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  1. JMorris271

    Hotels in Venice Italy

    Thanks for the correction. I spoke too generally. My memory failed me. My info on that hotel is spot on however.
  2. JMorris271

    Shortest possible cruise

    Get on any Trans Atlantic and call the Captain a jerk before the pilot leaves.
  3. JMorris271

    Hotels in Venice Italy

    Quaint, wonderful breakfast, close to St Mark's and canal, has good elevators, nice balconies with nice Italian accents. mahogany and tapestry throughout. we stayed at the La Forcola. fyi...A forcola is the rudder on a gondola
  4. JMorris271

    Which line for Italy?

    MSC Divina hands down. Classic Italian flavor where they speak English and the food is wonderful. More classical type music which we preferred with that European aura that is so charming. While there is a good bit of Italian food serviced, there is a very wide range of other kinds OF food.
  5. JMorris271

    Shore excursions in Mediterranean?

    Something that has helped us when looking for things to do is to check out descriptions of what other tour companies are doing for their clients. This should give you a few ideas of where the hot spots are. The Med is great. We did your same cruise on the Reflection a few yrs. ago.
  6. JMorris271

    Dining with strangers

    Spooning is an old game in the MDR on a ship where a t spoon is placed and hangs in balance on one's nose . It is very childish but is actually very infectious and fun sort of like a flash mob once the snobs get into it.
  7. JMorris271

    Dining with strangers

    Try spooning for a conversation starter at the dinner table of the MDR.
  8. JMorris271

    Dining with strangers

    That is a problem many professionals or blue collars have. I hope you do answer truthfully if you choose to do so. Otherwise you may come across as a crook.
  9. JMorris271

    Dining with strangers

    I'm surprised she didn't ask if you played with Roman Gabriel.
  10. JMorris271

    Dining with strangers

    Try selling Tupperware
  11. JMorris271

    Dining with strangers

    You could write a book. Many could learn something from it.
  12. Take any type of fruit off in the US, and you spend 20 yrs in Levenworth.
  13. JMorris271

    Ship Horn Signals

    Don't stress. There are the rings and jackets as well.
  14. JMorris271


    HOHO is great in Barcelona. Read up one it. See where the tours go and pick out what you want to see and preorder your tickets. See what you want to and not where they take you.Their explanation is usually very limited anyway.
  15. JMorris271

    Balcony vs Inside?

    How was he expecting to get back on board?