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  1. Lol. Our fist meal home is always homemade veggie soup!
  2. Chainsaw is an apt analogy this has been significantly less painful, just the irritating brace 24/7
  3. I had the lovely nerve block & pain ball because I’m allergic to so many pain meds. I’ve had 4 Tylenol & and Phenergen (nausea) since surgery last Weds. so far this is much less pain than a rotator cuff. Pt & ice are my friends
  4. I’d suggest a one shoulder travelon crossbody bag instead
  5. It’s been too cold for tshirt. I’ve got a couple of waffle weave shirts that are working great. Much easier now that the painball catheter is gone. Now I can slide into a shirt. It’s my dominant right arm. Destroyed my biceps tendon too. Pt at home yesterday was interesting. She was surprised at my range of motion.
  6. We knew the retina could detach again due to the size of the detachment with full macular off. He had so much scar tissue too. It’s been a tough couple months
  7. Les had his retina detach again on Monday, surgery Tuesday (his 75th bday). Shoulder replacement for me yesterday. Seems to be ok, but nerve block hasn’t worn off yet. Melody
  8. Home from shoulder replacement yesterday. Long day, 7am checkin. 9-1230 surgery & got home at 6pm. Long time in recovery. Worst part is finding clothes to fit!! Pt starts tomorrow at home as neither of us can drive
  9. Lois, the eye wasn’t done incorrectly the first time, we knew it was a possibility due to the severity of the detachment. Lousy way to spend his bday tho. Melody
  10. Don’t send anything that you love or anything that requires special handling. Hot water & hotter dryer
  11. Well, Les got up this morning & the retina detached again. He’s having another emergency detached retina surgery tomorrow. (On his actual bday!). He’ll have an oil bubble this time that will be in for about 3-4 months. My shoulder replacement is Weds. it’s been a brutal Monday!! Melody
  12. We have a b2b booked on Connie MardiGras & followon Western Carib. Several new ports). It’s not till 2026 but just hoping the showers have doors not curtains! I was very pleased to see ‘not designed by Kelly Hoppen’. Worst chairs ever!
  13. Laurie, we were 75 & 80 this weekend. Our daughters& husband gave Les a propane fueled fire pit table for his 75th It’ll be great for our patio. our granddaughter went to the prom this weekend
  14. Kat, he did not have cyropexy on the eye. The macular was completely detached. It was discussed but not done. He had a bubble (for 4 weeks, that has dissolved). Interesting fact. With the bubble (& accompanying bright green warning bracelet) he could not change altitude. Challenging when living at altitude. We couldn’t even go to our daughters’ houses as they live 500 & 1000 feet higher than we do. He has been released from that & is allowed to fly again too
  15. Les is starting to feel so much better. I get my shoulder done next week. So what do I do? Yup, booked another b2b (for 2026). Got a screaming good deal on Celebrity Constellation (being renovated right now) for a Mardi Gras cruise & a followon Western Carib out of Tampa. The b2b in concierge is less than my 10 night Eastern Carib in sunset veranda on Eclipse. It’ll be my 75th bday cruise. Melody
  16. Les is recovering well from the gallbladder. Nothing more needed there. His eyes are still an issue. He’ll have more eye surgery when we get back from Hawaii in June to repair a tear in the other eye & scar tissue in both. Thanks for asking. Melody
  17. You will be Elite due to your D+ status. You can get the premium wifi & beverages
  18. How wonderful!! Excited for you Margaret!!
  19. I took that in the hospital when I had my last histal hernia surgery. Benefiber works better & less expensive
  20. It got down to $6.99 + 20% for Black Friday last year. I booked yesterday at $8.99 +20% yesterday. If it drops I’ll just cancel & rebook
  21. Les is home from gallbladder surgery. Doing well & napping in his recliner!!
  22. Les is home from his gallbladder surgery & napping comfortably in his recliner. These Natuzzi leather power recliners have paid for themselves many times over!!! 4 tiny incisions with superglue no stitches His eye is an ongoing issue. The detachment is healing; however, he’ll need more surgery (in both eyes to repair tears & scar tissue) after we return from Hawaii in June I’m going to have a nap! Les was first surgery. At hospital at 0500 with surgery at 0700. Home at 1130 Melody
  23. Well the eclipse isn’t a big deal for us. We’re at a retina doctor appt & I don’t think they’d appreciate us running out to see it!! Good luck Lois
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