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  1. I am paying right around $1400 for my cabin. For me, the break is there's no supplement charged. Pricing on the reg. OV cabin price shown is per person. Subtract that 1400 from the price for an and ocean view cabin. That is the difference.
  2. No. The Studio OV price I paid is just a tad 0ver $1,000.
  3. Isn't preventing injury the purpose of safety? A careless parent is the cause that has the effect. That being an injury in this discussion BTW, I too enjoy seeing parents dancing with a child.
  4. To those that think this is a ridiculous unnecessary post, feel free to quit reading it. My view is dance floor is just that. By definition it is a designated area for dancing. It's not a safe play yard for children to be standing. Those that enjoy dancing usually use all kinds of quick moves slow and tight or wide swings with fast steps that happen on impulse and they need to be able to do so without having to worry about stepping on a child that is moving around out of the prudent line of sight. If you don't choose to dance with energy, that's you and no one else's concern. Of course a small child has a right to be anywhere but for me, it's not a good idea. Some people don't agree with that. That's fine. I am saying is I don't want to injure someone's child or myself when a parent won't control their darling and allows them to be in a dangerous zone.
  5. Guidelines are usually imposed when others won't carry out their responsibilities. If parents aren't interested in controling their kids in what is a dangerous situation, guidelines need to be installed. Nobody should have to suffer injury because a parent won't control their child no matter how cute they are. So now, someone else can make their exaggerated comment and throw the baby out with the bath water.
  6. It's a right if you pay for it. It's a privilege if you don't.
  7. You miss the point. The kids don't bother me. I enjoy kids. I don't however want one to became injured.
  8. I was speaking about after 10. In most places in the world, kids are not permitted where liquor is sold. Dining room, halls, and such places,kids are expected to be there.But not on a dance floor at 10;30 at night They are at risk on a CROWDED dance floor. I just know, I wouldn't want one of my grandkids to end up with seizures because they banged there head on the floor because someone did a whirl over them.
  9. Just the reaction I expected here. MY concern is for the child that could potentially be hurt possibly very badly. If you don't care if someone trips over a TODDLER I feel bad for you! You are always going to tick some people off when you talk about limiting others from getting hurt.
  10. This is strange as a few of us were just talking about the same thing last week. My wife had found us a table that seats 4 to eat breakfast. We were just 2 but there was nothing else available.\ Before I arrived at the table an older lady asked the 2 other chairs were taken. My wife said no to which the lady asked if it was ok if she and her husband shared the table which was fine. I arrived with my plate and sat whereby my wife introduced the lady to me. About a minute later her husband arrived and we exchanged greetings when it hit us both at the same time. He was a professor that taught meet European History at TCU. 20 yrs ago. I pulled an A so all was good.
  11. I have seen this happen on every cruise I have been on. Now and then in a lounge, you will see a mother, father or someone else dancing with a small youngster in the early evening when the floor is not being used much. For a while this can be cute and even fun to watch. As the time goes on to around 10 or so, more people start dancing or wanting to. Mom, dad and maybe a few others are still sitting in their seats enjoying their third drink and in their trance, glowing at their kid dancing on the floor solo. Adults that want to dance, must keep an eye on the toddler to keep from stepping on or trip over and hurting the child or hurting themselves in a fall. Shouldn't there be restrictions on how late a parent can allow their cutie to place themselves and others at risk this way? I have seen one mishap and many near misses.
  12. We did this cruise Holland America. The fjords we loved but for us, the stops were a waste of time except for the train ride in Bergen. If I go back there again, we will rent a car or maybe even a rv.
  13. ok. I am just going by what I read and that is that the boats are pushed back into a cavity. I honestly don't have first hand info but I never trust a photograph anymore.
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