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  1. I had the Mardi Gras inaugural cancelled by Carnival. That FCC was applied to my June 3 Legend cruise, which was also cancelled. Everything was moved over to a new booking I made for end of November. My TA said that since Carnival has been cancelling the cruises, I am able to move everything to a new booking. Fingers crossed we finally cruise - I'm tired of trying to keep track of all these cancellations and refunds. lol
  2. Anything you would put on your Sign & Sail account will utilize the OBC. Yes, you can use the OBC for shore excursions, but they have to be bought on the ship, not prior to boarding. IMO, that part sucks - some of these shore excursions sell out, so don't want to wait to get on board to book. And they are expensive! I will have quite a bit of OBC on my upcoming cruise and would love to use it precruise on my European excursions. grumble grumble
  3. I just finished binge watching that. Awesome show. "Hank" and "Adalind" are in the new Lincoln Rhyme series on NBC. It was weird seeing them in that setting lol. All the Stargate series are pretty good too if you're into that. I take that back. Stargate SG1 and Atlantis were good. How was that? I have watched all the ST series, how does it compare? I don't have CBS AllAccess and was going to take advantage of the free access.
  4. Thanks for the info - we're there on 3/1 and will keep an eye out that we don't double tip!
  5. I love Splendor; I was also on the TP to Singapore and it was great. One of the nice things about Splendor is that the retractable roof is over the main pool and dive-in movie screen, so no worries if its raining ~ you can still sit on deck and watch the movie.
  6. Ugh, I was also booked on the cancelled sailing. Moved it to the Legend on Oct. 20th. Also had friends ‘twist my arm’ 😁 and booked the Legend 7/25/2021 to Russia. Excited for that! Anyway, enjoy!🛳️
  7. Love the Legend! A group of us are sailing her to Greenland in June. can't wait! Looking forward to the trip report.
  8. I didn't see that as an option, but at home I use hickory smoked sea salt. It is yummy.
  9. Nope. When we sailed to Singapore on Splendor, we changed time almost every night. At one point we even lost an one hour and an entire day crossing the intl date line. Hub app didn’t always display the correct time and smart phones were messed up too. I have never been so confused on a daily basis as to what time it actually was. Lol
  10. I'll have to try it. And that is cheap! :) I have always used Denavir, which is a prescription, and it works amazing, but the cost is out of hand, its high even with insurance coverage. The cash cost for Denavir topical cream 1% is around $857 for a supply of 5 grams.
  11. I always put my cruise tags on my bag the morning of, and I just use the slide out 'clean under nail pointy thing' on the nail clippers to punch a hole in the folded luggage tag and then use a cable tie to connect to my bag. Multipurpose :)
  12. [ I use zip ties. Easy to cut off by security, if needed. I can also tell if someone has been in my suitcase. ] This. I also keep a baggy of extra ones in a side pocket of my suitcase, along with a toenail clipper which I use to cut them off. Have never had any issues.
  13. Sorry you might have to cancel. You can also go into your cruise manager and cancel online, where it shows your cost details. Once you click cancel, a screen pops up stating any penalties. You confirm you want to cancel and you’ll then receive a pdf letter from Carnival stating the details which you can then submit. I had to cancel with a big penalty. Sent the letter to my cc, since the trip was purchased with that card and was able to get my entire penalty refunded. Unfortunately they have now discontinued that benefit of travel insurance. 🙁
  14. I have been having issues since Thursday. Can't access any of my bookings - they all disappeared and it was asking me to add the booking numbers. 😠 Now I click on 'shore excursions' and get 'site under construction.' Beyond irritating.
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