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  1. Ship: Reflection length of cruise: 10 days sail date: 21 Feb 20 (MardiGras cruise) offer received: 8 Dec 19 Captains Club level: Elite Booked thru TA Bid: no. We like our C1 aft aqua: $100pp sky suite $700pp Celebrity suite $900pp signature suite $1000pp Royal suite $1250 pp
  2. Coffee, Baileys, Frangelica & Kahlua. Absolutely wonderful
  3. Lois, the pathology report coming out clear usually means that the margins are clear. No cancer escaped outside of the margins. That’s excellent news. The likelihood of there not being cancer inside the margins is slim to none. Glad you’re starting to feel better. Don’t do too much. Melody
  4. Anita, I enjoyed the fitness center review 😂😂. Those gators are there, be really careful Laurie, spring season tickets open tomorrow!
  5. Les has had colon cancer. We were very fortunate that it was caught early enough to just require 1/2 of his colon to be removed. He’s had colonoscopies every 3 years since his late 30s & the cancer was caught in 2016. Do not put this off...it is a silent killer
  6. Anita, yay! He’s almost home! I love paddleboarding. The clunky boards are actually ocean boards, meant to be that way to be more stable on the waves!
  7. When I worked I made tons of cookie trays. I still make cookie trays for our neighbors & one for our local fire station & the guys/gals on the gates at the AF base. Individual box for our mailman & I have a basket by the front door with bottled water & packaged snacks for the Amazon delivery folks. I sent a box with our grandson when he went back to base on Monday. He snuck a peek & said, ooh, I’ll be really popular! He helped me make my Moms mix on Sunday & has decided he’ll make it for the folks standing 𝐀𝐥𝐞𝐫𝐭, Fire station & gate at Offutt. Traditions continue ❤️ There’s no cooking involved, just need a microwave. Melody
  8. Pick a color palette. I normally do black, white & cobalt blue ( or hot pink). Everything mix matches. Two bathing suits (sometimes 3),one coverup, water shoes, flip flops & one dress pair of shoes (goes with everything). Makeup in contact lens cases, travel size shampoo/conditioner, travel size mascara.
  9. Anita! LOVE, LOVE this picture of you on the flow rider! You look so happy! Melody
  10. I’ve bought the hand/nail cream on Celebrity ships, it’s my favorite
  11. Lois, how did your doctor appt go? I’ve been thinking about you. Melody
  12. Laurie. Share the white chocolate martini recipe please, that’d be a nice addition to the gift basket. Here’s my traditional chocolate martini. we’re looking at an 82” tv (I know!). Les loves sports & our room is big enough to handle it (we’ve had a 65” flatscreen for over 10 years), just have to find a truck big enough to haul it (that doesn’t have a sand/salt spreader in it 🙄. our grands are old enough that all they really want is cash...I hate just giving cash. Melody
  13. Margaret, can’t get Les over the pond. He just doesn’t want to go. I want to do a Greek Isle cruise & may with my cousin. Glad you are healing, I don’t do well with Tylenol either & cant take Aleve. I don’t like to wrap (I’m the queen of gift bags). Great buy for Eileen Fisher. Sally, I have a silk leopard cardigan that I got at Banana Republic. I’m adding it to my cruise list for MardiGras. Anita, glad you had a fun time, can’t wait to hear about it...3 days till DS gets home for winter break? I'm doing bar gifts this year. The fixings (& crystal Martini glasses) for Godiva martinis for my girls. Both enjoy them when we all get together. That & a couple of gift cards. Our son will get movie gift cards & a restaurant or two. I’ll take him shopping for his new job (he’s been working from home & his wardrobe is sad...his word). He has very recently filed for divorce, so trying to boost his spirits. Melody
  14. Thanks for this!the one excursion I had in the cart dropped $32. & I was able to use OBC. Nice surprise on both
  15. That’s why they give you the telephone number, they want you to call to allay your fears. I bet you rested better after talking to the nurse. Good luck on your Tuesday postop. Melody
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