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  1. We too have rented a jeep for the day. I downloaded MAPSME , and there are some points of interest mapped out on there, with directions from the port. You can choose what interests you. We want to visit a few beaches but also see the bridge, and Arikok National park. Very helpful app. here is a map of the island.
  2. Ours arrived today for our March 14th cruise. ( to Canada) Curious as to why I have 20? Two sheets with 10 on each?
  3. Oh jeez, that’s nuts! I guess $299 is not so bad.
  4. How about $299 for a LaQuinta! 😂 Actually this was the best with shuttles included. Some started at $420. We are Canadian so the exchange was an extra stinger .
  5. My son sailed out of Miami yesterday. Said it was “ smooth sailing” on embarkment. FASTEST that he has experienced in fact. This was his first with MSC, though. (He has sailed Disney, Royal and Carnival. ) Hotel the night before was ridiculously expensive, but his shuttle to his hotel from the airport and again to the port was on time as scheduled. Other then the price of the hotel, ( and the packed bars on Friday night during the torrential downpour ) he said its has been very easy and pleasent.
  6. Strange. Ours were available last week. I know we are on the same sailing. Yes! Maybe it’s an upgrade! Good luck
  7. JUST re-read your post. You are sailing next year, 2021. So maybe next years sailings will be effected.
  8. Well, this is disappointing to hear. We too sail to the ABC islands in March, in fact in 50 days. Wondering if this is just for your sailing, or ongoing?
  9. Interesting “sale” Just checked on my friends oceanview cabin price ( she has 2 perks included originally) and the stateroom only without perks increased by $350 . With the add on sale it’s $900 more!!! We are past the paid in full date. I was hoping to see a drop. I have yet to see the deal we booked on Black Friday with 4 perks.
  10. So I just chatted with customer service online, and she said that it varies per sailing as to what exactly is in the fridge. That’s vague and inconsistent don’t you think? Then she gave me a list ( that I’ve seen posted on here before) and said it “ might” contain some of those items. Wondering what others have seen in their mini fridges. Was hoping to see the Pringle’s and Kind bars to take for excursions!
  11. Was there beer ( Heineken) or any single serve bottles of alcohol ( vodka) and snacks in your fridge along with the drinks you listed? Someone posted a picture of the enclosed price list of items in the fridge (for purchase) and those particular items were listed on the sheet, as well as Pringle’s and Kind bars. Curious if they were there for those who purchased Drinks and More, or if they only “stock” fridges for those who need to pay.
  12. You can arrive at the port at 11, if you want to have lunch on-board. Others may choose to tour San Juan for the day and arrive before 5. I personally wouldn’t wait that late. I found the check in lines to be very busy at the Pan Am pier ( with Royal) and long lines outside for our last two cruises out of San Juan. This year, I hope to arrive closer to 2pm to avoid the lines and still be able to grab some food on-board.
  13. It was an “ upgrade to drinks and more” selection i was able to do online. It was during the last cruise planner sale. Maybe call in and see if customer service can do it for you. Others have reported it worked for them. Celebrity seems to be very inconsistent! Good luck!
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