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  1. 4 hours ago, WmFCoyote said:

    On Monday afternoon the Pacific Princess departed San Pedro for Ensenada, Mexico where it remained overnight. Tuesday evening, I noticed that the Pacific Princess had departed Ensenada, Mexico with Hawaii as the destination. Anyone know the purpose of this cruise? As the ship is under a "no sail" order from the CDC could the stop in Mexico be a means of circumventing the do not sail order or is it a normal stop as required by the PVSA? Could this be a corporate holiday for the PCL executives?

    taking their people home to the phillipines

  2. 2 hours ago, Ruthmcp said:

    Can I ask which August cruise you are booked on? I have emailed our PCA at Princess to ask about the final payment date for ours (Crown, 22nd Aug from Southampton), but not had a reply.

    August 19 to Greenland.

  3. Final payment date for our August cruise is now June. Gives us more time to decide if we want to go even if cruise does go off as scheduled.


    How in the world could they handle social distancing on a cruise ship?

  4. 31 minutes ago, MauiLvrs said:

    Well ... except that it still pays $250 on every cruise ....

    We bought it at 18 about 10 years ago and got at least double that in obc. Still planning on cruising several times a year but with the dividends presumably being stopped for now it is not as good an investment. 

  5. We always do private excursions.


    For Road to Hana we did it thru Princess on the smaller van and had a great time. No way would I want to drive that road myself. Not to mention way to likely to run into traffic and miss the ship.

  6. 1 hour ago, san diego sue said:

    Our friends were number 2 most traveled on the Sky Princess Europe and Transatlantic cruise. Although nothing was given to them at the Circle Party, they got their presents in advance. Bottle of Champagne and instead of the cheap box, now given is a

    cheap looking tote bag with a photo of destination on it. Canvas bag didn't even have a zipper on it.

    Years ago people got a really beautiful destination Crystal. I was lucky to get one on an Alaska cruise . So pretty.

    Wonder why they do not update it and spend a few dollars on better gifts to the three most traveled.

  7. Sad but true. On the TA they would invite guests to come to an area by the Crown Grill and exchange books among ourselves.


    There was a rumor that there was a book cart but due to the noro before we got on the books were destroyed.

  8. It was nice the first few times but getting kind of boring. Wish they would make some changes.


    Lately there are more than one and often none of the three most traveled guests are not even there.

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