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  1. We have cruised on Silhouette three times in AQ. Agreeing with others that location selection isn’t ideal under the pool, we have not had noise issues on any of the trips. If you are focused on balconies, keep in mind many of the AQ cabins do have an overhang, blocking the direct sun. We typically avoid sitting in the sun, and enjoy the protection from rain the overhang provides. This is the port side of Solstice however you can see the overhang on the AQ rooms covering many rooms. Happy future travels on the Silly, it is our favorite Celebrity ship.
  2. Yes, as others have mentioned you can look up the status from the US passport website. I did get an email with a link to the govt website, and it had a locator number but you can also look it up with your name, Birthdate... It took 6 weeks from the time I mailed everything in to get that email. The website only told me that they received the application on Oct 26th. I received another email in January saying the passport was approved, and what day it would arrive. It was reassuring to get the confirmation notice in advance.
  3. Received my renewed passport last week. Here are the details: Chose standard service ($110). Mailed using certified USPS for tracking on 10/19/20 to Philadelphia from Georgia, cost was $4.95. It arrived per tracking on 10/26/20. Received email confirmation from US Govt that they were processing on 12/5/20. In took almost 3 months including USPS shipping. Anxiously waiting to be able to use it.
  4. We were on the Eclipse sailing just before you last year, San Diego to Vancouver and felt things were a bit off. First, the embarkation was delayed because of a big inspection. The staff said it was a result of returning to US waters from South America. We noticed things were missing, like limes and other fairly common fruits or vegetables. The Blu staff said they didn’t get some supplies while in San Diego. I don’t recall service issues like you experienced, but found there were small gaps. We don’t ask for a certain waiter or to be seated in the same location, but typically the hostess
  5. Haven’t thought about it, but it would probably depend on the ship crew size. If they lower the crew by 50% to handle the lower guest capacity, the tips/crew pay should remain the same. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. KTB, Some of the May and June cruises, were not all ‘cancelled’ at the same time, as Celebrity was attempting to still sail, working around the various country and ports closing. We had our May 28 cruise to Canada amended, and were told on March 24th that the cruise would now be to the Bahamas. It was on April 16th that we received notice that Celebrity cancelled global cruising until June 11th. We did request a refund on April 17, and are still waiting. The TA followed up with Celebrity yesterday, and said our refund was to be processed today. :) Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. Based upon the price and length, I would Go with Oceania. We have sailed on 7 Celebrity ships in the past 5 years, but all in Aqua, so I can't assess Retreat/Suite benefits and compare. We sailed Oceania Marina in a Penthouse Suite which was nicely appointed, with a walk in closet and good size bathroom. There was a lounge, but I think it was limited to snacks, concierge services and non-alcoholic drinks. The food was overall better, and the (price included) specialty restaurants were all very good. I can't remember what we did on the drinks package, but recall drinking nice wines.
  8. We have been on the Solstice twice, once in cabin 1562 and again this year in 1566. We have never had noise issues under the Solarium, and could not hear the Jacuzzi running while in 1562, which I think is right below. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. Not really. They are mostly on Deck 11 on the S Class ships, but are located in the front, middle and back. We have never sailed aft, so Not sure if Any of those are AQ.
  10. Hi Muffinz, I might miss a few things, but the AQ rooms and balconies are the same size as Concierge and regular balcony rooms. They have changed the additional amenities over the 4-5 years that I have cruised on Celebrity, but generally that difference are: Blu Dining room (any time seating), limited to AQ guests, and Retreat guest if space is available (that is handled differently by ship.) They serve Dinner and Breakfast Free access to Persian Gardens Ice Tea (bottled water was dropped a few years ago) delivered daily Expanded breakfast room servic
  11. Yes, we love Aqua Class. Our first large ship cruise was on Celebrity in the Baltic. We saw a sale, and booked into AQ not really knowing what it was, and have now been on 7 trips, all Aqua. We enjoy Blu and use Persian Gardens, usually when returning early from shore excursions, as it is not as crowded on port days. We also like the cabin placement on the ship. Many people have made negative comments about noise from the pool or gym, which we have never noticed. We enjoy the overhang, as it protects from the sun and rain, giving us more balcony time.
  12. Ken, you are on vacation, put the tie back in the drawer and relax. 😊. No one will notice.
  13. Cruisestitch, thank you for your explanation. We were on Solstice last month, and received a refund on the itemized statement a few days before the end of the cruise. DH asked guest services, and they said it was for port taxes. As we hadn’t missed any ports, it didn’t make sense, but it does now.
  14. We are booked 9048 on Summit in May, so interested in your question. We chose that location as we have cruised 6 times on various S ships under the Solarium, starboard side, with no noise issues. In fact, we have observed that the Solarium typically clears out by happy hour/early dinner, and frequently we have seen the staff hosing it down, and setting up for the next day during dinner hours, so by the time we are in for the evening, it is all quiet above those cabins. The Solarium is open till 10pm (it was on our cruise last month) so even if their are people still using it, it isn’t lat
  15. Just returned from 12 night Solstice, and there were 2 chic nights.
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