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  1. Kat, get a Medicare supplement, some of them are free. They really help with costs, etc. I agree about Walgreens, I don’t like them either. Check with goodRX for a lower cost on your meds. sounds like you’re having a ‘time’ with your guests (& coworkers). What is so difficult about wearing a mask anyway? still no word on vaccines for us
  2. Lois we had that issue when CVS dropped Express Scripts a few years ago...they picked them back up, but we never went back. If we don’t get prescriptions on base we get them at Costco. (Even our favorite pharmacist from CVS moved to Costco, & she’s very happy)
  3. Anita, I’m glad you’re taking ‘as you go’ pictures. our March cruises (that we cancelled in December) officially cancelled this week. Celebrity has cancelled through end of April & summer in Med is off. I’m hoping the cruise industry can survive!
  4. Lois, so frustrating. Be sure to check with all of your doctors & care facilities too. Many likely will not be in the covered group. Tgat is very irritating. I'm doing ok since the surgery insanity of November & December. Just waiting to get the vaccine now. I’ll be 70 next Friday so maybe that’ll move me up in the queue. Kat, that’s just wrong on you not being notified. I’d contact your local public health & get the word on how you should’ve been notified. Your employer should’ve told you that you’d been exposed (not tell you whom). In Colorado your employer co
  5. Anita, it’ll be worth the work when it’s all done & you can look at it & say I did that
  6. I had the Cheetah ones, only tights I’ve ever returned to Athleta, they weren’t as sturdy a material as I expected. I haven’t tried the Delancey herringbone, id likely love them
  7. Laurie, what a lovely room! Quintessential New England
  8. Cruisemom, I wear a lot of Athleta too. If you want a looser fit go up the size, there’ll still be lots of stretch. They are designed as active wear which is something you want close to your body Melody
  9. I always feel like the Flying Nun in a dolman sleeve!
  10. Kat, these hooligans (well named) are they children of owners? If renters, ban them from returning. Do you have security cameras in the public lounge? If not, Arlo is very inexpensive & works well. If so I’d take a screen shot of them doing the vandalism, get a police report, an insurance report & give the repair/replacement bill to the parents. That is just inexcusable. At a minimum I’d do a letter to all owners reminding them of their responsibilities regarding renters & the damage costs associated that will reflect in raising HOA costs. Can you tell I don’t like bratty little
  11. I started using a crockpot, slow cooker when I was working. Start in morning & dinner ready when you walk in the door. I have noticed that since I’ve been retired there seems to be more in the crockpot...no one sneaking tastes to see if it’s ok (Les 😂). I move the 7qt crockpot from pantry everytime I use it. In fact I just started a beef noodle casserole this morning. Weather has turned cold again. Melody
  12. Sally, how big is yours? This Cuisinart was huge. If it was smaller we’d likely have kept it. I don’t have a lot of counter space & I didn’t want to give up that much space (it was too heavy to move from pantry when I wanted to use it). Melody
  13. Kat, take pictures of the restroom & stick them under the offending condos door. That is inexcusable. I’m still waiting for my Chacos to come in
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