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  1. Coastal Kitchen cannot compare to Celebrity’s two venues. The eating and drinking are separate and Suite level have drinks included. RCL nickel dimes cost of suite plus cost of drink package. No bargain and a good reason why you can’t find a seat on RCL especially now with COVID spacing requirements. Just off Symphony and was too hard to get dinner reservations in CK. Find a place for the D, D+, or pinnacle to have there peace if they want to use their vouchers and talk shop but don’t limit access to suite paying guests. As for what RCL offers as a suite perk does not compare to Celebrity. There is no adult pool area available on RCL for any level guest yet alone for Suites. The Suite deck was a joke on Symphony. Two lonely bartenders. They didn’t even put out the furniture on the top deck. Only an empty hot tub that nobody wanted to get cooked in with summer temps. No room butlers, nothing to get too fired up about.
  2. We were on Symphony doing BTB and last week had to leave ship and go thru immigration in port terminal . Wait in baggage claim area for an hour to get all the same paperwork rechecked from the previous week before finally getting back to the terminal waiting area for another hour wait. We started off in main dining room at 9:00 am and finally back on board at 1:00 pm. There were about 50 of us. We were changing room so had to lug all personal items but bags stayed on board packed. We had to retest antigen the day prior. All aboard already knew they were good to go. This worked reasonably well and why the change beyond that makes little sense. First week we were 1600 passengers and week two down around 1200. Crew is 70% filled and all aboard 12 and older are vaccinated. Those under 12 are still the issue. Crew is board stiff and you will get tired of being asked if there is anything I can do. Main dining room you can hardly eat with so many stoping by to check on you. Specialty restaurants are nearly empty and same line of questions will nearly ruin your experience. It’s like going to a party that no one came to. It’s no party and rather a bore wherever you go.
  3. Ken Degrace and Norman de Campo are concierge no ideas on the genies. Sail away was delayed due to police escort of a group off ship. This has been kept quiet and reason why not disclosed but those who witnessed said a formidable force of island police involved.
  4. Just completed Symphony Aug 14th restart and doing Aug 21st back to back. Evidently RCL did not plan this out or failed to pass word down the ranks as it was poorly executed. To start with we never received and communication to report for a COVID test ever until we were trying to exit ship for CocoCay and we’re stopped by security and told we needed to go get a test. We had excursion paperwork with us and we’re already late so they said we could get it done on return to ship. First failure to get messaging to passengers. When we came back to ship it was a quick pass thru to get test and that part went smoothly although the test administrator told us they would call or email within the hour with results. That never happened. Fail #2 called them later and no answers and front desk services was of zero help as well. We took it as no news is good news and went about our day. #3 fail was getting a letter informing of any information on how to plan or execute room change with BTB. We were in an Aqua Suite and moving to Owners Suite for second part of cruise. Our room Stewart was John and did a great job in moving our luggage and clothes on hanger to new room. The last night of cruise we finally get a letter after complaints at front desk. The letter said report to main dining at 9:00 am. From that point on this was a circus of incompetence. There were 50 of us whom were moved from place to place during the next 4 hours. We finally got back on ship at 1:00 but had no access to rooms until 2:00. We were taken off ship to immigration and had to go thru that, wait in the baggage claim area for an hour before they started to do the check in process. When we did the first leg of cruise it was all online. They locked all of us out from doing anything online and went from passenger to passenger doing the check in taking photos of documents, passport, COVID Vaccination docs just as you did pre cruise which was really slow. After finishing this we waited in baggage area until finally going upstairs to a regular waiting area for another hour before boarding at 1:00. This process needs a lot of work. Poorly executed. Blame it on what you want there was no management around to document this fiasco thus how many cruisers will go thru this until they clean things up? Just over 1600 guest on Aug 14th sailing. Aug 21st down to around 1200. Best of luck to future BTB.
