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  1. They are wonderful dogs. I had a beagle named snoopy once as well. We trained her to hop onto the roof peak of her doghouse and sit. She would sit there until she was told to come down.
  2. There is an of course to everything including proper incentives Standard procedures and FEEs by thy lawyers can be adjusted if there is enough incentive where such pia policy exist That aside, I am cleared to disembark a day earlier at YKH on Millennium in 3 weeks to have another day and night in Tokyo.
  3. Allowing a passenger to disembark when the choose , is plain good customer service.
  4. It's crude but a fart can is a good device to have to clear out a few chairs.
  5. If one does take a chair that another attempted to save , watch out for one of them to pounce on it when you get up to use the WC.
  6. You have a good philosophy there. I usually read about 2 positives and 2 negatives and that's it. Being the kind of person I am just do what I do and the hell with the rest. A rude person is not going to ruin my trip or one or two bad dishes. Loud people don't bother me because I'm deaf. I enjoy the heck out of a drunk making a fool out of themselves. .
  7. It would more than likely be run over by a scooter.
  8. I would have definitely pushed sex on the Captains table.
  9. And the lines are getting longer. Imagine Venice or the Louvre in 20 yrs.
  10. That's terrible! I've seen worse. I have seen where some "gents" have actually peed in a urinal!
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