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  1. I have never found the perks to be financially beneficial. I always book at the lowest price they have for the cabin I want and pay for things as I go . So far I have always come out ahead when I do the math. When cruise lines first started offering free perks, they were truly free. In later years, they just increase the fare price if you take the perks. So they are not free. I have been monitoring several cruises on several cruise lines and I noticed that when they offered an upgrade for the price of a lesser cabin( ie: when they offered balcony for price of ocean view, ) they actually increased the price of ocean view to the price of a balcony. Not blaming them for their marketing strategy, but as in any financial transaction , it is buyer be ware.
  2. In any situation, it is not what you are wearing that makes you, it is your inner self and willingness to be nice and not just look important
  3. No the one I was referring to is an online cruise travel booking site
  4. We are not allowed to mention the site on this board, but there is an online site that has all the info being asked for
  5. Thanks everyone for your responses. We are still deciding whether we will stay in Dublin for the extra few days and fly home from Dublin on May 10. Or whether to fly to London on the 6th of May and stay in London and fly to Toronto on May 10. Flight costs are not an issue whether we fly from Dublin or heathrow or gatwick, because we have free flights through our Cathay Pacific program and can choose to fly on British Airways, American Airlines, Air Canada or Air Lingus. Now or just to get my better half to decide . Thanks so much for your input les
  6. We are doing a transatlantic to Dublin,Ireland arriving there on May 6. We plan to fly same day to London for a few days to see the sites such as London bridge, buckingham palace, Big Ben etc. We hav flown through Heathrow before and found it very hectic. What would be our best option flying from Dublin- heathrow or Gatwick and then do a hotel in London close to the attractions. Also to fly back to Toronto would gatwick or heathrow be the best option. Also. What would be a mid range hotel recommendation within proximity to those attractions. Thanks
  7. I was just using another forum that I frequent and when I clicked on a thread I have been reading, it gave me to select “latest activity”, it then goes to a new screen showing the original post followed by the posts since I last viewed the thread. Easy Peasy and very efficient for thread and forum viewing
  8. When I go to a forum I have tried the blue button, but it takes me to the last post on the thread not to the last thread I read. I have tried the sort feature but it still goes to the first post in the thread even if that post was 500 posts ago In a nutshell, the forum , as it is now, is not very user friendly. Getting to where you want to be on a thread is very time consuming
  9. I belong to a few other non cruise forums and when I click on a thread it will take me too the last page I read during my last visit to that forum. On this forum, if you are going to a thread that has several hundred posts, it is very frustrating to always start at post number one. The old forum gave you the option when you opened a thread to select to go to last read. Surely it is not that difficult for the forum developers to include that option. I know for me personally , if it stays this way, my visits to the forum will be curtailed significantly. Jmo
  10. I believe the ovation leaves from the overseas passenger terminal. Prior to our cruise we stayed at the Holiday Inn in The Rocks. About 500 foot walk to the ship, walking distance of Sydney Opera House and Circular Quay. Lots of shopping and food and beverage places. Prices were reasonable and great breakfast for a fee
  11. Which 2019 cruises have the drink package offer? I’ve tried a few mock bookings and can’t see the offer. Thanks
  12. My wife and I always do early dining and originally we always asked for a table of 6 or more. we really enjoy meeting new people. A few cruises ago we ended up being the only two at a table for 10. Some Others showed up halfway through the cruise but only for one night. This happened on three consecutive cruises. Now we go with my time or select dining and offer to share a table. This works much better for us and if we meet someone who is interested in sharing a table the next night , we do.
  13. We did the Royal Caribbean tour to Rome for the day and found it very worthwhile.
  14. As with other things in life, you get what you pay for. You cannot expect 5star if you only paid for 3 star. I don’t have a problem with it and when I have the funds I pay for 5 star for special occasions
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