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  1. You don't have to stay outside the entire time. Once you get to John Hopkins Glacier in in J H Inlet (Glacier Bay offshoot), the ship will stay there for awhile, slowly turning so everyone who stays in their stateroom gets a good look. There are six or seven glaciers at the north end of College Fjords and the ship will probably go by them all and maybe stay for a bit at each one (we've only been there on Celebrity). Dress warmly if going in spring or fall (only times we've been up there). The water is very cold as is the breeze.
  2. Our first cruise to Alaska was on the Celebrity Horizon in 1996 so the company has been up there for a long time. It's true they don't have lodges in AK as Princess does, but on that Celebrity cruise we did a 3-day post-cruise extension to Fairbanks--where we stayed in a Princess lodge <g> and rode on a HAL train <g>. Personally, I would never do the Royal or Regal in AK. We've been on the Royal twice for a total of 24 days and would say it's not the best ship for AK. We were last up there on the Star P and it has the wraparound covered deck which is ideal for AK IMHO (Royal/Regal don't have those). Plus they brought around hot toddy-type drinks <g>. I spent hrs out there, esp. in Glacier Bay, taking in the scenery and photographing it. We've also done AK on HAL, which is also a good choice for that itinerary---only time we stopped in Sitka.
  3. We haven't been on the Regal, but have been on the Royal twice. Jaw-dropping the first time I saw the Royal atrium. Also, on the Summit twice--back when it was a year or two old and again in 2015. We're talking apples and oranges here. The Regal/Royal carry over 3,500 pax and were built in the early 2010's and have lots of "glitz". The Summit was launched in 2001 and carries about 2,200. Haven't been on her since she was "revolutionized" but she was sorely in need of updating, especially in the buffet. Also the two cruise lines are a bit different. We're elite on both. Really liked the daily cocktail party for elites and above on the Summit. They were held in the Revelations Lounge, forward on Deck 11 with floor-ceiling windows. Hot hors d'oeuvres were passed by wait staff and the latter took drink orders, too. Nicer venue than those where Princess holds their similar cocktail parties IMHO. This lounge was also great when doing scenic cruising such as going up the St. Lawrence River as we did on our last cruise on her (Can/NE itinerary). The Summit certainly is not as spectacular as the newer ships like the Eclipse, on which we sailed in 2014, but then it's smaller so can visit ports the larger ships can't.
  4. I don't know what "extras" the for-a-fee tea in the atrium offers. We've had the free afternoon tea in the dining room occasionally and there were goodies to eat (finger sandwiches, sweets) along with your tea.
  5. Are you looking for fellow cruisers? If so, go to https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcalls/star-princess-june-22-2020/ for your roll call. However, we've found that this feature isn't used as much for Alaska as it is for Europe. 😕
  6. ABC islands are my favorite itinerary. More interesting IMHO than Grand Cayman, Cozumel, St. Thomas, etc.
  7. I didn't know there was one. The first time out in that area we drove so visited both places as well as others. There's a bridge that goes across to PEI. The second time, our ship (Celebrity Summit) stopped at both. Royal probably too big to be accommodated at PEI and/or to go under that bridge.
  8. No wonder we never knew that anything ever happened in Club 6--I thought it was a wasted (and awkward) space. In bed by 11 usually because we're not "spring chickens" <g>
  9. Wanted to correct myself re the House of Orange. It's the House of Orange-Nassau. And wanted to throw in another tidbit re the Dutch and the islands many of us visit: Curacao and Aruba, primarily. The line of queens before the current king were Wilhelmina, her daughter Juliana, and J's daughter Beatrix. The current king is son of Beatrix. Royal landmarks in Curacao: Queen Anna bridge (the swing bridge, she was Wilhelmina's mother) and Queen Juliana bridge (the highway high over the canal and inland the Q A bridge). On Aruba: Queen Wilhelmina Park (go right on the street outside the pier and you'll come to it in about 2 blocks) and Queen Beatrix Airport.
  10. I'm surprised by yours and others comments re the hills in Quebec city. I've been there 3 times, twice by car and once by ship. As I'd done a lot of sightseeing "up above" the Old Town on the first 2 trips, I didn't take the escalator (or whatever it is) to get up there. But as I remember, once you're "up there" it's pretty level.
  11. Sorry to hear about your power going out--they predicted ice storm up here in the Detroit area, but we lucked out and didn't have any ice, just a bit of snow. Re "orange", I was surprised that folks from TN, at least those who attended U of T, weren't wearing orange on HAL ships since it's one of the schools colors 😉 Personally, I also never wear orange-my least favorite color except on Halloween.
  12. We've been to Lisbon several times--one of my favorite ports! We used the HOHO bus the first time, did a private walking tour with other CC folks the second time, and the third time used Rick Steves guide to help me. Stop in a bakery to try a custard tart the city/country is famous for <g>.
  13. Ours was up in the Crow's Nest during the day and I think it was on the day of the King's Birthday (April 27), which is a national holiday in the Netherlands.
  14. We've been to Greenland several times and never felt the need to buy an excursion. All the ports are easily walkable and we've seen glaciers from the ship sometimes. We've seen glaciers in various places during our travels, both by car to Canada and Glacier N.P in the US and on private tours in Iceland (reasonably priced), so never felt the need to take an expensive excursion like you describe.
  15. The Netherlands (aka Holland) was ruled by the House of Orange for a long period of time. So HAL celebrates that connection by having an "Orange" party. It would be nice if they wrote about the significance of the party since so few people, esp. Americans, know anything about the connection between "orange" and HAL. We had done 6 cruises on HAL ships before our TA on the Zuiderdam a few years ago where we first experienced the Orange Party.
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