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  1. We’ll be at the Hale Koa again next month (all 14 of us). Can’t beat the great lodging prices for military & retired military. We also really like Outrigger & Royal Hawaiian.
  2. We always request cheese instead, get a little protein while we’re dressing for the evening
  3. I had my PT exam today & tested out at 98%!! I’m feeling really good & lose the sling tomorrow! Les is still struggling with the vision. He’s having his eye injections on 24th; hopefully that will reduce the swelling behind the retinas. today was the first warmish day we’ve had in quite awhile. It’s thundering & raining now (we really need the rain) Lois, do you have a Tradehome shoe store close to you? I find most of my nice sandals, sneakers & casual shoes there. Melody
  4. Northern lights taken over Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs Co. picture taken from our local news. Melody
  5. Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs CO last night, taken from our local news.
  6. We got the vacation exemption fir Kes on voting, they gave him another date in July.
  7. I have the cooling neckbands that I bought on Amazon. You can wrap around your neck (like a boa) or put under your hat. My husband swears by them when doing yard work too
  8. I’d go to the concierge & ask for assistance with the wheelchair for disembarking. You should be able to go to RAW or Tuscan in your wheelchair. Your crutches should fit in the back of the wheelchair & you could hold the carryon. Only one trip. it’s much less expensive to buy a travel wheelchair on Amazon rather than rent one.
  9. There is zero disqualification for age for jury duty in CO. I know FL (& I think MA) top age is 70.
  10. Well Les is 75 & he got called. We get one postponement for vacation, health or work. We had to give a date he was available within 60 days
  11. So sorry about your leg! The hand towels (taped into place) on the arm rest of the crutches can be a life saver. Also make sure tge crutches aren’t too short or too tall for you. That makes a huge difference in being able to crutch correctly. I fell on Silhouhette in February & destroyed my shoulder (just had shoulder replacement surgery). The ship could not do enough for me. I sat in the front seat of park&go van (one step up). A car ride home would’ve been better than wheelchairs through Atlanta (everlastingly grateful we were in first class) heal well & quickly.
  12. You’re probably all really tired if our medical crap (I know we are). Les is having to have injections in each eye on 24th (can’t get med in before then) to reduce the edema (swelling). Poor guy. Has been under the medical gun this year. Then he gets a jury summons while we’re in Hawaii…did a vacation postponement. How old do you have to be to stop getting jury summons??? Melody
  13. Thank you for another wonderful ‘live’ review. I appreciate your keen eye for photos & the witty repartee. Thanks again. Looking forward to your next adventure of Jim & Iain. Melody
  14. Having just had a shoulder replacement, our next cruise will not be carryon only.
  15. You can call & request the zero alcohol package in lieu of the Classic (included) drink package
  16. I wear blingy tops & silk slacks. Hubs normally wears a jacket & open collar shirt on chic nights. You will look elegant in tux & gown but you’ll likely be one of very few dressed to the nines
  17. I’m allergic to nickel. This is pure titanium. It’s also a reverse shoulder replacement. Interesting fact. My ortho surgeon started out as a mechanical engineer then went back to medical school & became an ortho surgeon. He takes care of the Olympic Training Center athletes
  18. Iced coffee cappuchino in an individual milk bottle. Tasted just like the Starbucks Frappuccino to me. On Silhouette in February
  19. Anita! So good to hear from you. Hope hip/knee get better. Your pictures are fabulous, love the shore ones. The only recent picture I have is of my shoulder. I’m recovering exceptionally well, doc said in 4-5 weeks ahead of where he expected me to be. Melody
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