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  1. The earlier you book the bus from London to Southampton, the cheaper the ticket. They will not depart the station until all have put on their safety belts. Our driver was kind enough to call our car rental as we didn't have a cell phone at the time.
  2. Did our 'once in a lifetime' cruise out of Sydney on 2020 just as Covid raised it's ugly head in China. DH insisted that we fly business class from the U.S. We flew on Qatar Air and it was amazing! We stayed in Sydney for 4 days before cruising around New Zealand. Returned to Sydney, sailing up into the South Pacific before returning to Sydney. In Sydney for 3 more days before flying back to the U.S. Wish we had spent even more time in Sydney. Would have loved circumnavigating Australia but it just wasn't feasible for us. Highly recommend the trip if you can afford it!
  3. One item hasn't been listed. The day before the cruise you will have to answer a health questionnaire on the app. Every thing else has already been mentioned.
  4. Don't know about bourbon. The best prices in St. Maarten are found away from the port. I buy my liquor in a small shop on Front Street.
  5. They don't show up until 30 days before the cruise.
  6. On our last cruise, the pictures that turned out the best, were the ones taken at dinner. The picures taken in front of the backdrops appeared as uncomfortable poses. I think the change in the announcement is the 30% off photo package and photo book.
  7. Did a transatlantic a few years ago. We were at a table for 8. One couple came to dinner 30 minutes or more late every night. We has to wait for them to catch up. That was definitely rude.
  8. I am on that cruise. Emails have been sent to few booked offering a deal to change to another cruise. It does appear that the ship has been overbooked.
  9. Blame it on RCL's IT department. The FAQs haven't been updated. Mask wearing is up to your preference. Do wash hands frequently.
  10. i sailed on the Enchantment in May. I will be sailing on her in a little more than an week for 28 days. If the ship was like the above observation, I wouldn't be sailing on her.
  11. hancock

    La Spezia

    There is a manditory shuttle bus to the port exit at LaSpezia.
  12. If you had cancelled the beverage package before cancelling the cruise you would have gotten your money faster.
  13. I use www.squaremouth.com. Many policies are listed there. On an upcoming cruise, I bought a policy to cover major medical issues but not the entire cost of the cruise. Can afford to lose the cost of the cruise but not a major medical bill outside on the USA.
  14. The Emerald Princess sailed last night from Red Hook, Bklyn but stayed north of the Verrazano Bridge until this morning. They are skipping Newport and heading to Boston.
  15. Love the coconut cookies, oatmeal cookies and the white chocolate chip/ macadamia cookies. They make a great late night snack. They should grab them when they see them. Take back to cabin. Can be found in Windjammer, Solarium cafe and the coffee cafe(not sure of deck).
  16. This will be a port intensive cruise. The Enchantment is different in that the buffet is forward and the spa and solarium are aft. I have sailed and will be sailing her again next month (28days). If they have booked My Time dining, they can expect lines and waiting. My personal preference is late dining. Set table waiting for me when I enter the dining room. The Enchantment has been stretched, 75ft added to the middle. Great view of the wake from the rear of the walking deck 5. Ask for a printed copy of the daily from cabin attendant. Leave passports in safe. Be sure to check safe before disembarkation. Be careful with any valuables they bring off ship.
  17. There will be days when you will be without wifi. This is from previous experience. I don't know what it will be like with the new wifi. Someone can answer with newer experience.
  18. We were on the Enchantment's TA. While we tendered out in the Villefranche harbor, the tender took us around the corner to Nice. We did not tender into Villefranche.
  19. Buy a bag with an unusual pattern. Easy to find!
  20. Your marriage license is your bridging document. You should be ok as long as you bring your marriage license.
  21. There are hotels that will provide you with free parking and a shuttle to the port. Do look into those.
  22. Make sure your wife's status is connected to your C&A account. She will the be Diamond as well.
  23. You can cruise without booking a dining package. The main dining room and the buffet are both included in the price of the cruise. There are some new cruisers who don't realize this.
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