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  1. Don't get me wrong, I have been on 2 Azamara cruises and loved them but they were the more typical port intensive itineraries that AZ does so well. We have friends who are eager to try AZ for the first time (based on our glowing reports) and also want to do a TA. So they are considering Pursuit's repo next spring. My concern is that that cruise will not be a good introduction to Azamara nor their best choice of ship for a lot of sea days.
  2. So it seems that if you aren't into trivia or card games maybe you should choose another cruise line for a TA?
  3. Just what I wanted to know. Thank you!
  4. Questions for those that have done a transatlantic crossing on Azamara. What did you find to do for the 5+ sea days in a row?
  5. That info is helpful. Thank you!
  6. I have already checked with Princess and our small group are within the guidelines and their transfers are quite reasonable at $37cad/pp which is actually lower than many private companies and believe it or not, not everyone a smart phone and therefore can't access the Uber app. I would just like to know from those that have used the Princess transfer, approx.. what time did the bus depart.
  7. Thanks but I would like to know if anyone who has used Princess's transfers knows approx. what time the bus leaves?
  8. We have a 12:00 flt out of MIA and are considering using Princess's transfer. This is the earliest time that they will accept and it's only about 45 minutes drive but I'm wondering if anyone knows approx., what time the bus usually departs from PE.
  9. A month ago, Journey had MSNBC, FOX, BBC and occasionally Sky News.
  10. Canadian vendors etc are under no obligation to accept USD but many in border towns and/or tourist areas do but set there own exchange rate. It's no different than trying to use USD in the UK or Europe and if accepted, any change will be in the local currency. On the other hand, Canadian currency has never been accepted in the states even in border towns. We even get our Canadian pennies turned down. Thankfully we have discontinued those useless things.
  11. macmax


    Us too and that is the general reaction.
  12. macmax


    Lois, this is off the topic, but how did you like Come From Away?
  13. macmax


    That's too bad that you won't be doing a follow up review as I for one would like to know if things improved for you and how the ride back from Bermuda was?
  14. This site may help. www.azamaraclubcruises.com/en-ca/discover/frequently-asked-questions
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