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  1. JMorris271

    Has anyone ever missed their ship at a port?

    I would surely feel safer with this guys guarantee.
  2. JMorris271

    Japan ports - tour guides from Aviator

    May I inquire which date your cruise is? We are on the 13th and looking to do that as well.
  3. JMorris271

    Staying overnight excursion

    The port is Kobe Japan on The Millennium
  4. Our party wants to stay ashore overnight at. A 2 day portcall. We will have reservations for the overnight stay. Does anybody know of any entanglement with the cruise line this could cause or how it is processes? Thanks
  5. JMorris271

    Mandatory Tipping ant

    You can make a simple comment into a thesis . I am saying instead of those airlines that do, adding their luggage fee in addition to the ticket price plus the charge for additional luggage up to its' set allowance, just to include that luggage charge in the ticket with additional charges for additional luggage over the first one. As it is, some travelers over stuff their carry on to avoid the luggage charge
  6. JMorris271

    Drinks to Order

    Try a Harvey Wallbanger. Vodka, Galliano, O.J. over ice. Mmmmm,,
  7. JMorris271

    Cruise without Christmas Music

    It's become the golden egg just liked Easter
  8. JMorris271

    Cruise without Christmas Music

    There is no such thing as a Christian country anymore.
  9. JMorris271

    Mandatory Tipping ant

    So what's wrong with truth in pricing. Cruise companies including the surcharge into the cruise fare, airlines including their luggage price in the advertised fare, or resorts including their resort fees into the advertised rental rate? By all means keep the stock holders happy. I'm FINE with that.
  10. JMorris271

    Reliability of ships

    It's not the tree to stress about. Its the ships mate carelessly reversing the prop causing it to propel into the air, then landing on the tree that lands on the house. Stuff happens but not that often. Relax a bit.
  11. JMorris271

    Celebrity Cruise Paris Shore Excursion

    Paris is a very tough city to see right even in a months time. It's hard to answer your question because I have no way of knowing what your tour will include. You could research Paris attractions and pick out something that you're interested in seeing With only 4 to 5 hrs, I would suggest getting the HOHO and ride all the routes and get off at either Notre Dame or the Eiffel tower for cafe visit or whatever you decide.There are so many great buildings that are absolutely fantastic to see by themselves. Usually those tours are a quick look/see event and have always left me wanting. Enjoy the Reflection. She's a very beautiful ship.
  12. We have cruised about twice a year and always have enjoyed our time. Often, looking back, I think we could have gotten and done so much more out of doing a land trip there. Missed waterfalls, museums, the people, foods and so on. Choosing where to go, what to stop at, how long to say and not being afraid we'll miss the ship are definitely cool reasons to do a land trip. At this time, we have a 2 week cruise booked for Japan but I am looking into converting this trip to a land trip for the reasons I just stated. For me, sometimes a cruise can be too restrictive ; but still I will never get tired of a cruise.
  13. JMorris271

    Pet Peeves

  14. National Express is a great way to go. Reasonable, comfortable and efficient. They load your luggage for you.You can spend more for a sedan if you choose. We walked from the cruise terminal to the bus station after the cruise but cabs are available
  15. JMorris271

    Civitavecchia Cruise Port to train station

    We took a small bus to the gate on the port from the train station.