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  1. Lois, I use Cuddleduds for pjs, fantastic. Contact pharmacy early (like now). Two of my meds are “special”. For our 21 night cruise my meds would’ve run out at day 16, my pharmacy contacted the insurance company & they were authorized to give me a 60 day vacation pack. Big relief. I wanted to make sure I had an additional 2 weeks. We arrived in Ft Lauderdale safely last night. Our day didn’t start well, our taxi cancelled on us & we had to drive quickly to the airport to catch our flight! That was not in the plan! Of course it was snowing (over 9” on ground with ice) & 4 degrees. Thank goodness our daughter picked our car up at airport so airport fees weren’t more than the cruise!!! The rest of the travel went perfectly, even the driving if the plane didn’t delay us! We get on board tomorrow! Yay!!!
  2. Rosie, you & I have very similar coloring (aren’t you just shocked 😂😂😂). Definitely the cobalt blue, a turquoise, the black. Air/Fire. The tans, light pastels, nope. Great picture! Melody
  3. Margaret, great shirt, wonderful color. Anita, need to reread your Harmony post when I’m on board ww made it safely to Ft Lauderdale about an hour or so ago. So nice & warm here! We left home this morning in a rush as our taxi cancelled on us & we had to drive to the airport & Park. Snow, ice & 4 degrees...that was not the plan. The rest of the trip was flawless & all of our luggage arrived without issue. Vegging by the pool now. We board on Friday morning. Melody
  4. Were are flying out of Colorado Springs, last measurement is 9” & still snowing. I also check night arrival! Right now all is still on time. Could be why Amazon is building their big distribution facility here instead of Denver. Denver closes at a snowflake. Melody
  5. Andy, I’d buy your book! So glad Mom is doing better! Love the idea of you doing a cruise podcast!
  6. We leave on our long awaited 21 night MardiGras & Southern Caribbean cruise on Celebrity tomorrow. Guess what...we’re having another delightful snowstorm. Just hope our flight gets out tomorrow (@ 6am) without delay!!!
  7. They just canceled schools here & most businesses on a delay. Snowing like the dickens. I have the first appt this morning (at 9:30) for mani/pedi so they better be there, I will be! My hair isn’t until 1 (& boy, do I need a haircut!!!). I know she’ll be open, she’s a ski patrol gal 😉
  8. A month out we go thru the closets & decide what to bring. We both try on everything at that time, then it’s dry cleaner, laundry, iron. Hang clothes that made the packing cut up in drycleaning bags. We’ve been married 50 years last November. He still manages to sneak a disreputable pair of jean shorts in, everytime 😂😂. Just love the guy!
  9. Anita, love the suits! I have too many abdominal scars to wear a bikini ever again, even a 2 piece. Laurie, you look superb, great suit, perfect color. I’ve found the older I get, the harder I am on myself & I just need to stop it! Les is my biggest supporter, no matter what I have on he thinks I look great...even when I look like dog meat! im sitting here watching another snowstorm 6+” last night. Of course I have a mani/pedi this morning & my hair cut. We leave at oh dark very early tomorrow morning in, yup, more snow. I’ll let you all know when we get out !!! I need this cruise!!! Melody
  10. Anything can be made non-alcoholic. I’d figure about $7-9
  11. We go to Nachi on Leap Day!!! Grilled grouper in my future! Melody
  12. Laurie, we really like the Hampton Inn/Sanibel Gateway. No beach view but convenient to major roads. If we’re going to relax on the beach we head to an old timey beach resort, the Outrigger in Ft Myers Beach (almost into Bonita Springs) it has a beautiful soft sand beach that you can walk for miles. Nice little coffee shop & across the road is a good steakhouse (I think name is Charlie’s). Great seafood restaurant on left just as you get into Bonita Springs
  13. I normally wear CND nail polish. It lasts 2 weeks without being a gel. I’m off to get my cruise pedicure tomorrow. I’ll post a picture of my mermaid toes (sea green with marble sparkle)
  14. Margaret, is it me or are all the tops almost a crop top length? I kind of like the nail polish, but it would have to be darker for my toes too. Melody
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