  5. Appreciate the updates on Tux and testing. Safe travels
  6. New email today. This might have a big impact on who can sail. A change for your August 21st, 2021 Symphony of the Seas sailing The Government of the United States Virgin Islands has informed us of their plans to require all passengers ages 12 and older traveling onboard a cruise ship to be fully vaccinated in order for the ship to be allowed entry into St. Thomas. This latest requirement will impact all cruise ships scheduled to call on St. Thomas in the near future. To comply with this requirement, guests ages 12 and older must provide documentation of full vaccination at the terminal as a condition to boarding. Guests under the age of 12 are not required to be vaccinated, but will be subject to our COVID-19 testing policy. If this change will impact someone in your reservation, please contact us at 1 (800) 256-6649 for a full refund or to move your reservation to a later voyage, or a different itinerary. Due to additional health protocols that will limit our ability to visit St. Kitts & Nevis, we'll now visit San Juan, Puerto Rico instead. If you pre-purchased any Royal Caribbean shore excursions for St. Kitts, you can expect to receive a refund within the next 30 days. In the meantime, feel free to browse all the exciting shore excursion options for St. Maarten in Cruise Planner We apologize for any impact this may have on your vacation plans. Well the schedule has already changed on the online reservation for Day 6. It now shows San Juan. That's a done deal.. Wish they had gone to CocoCay instead? As for the other changes, this looks like you might have to be vaccinated to go on this cruise if you are over 12 years old period? Am I reading this correct?.
  7. So in simple terms what impact would this have on cruises from Florida? Mask requirements set by cruise lines ? What about vaccination requirements? None or could cruise lines set their own % of passengers? Curious to hear what’s on the table.
  8. I received email back. “tuxedos can only be rented onboard the Symphony, depending on availability. “ that is the official response from RCL.
  9. I have gone to the website https://tuxedorentals.rccl.com/tuxedo/tuxrental.nsf and there is no drop down for the Symphony. No one has ever replied to the Contact Us link on that web page either when inquiry made on the subject. Can anyone advise if the rentals were ever available on Symphony, and or if so, how they were reserved. This is not meant to be a discussion on wearing a tux, just a simple one ship question on how to make reservation. Thanks.
  10. That explains the show reservations, but what about the dinner venues. There is nothing to schedule?
  11. Well If your going to Schooners you won’t need a mask but you will have to be Vax’d List out today of restrictions and some of the places listed as top destinations are not accessible for the non Vax’d
  12. You missed the point. This has nothing about getting back into Miami. This is about port calls. They may need to test you every 72 hours to get you into the different ports of call. Each country has a different window. You stop in port on day 2 your not going to make it to day 5. Your going to need to be tested again to get into the other country. And if you come directly from some countries there is no window at all. You have to be tested period, and the tests vary. Some counties accept the easy version, some want the less comfortable more invasive. You can look at each country and they list out requirements based upon where your coming from. I don't see cruises making more than two country port calls in eastern caribbean for a while as the rules stand now.
  13. The rules change from country to country and some require higher levels of testing based upon where you have been. How far can a ship travel in 72 hours for that first stop post test from Miami and where to next? As you mentioned is RCL going to retest every third day? This explains why there are no excursions posted. A lot of hoping things will change. We might wind up doing 7 days at sea and if lucky a day or two at CocoCay for Eastern and Southern for a while. A scheduled stop at an island that is more than 50% closed is not justified.
  14. Has anyone's cruise planner been changed that enables viewing any of the excursions at the new ports they picked? You try and download the planner for the cruise and it still gives the original listing of excursions. Nassau wants a Health Visa to get into country like $80 each to get off the ship on top of any excursion? Unless RCL works out some deal that uses the test they are requiring all to take back in Miami as proof just one more reason not to get off the ship. From Bird's review of the first cruise out of Nassau the cruise ship terminal is gone and temporary structures in place, and most of town was still in lockdown, nothing was open. Sounds like a great place to visit? How about those emails from RCL or your travel agent. I would be curious to get some feedback on how many folks have actually received one? A couple did right away after release back on June 8/9th. Many still have not, self included.
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