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  1. We stay at the Days Inn Wyndham in CB. It's across the street from the beach and the Cocoa Beach Pier. They have a decent pool. Lots of walkable restaurants in the area. We Uber from the airport and then Uber to the pier. We've never been there in December so cannot attest to the weather.
  2. Bumping up this thread. Any suggestions for fishing charters in Miami? Looking for 2-4 hour charter. I found one on TripAdvisor (will not name) but it has a number of bad reviews.
  3. Has anyone been to Radio Beach recently? I was reading bad reviews on TripAdvisor about the amount of trash on the beach. All reviews say the water is beautiful but the beach was trashy. Do you recommend this beach?
  4. Looking forward to the rest of your review and glad to see that Essie is with you on this trip! We will be cruising on VV for the first time in November so interested to hear your impressions. Have a great cruise!
  5. Thank you for the review. Have you ever considered stand up comedy? I'm being serious. Your cruise adventures alone would be great material. I can't even imagine your take on your "non-cruise" life!
  6. Carnival Paradise western caribbean in 1999. It was a new ship and the first ship that was completely non-smoking. We took our two young daughters (third child was not born yet) and they are now in their 30's. Great memories!
  7. The heck with free wings! I want free wine! 🍷
  8. For the love of God - skip Nassau and Freeport if at all possible, lol. I agree with @Galaxy2004 about St Thomas. If you stop there take a ferry over to St John and head to their beaches (we love Trunk Bay). It is a beach not to be missed!
  9. Ahhhh.... the first 3 pictures in this post shows the ESJ. This is where we stay when we go to PR. It has such great views of Isla Verde. We love that beach and I highly recommend for anyone visiting San Juan. Thanks for the pix.....brings back great memories.
  10. I would love to know the answer to this question. Why is the food not as good on the same ship just a few months later? We sailed on the Meraviglia and the food was excellent in the buffet and the MDR. When we sailed on the Seashore we noted that the food was not quite as good. We sailed on the Meraviglia again expecting the food to be excellent and were disappointed. It was not that it wasn't good - it just wasn't as excellent as it was the first time - especially in the buffet. Where is the consistency?
  11. Looking forward to your review and will miss the pics of Essie looking out the window. We were on Seashore in February and for those who like paper dailies (like me) you can ask your room steward for them.
  12. Same with us! We have found most people to be very nice and friendly but every once in while you get the people who want to talk about politics or the people who complain about everything! Love your candid observations and I know if sitting next to you and W at dinner we would have a great time together!
  13. Loving your review! I have this same problem with my DH. I always have to ASK him if I have food in my teeth after we eat. I can't tell you how many times I have found chunks of broccoli or spinach in my teeth when I'm able to get to a mirror. Geez!
  14. We were in Bermuda on a different cruise line on April 30, May 1 & 2 of this year. Here is a snippet about our experience in Bermuda from my review. We never went to Horseshoe Bay as we had been there before but I do recommend it. You can find the ferry schedule at https://www.bermuda.com/transportation/sea-express-ferry-service/schedule/ Bermuda - Beautiful!! We were so lucky that we had great weather. It was hot but not uncomfortable hot. We experienced beautiful beach weather. We took the ferry to St Georges and walked around a bit. We then walked to Tobacco Bay and stayed for a while. The water was a little cool but was refreshing from the sun. I forgot how expensive Bermuda was. It was $60 for two beach loungers and an umbrella. At Tobacco Bay we got mozzarella sticks and fries for $19. The 10 ounce can of beers were $9. We decided to take a cab back to the main part of town instead of walking. We were going to go to the Whitehorse Tavern but the cabbie suggested Wahoo's so we went there for a late lunch. It was a few doors down from Whitehorse. The food was very good but, again, it was expensive. We tried the Bone Fish Bar & Grill at the dockyard also and it was good. When in St Georges try to take the ferry back. We decided to take the bus back since we wanted to stay later then the last ferry and what a nightmare. We had to take the bus from St Georges to Hamilton. When we got to Hamilton there was a bunch of people waiting for the bus to St Georges. It was 5:30 and the ferry from Hamilton to the dockyard was not until 7:30. A bus never came so we ended up taking a mini van for $10pp. I never realized how far St G was to the dockyard. Anyway, we all had a good time in the mini van.
  15. Inquiring minds want to know. How was your cruise?
  16. Wait.....what?? You can bring hair appliances on the ship? I thought you weren't allowed to. So I can bring my Dyson? On my last cruise I spent most of my nights with my hair in a clip because the dryer in the room was so bad. In fact, one night while getting ready it started to overheat and it wasn't until smoke started coming out of it that I turned it off. Believe me, I feel your pain about your appliances not working. Thanks for taking time to do your review and enjoy the rest of your vacation. Beautiful pix of you and your son.
  17. Thanks for the info. When you did the wait list what was the most time you waited. There is just two of us.
  18. Traveling on the Resilient Lady in November. Does anyone have experience with doing restaurant walk-ins as opposed to making reservations? In general, were the wait times long?
  19. Sailing in November on Resilient Lady. Hoping they keep the first come first served system. My DH and I like to play things by ear and never arrive to a show before 15 minutes of start time. Do we get the best seats? No. But that's okay with us and we still get to see the show. Hope someone can report back if shows change back to reservations.
  20. Thanks so much for your replies. They were very helpful.
  21. Hi. Can you give me your thoughts on the ship itself? We plan to book an Alaskan cruise for June 2025 and are considering the Koningsdam or the Zaandam. I know the Zaandam is smaller and older so I would appreciate your input. Thank you.
  22. I am bumping this thread up as I have the same question as OP. We are planning a 7 night cruise from Vancouver for June 2025 and will be booking an inside cabin. Thanks to everyone who has already replied - just wanted to see if I can get more opinions. Because the Koningsdam is bigger - do you have to tender into any of the ports?
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