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  1. At the time I signed up for CC I was a Staff Sergeant in the US Army (I'm now a retired Master Sergeant) so that's where the "Sarge" part of my name comes from and the "Baby" part is a play on the Spice Girls name with my sisters (known as Sporty and Posh) and the fact that I am the baby of the family. Anne
  2. Maybe? Doesn't matter if they are because I couldn't see them and he could with the bottom line being I get a better cabin at a lower fare.
  3. We are both in the "high risk" age group (one of us more than the other) but we will cruise again with Princess in a skinnett, which is less than a NY minute, and cannot wait until we can.
  4. As others have said, we have had mixed results with PVP's. Had one who was extremely responsive and able to provide additional benefits and better cabin selection for lower price; unfortunately for us she was moved to Cunard. The next one we were assigned was so terrible (never answered e-mails, phone calls, cancelled a booking that should not have been cancelled, etc) I wrote the company and complained. After that I managed my bookings on my own for the longest while. Our latest PVP reached out to us and convinced me to give him a try and I have been very happy since I did. Super responsive and calls me back very quickly. He also sends me advance e-mails or calls about upcoming sales at least a week before the elite e-mail comes out. He does seem to get me better cabin locations and prices than appear on the website and will hold the booking for a longer period of time than the standard.
  5. I can honestly say that every cruise we have done has been wonderful but two fairly recent ones do stand out. First is our 2016 cruise onboard Emerald Princess originating in Southampton and ending in Sydney then staying on for a cruise round New Zealand. A total of 61 awesome days. Great ports, terrific tablemates (so much laughter and fun!!), awesome service. The second is our 60 day Circle North Pacific/Asia onboard the Coral Princess in 2018. So many wonderful ports from Alaska to Viet Name to China and Japan. Definitely a cruise I would do again.
  6. Got the pre-email telling me it was coming, got the actual email, and got a phone call from our Princess Travel Consultant making sure I received it.
  7. You may find this site helpful for specific balcony info on Coral and Island Princess http://www.cruisedeckplans.com/Princess/odell/res76zxu/princessbalconies/index.html
  8. Try this one. http://www.cruisedeckplans.com/Princess/odell/res76zxu/princessbalconies/index.html
  9. Interesting read; well written and researched article. http://www.yourcruisecoach.com/cruise-travel-and-covid-19-perception-vs-reality/?fbclid=IwAR1UVQIpBRrC9jgqyx_evrkdrFDEUQPjwiq56LpgHqvvCMKEQ_RLE9KWNj0
  10. While I understand and sympathize with your frustration over the length of time it is taking Princess to process refunds I don't think comparing a company with 17 ships to one that has 6 ships and conversely significantly lower numbers of passengers/cancellations to refund is equitable. It's rather like comparing apples and oranges - yes they are both fruit, but not the same at all.
  11. Matt O stayed on Island Princess until 1 April when he was repatriated/allowed to go home to the UK. He is IMHO one of the best, if not THE best, cruise directors I have ever sailed with on Princess. He boarded the Island Princess on 9 January the same day we did for our 58 day Circle SA as an emergency replacement and hit the ground running. Would book a cruise just because he was the CD which in 30 cruises with Princess is not something I ever thought I would say!!
  12. Photo taken in Ilhabela, Brazil on our 58 day Circle South America cruise this year.
  13. Wow, seriously hard to narrow it down to one favorite memory but our "happy" place when on board a Princess ship that has one has to be Vines. To be able to sit quietly at a corner table, sipping our favorite wine(s), meeting new people, sharing tales of our day, and reflecting on how incredibly lucky we are to be there is a memory we look forward to doing over and over again.
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