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  1. all cruise lines charge a gratuity if you purchase the drink package. If you get the ‘free’ package; on celebrity and princess there is no additional charge. NCL is the only one I know of that adds the gratuity to a ‘free’ drink package.
  2. Glad you made it. I’ve never had a major flight issue until we used american as part of a package. It was an all inclusive, but we were getting married on the trip and had to arrive 2 days ahead - which was the day we were supposed to fly our. American cancelled our flight and couldn’t get us there until the next day. Luckily, there was a delta flight we just barely made and we had travel insurance.
  3. A twin bed is pretty uncomfortable for an adult used to a normal size bed. Also, the cabins are designed for the two beds so you won’t gain much extra room if it was removed. But generally, that is way too much to ask of your room steward.
  4. The only cruise line I’m aware of that charges gratuity on the ‘free’ drink package is NCL. So no, that’s not the norm. But it’s not optional. Feel confident that your tips are prepaid. Everyone charges a daily gratuity. Again, no tip above and beyond that is expected.
  5. They are nothing alike The vibe beach club has an extra charge and is capacity controlled. It is also an outdoor location, I believe with loungers and a bar The solarium on Celebrity is free and not capacity controlled. It is also indoors.
  6. Do you have traditional or anytime dining? If you have anytime dining, you can certainly go up to the host stand and request a table for 1. And she can go up and request to sit at a shared table.
  7. If you choose FAS and the beverage package or dining package, NCL tacks on a fee for the gratuity. That's probably the biggest fee difference you are seeing between them and other lines.
  8. I frequently book cruises with discount websites. I have had good and bad experiences. the main downside is that until you get in touch with a TA you like to work with, you are randomly assigned one of their agents. They could be good or bad. The positive is they typically have a main number you call and if you have an urgent issue, any TA can deal with it if your TA is unavailable. Also, read the fine print, some of these agencies do charge booking fees and/or cancellation fees. I will continue to use discount sites if I get a good price, but if the price is close to the cruise line's price then I just book direct.
  9. I would also consider the sleeping arrangements in this. If two people are getting beds and one person is getting the couch. I would probably want to pay less if I got the couch.
  10. the cabin stewards never did a full clean twice a day. They did a full cleaning service in the morning or afternoon and then a turn down in the evening. So yes, they are performing somewhat less work for you. But certainly not half the work.
  11. I don't think anyone disagrees with the fact that large groups pay a premium. But it's unfair to the non-group cruiser to pay full price and then have normally open venues closed to them. They aren't benefiting from the group's premium prices.
  12. It's foolhardy to create a business without an idea, a business plan, or a funding plan. 90% of businesses fail in the first 3 years. And those that survive are typically not profitable for the first 3 years. That's a lot of money down the drain to potentially deduct a vacation expense.
  13. I always bring a refillable bottle. I drink a ton of water and hate wasting disposable bottles
  14. Type, Meant legally prescribed.
  15. This is an extremely broad and untrue statement. Plenty of "narcotics" are illegally prescribed and can be legally brought when you travel.
  16. When you say online booking; do you complete your booking completely online or can you call someone. In this case I wouldn't complete the booking without talking to an agent. That should be an option. Then they will send you an invoice detailing what you have an don't have.
  17. This is the second thread about this recently. No, there is no reason to think they are overbooking cruises the way they overbook flights. Why would them having cabins available to book cause you to think they are oversold?
  18. But that's not what was asked. OP wanted to know if her friend could bring her medication on board. Celebrity only prohibits marijuana and illegal drugs.
  19. Yes. Marijuana is not a FDA approved medication. Therefore it never is allowed the same way a prescription is allowed. Drugs and only illegal substances specifically say "illegal" drugs, legally prescribed medications are not illegal drugs. If you get a refill at Walgreens, you have a legally prescribed medication. Last time I checked, Walgreens doesn't dispense Marijuana.
  20. I don't think there any disagreement about deducting legitimate business expenses. The OP's question just came from the wrong place. Not, "I want to start a business doing X,Y, and Z". They want to figure out how to deduct their cruising expenses off their taxes in the hopes that someday they cruise lines will give them free cruises. That isn't how paid social media influencers start.
  21. I've only caught a Norovirus like illness once and it was on an incredibly small boat - 12 cabins, in the Galapagos. It made its way through the entire ship, but we also ate every meal together and did every excusion together. I don't really worry about catching Noro on a cruise. I catch colds on cruises frequently. Anything that is airborne is pretty easy to catch if people are coughing around you. Assuming you are up to date on vaccinations (flu, covid, etc) and not immune-compromised; it's not a huge deal.
  22. On our last NCL cruise, the food in the MDR was terrible. The specialty dining wasn't much better. So yes, in the MDR we each ordered a soup/salad, appetizer, entree, and dessert - and we typically found enough that was edible to not send it back. If we were still hungry we just did a run by the buffet before they closed. When we went to Cagneys there was a woman complaining at the host stand that she had sent her steak back 3 times and it never came our right. Ours came out incorrectly cooked and poorly seasoned, but we didn't think we would get any thing better if we sent it back so just ate what we wanted and got a couple more sides.
  23. Something needs to be clarified here. Is this weed? Or is this a FDA approved prescription medication that uses cannabis based ingredients? Weed is not allowed even with a prescription. FDA approved medications are allowed. Does she get this capsule filled at Walgreens at the pharmacy counter or is it some no name brand "supplement".
  24. Ok, so something to keep in mind. That plan ONLY works while you are connected to land cell towers. So you'll need to put your phone in airplane mode before the ship pulls out of port each day.
  25. exactly. My step sister had a child in a biracial relationship and they divorced. Her daughter is her daughter; not adopted. No reason to think it’s a sex trafficking situation.
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