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  1. I agree about the choice for dining. Alambique is really good. Pina Colada's are good and strong when we were there. Great views!
  2. Is Torres Place still there on Isla Verde beach? My wife and I went there a few years ago and had real good Pina Coladas there. Very reasonably priced and then we ate at the Alambique restaurant and had a great meal. We will be in San Juan in a couple of months and we were wondering if Torres Place is still there. If so we will be going back for the Pina Coladas and dinner.
  3. We always go to the Windjammer. DW loves the mashed potatoes and gravy. She gets a big bowl along with a few other things. As some have said it is tradition. It mark that we are on our cruise!!!
  4. We have sailed this ship 5 times and the Freedom Class is probably our favorite class of ships. Liberty is fantastic! Especially if it has been a while since you have sailed RCCL. Lots of things to do and explore on the ship. Have a GREAT cruise!
  5. We really like it when we sail out of San Juan. It just feels different when you have a couple of days in San Juan before the cruise starts because you are starting out in the Caribbean!!!
  6. We were on Harmony this past July and it was full. We never felt the crowd until we went to the Wind Jammer. They have made it almost impossible to enjoy it with the NEW wash station. People us it as a social place to stand and talk wait for the rest of their party and all of this is after they have washes their hands. Vey frustrating. Other than that we had a fantastic cruise!
  7. For us, we head to the Windjammer for lunch. Then we head to the Dining Room to check out our table. Then drinks and pool time or if we haven't been on the ship before we explore a bit and then pool time.
  8. We all like to get Dressed for Formal Nights. That is the reason I bought my Tux. My whole family dresses for Formal nights. Now that being said it doesn't ruin it for us when others do not.
  9. Ours is when we book the cruise start planning and reviewing and researching the ship and the islands we will be visiting IF we haven't been to any which is getting harder to do.
  10. ALRIGHT! I am jealous. I DON'T have a cruise booked at this time. WE are looking at March 2020 once we get a feel for who all wants to go with the 10 of us. We are probably going to book either Liberty out of Galveston or Harmony at Port Canaveral.
  11. We were on this ship this past July. Don't think we had any complaints about the strength of the drinks. Sorry you had this experience.
  12. We have done 2 TA's, one East bound and one West bound. We have taken our grandkids, nieces and nephews along. as people have mentioned the older kids didn't have a lot of teens to do things with but the toddlers had kids to do things with in the kids programs. The big advantage of there not being a lot of teens on board the older kids had the flow rider almost all to themselves, along with the rock wall and other things. I am sure your son will have a great time.
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