 7nts CC Suite and then 8nts V2 Balcony. Hits..... CC Suite excellebt quality and bathroom, Staff are wonderful and appear very happy. . Aqualina and Prime C excellent. 1st week included drinks which were fine. Wine good not excellent on standard included drinks. . 2nd week upgraded to Ultimate package...loved Atlas Bar drinks and service. Baileys and good brands on the Ultimate package-. used onboard Credit for this. Vassi playing piano excellent. Buffet breakfast and lunch in windows offered an excellent choice and quality. Living room comfortable. Liked the library area here. Sunloungers comfy. Some of the excursions were very good. Self service laundry very useful. Misses ...Both cabins balcony chairs poor quality and uncomfortable. V2 cabin...dated and damaged furniture. Bathroom sink dented /chipped in various places. . Shower fittings poor and old. Veranda door noisy when windy. Some meals in Discoveries not very hot. Deck 11 forward outside deck had no sofa/chairs & coffee type tables like the other Azamara ships. Parts of ship looking very old e.g lifts. Music in all venues very loud. Patio dining noisy and acoustics terrible. Couldn't hold a conversation when there were many guests eating. Enjoyed the White Night but the music needs updating'(YMCA ETC!) the food and drinks service brilliant on the night though.
  11. The CC Suite had the same size and type of safe as a V2 balcony grade in November on Onward. I also had a couple of items move forward in it one day (may have been rough seas or the way I had placed items in it) and had to get staff to unlock it for me. After I called customer services it was minutes before he cane snd reset it.
  12. They should re-contract a lovely talented pianist called Vassi who was on the last two Mediterranean cruises in November. She played the piano and sang to some of her pieces too. The Den was busy each evening when she was performing. She interacted with the guests so well.
  13. On the Onward in November. The Sunshine Band played in the Living Room there was a couple who were ballroom dancers adapting their ballroom dancing to the music and showing others how to dance. It was great to see. The band played and sang requested numbers.
  14. On the Onward in November. The Sunshine Band played in the Living Room there was a couple who were ballroom dancers adapting their ballroom dancing to the music and showing others how to dance. It was great to see. The band played and sang requested numbers.
  15. I have no idea if that cabin is in the same condition. Location wise for ease of access to lifts, public areas and the brilliant laundry then it was great and no noise from the interior of the ship eg hallway, stewards storage room etc. We were disappointed in the room and as Onward is Azamara's newly refurbished ship we expected it to be better. There was even dust on the hinges of the cupboards and the cabinets looked old with scratches and marks. The shower curtain was tattered and marked however, this was changed by the steward. The sink really should have been replaced. There wasn't even a heated mirror or illuminated mirror in the bathroom...just a ceiling lights. Ceiling lighting in the room and bathroom had a yellow dull shade to it. The best quality lights were the wall lights by the bed. The lighting in our previous room a CC Suite Onward was superb! It was like sailing on two diferrent ships! The bed in 6036 was extremely comfy and bedding lovely. The room had a sofa bed too and this took up a lot of room as it was quite deep in size. Friends were in a forward deck 6 this looked a little tidier but still had old cabinets. Theirs had a smaller love seat and the room appeared a bit more spacious. However I wouldn't change to that location. The staff onboard are outstanding and it appears a 'happy ship' with many greeting you by name in the corridor in just a few days. It has a lovely atmosphere and offers a great experience.
  16. Cabin Number 8029 (Club Continent Suite) Ship Onward Month/Year sailed November 2022 Would you choose this room again Y/N Yes - near perfect! The lounge chair particularly comfy - lots of storage - self close drawers - quality updated modern cabinetry. Spacious shower (no bath) Is noise an issue Y/N No noise issues Balcony size Normal/Larger/Smaller Normal Size balcony - Chairs on balcony cheap uncomfortable had expected better quality - you could not 'lounge' in them - OK if sat upright at the table.
  17. cabin Number 7036 Ship Onward Month/Year sailed November 2022 Would you choose this room again Y/N No - needs bathroom refurnishing (sink chipped in numerous places, sink over flow discoloured and shower control limescale and marked and furniture (cupboards/doors modernising) Is noise an issue Y/N Y - During rough seas the wind howled through the sliding balcony door and noise from the lifeboat below. Otherwise very quiet Balcony size Normal/Larger/Smaller Normal Size balcony - Chairs cheap uncomfortable - OK if sat upright at the table.
  18. On the Azamara UK website you can see a choice of flights and connections with various supplements payable. They dont use low cost carriers such as Easyjet or Jet 2 though. A sample of a dummy booking Machester to Nice - this one hasn't a long connection!
  19. Really disappointed that there are no sofas or hanging chairs on deck 11. This being one our favourite place on our last Azamara cruise....do you think that they will be installed by November?!
  20. I have a question too....we are in a suite and are embarking in Monte Carlo can we drop our luggage off during the morning following checking out of our hotel and return later to check in and board later in the day ?
  21. Hope they continue to keep it open and use the heaters for our Med cruise in November. Is the evening menu like pre-covid?
  22. Around 6 weeks ago I submitted my online (no receipt on the screen for this) B2B form and around 18 hours later had an email from Azamara welcoming me and confirming they are cross referenced bookings. I logged into my account and could immediately see that each cruise had been allocated the B2B bonus credit.
  23. Thank you for the recommendation.
  24. Yes, I was hoping to stay more central in the old part of town.
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