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  1. Cruisemom, thanks for the tip on EF pants. I love those, great buy. I too wear black (or bronze) silk pants with sparkly top for cruising FYI COVID Test came out negative so surgery is on for o700 Monday morning with a show time of 0530.
  2. COVID results in, negative. Surgery moved to 0700 Monday morning, have to be at hospital by 0500
  3. My surgery is Monday morning. Had to go get another COVID test today, the results will be in tomorrow. They’ve really sped up the results! When I had the test in March it took 10 days for results! I wonder if the speedy results are because I’m Preop?? I’ll be in the hospital for a couple of days, I’m hoping to have my iPad with me. Melody
  4. I have a round brush & a rat tail comb, no clips, no bands. I feel deprived. When my hair was long I used the bear claw all the time, I had a beautiful tortoiseshell one...wonder what happened to it
  5. Well today will be my first trip ‘out’ since last week. I have to go get another COVID Test prior to the hiatal hernia surgery on Monday. I’m really hoping to have both hernias repaired at the same time, but likely the surgery would be too long (sigh). My OOTD will be white capris & a multi colored tank (it’s going to be mid 90s here) & my new white Sketcher trail sandals. Of course no one will see them as I won’t be getting out of the car! Have a nice safe weekend everyone
  6. That’s exactly what I was going to post. My husband was having colonoscopies every 3 months & the SuPrep was so much easier on him
  7. Laurie the way to let your natural come through is called low lighting (it is best left to professionals). It’s an over all coloring then like highlighting. That’s what I did when I decided I wasn’t coloring anymore. Took me two colorings, two months apart & my cutting my hair short the second time. I still miss my red, but my hair grows so quickly it was not easy to keep up. Ask your stylist. My hair is much healthier without the coloring (& I’ve saved a lot of $$$). Melody
  8. Margaret, your hair is really long! Looks nice
  9. The “loyalty” discount of book A1 pay A2 or book C2 pay C3 price is still there. Has to be requested at time of booking, it is not automatic
  10. So today is our daughter’s 50th bday. I just realized that she is eligible for AARP! Sheesh! Our social distancing hug while she modeled her Wonder Woman mask. Melody
  11. Scary here too. 90% of those arrested are not even from Colorado my OOTD(also like that acronym) is white Chico shorts & teal Cayman Islands tshirt. OOFOS on the feet
  12. There was another pizza place in same shopping center when we lived there (83-86). Owners also from Naples...I wonder if it is descendants of the owners from when we lived there
  13. Kat, I love the True Lime packets, always have a baggie of them in my travel bag. I’ve recently discovered the BAI drinks, one gram of sugar per bottle (kind of high, but a nice treat once in awhile). The blackberry lemonade & Orange Clementine & Mango are my favorites. Very flavorful. I also like Vitamin XXX
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