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  1. It really was. They still talk about it, almost 10 years later. Funny thing was, I was NOT sold on going. It was expensive, especially with the excursions we booked, but most of all, it was going to be cold. We live in Canada. Why in the world would I want to spend money to be cold on vacation???? After a lot of convincing, we decided to do it and it would be our last cruise vacation as a family as our oldest was going off to university. So, why not try something different? Best decision. I highly recommend seeing it once in your lifetime.
  2. We also did the Calabaza Catamaran in Barbados. Best tour in the Caribbean, for us. Amazing sites, and wonderful service.
  3. Our Alaskan Cruise did it for me. So many breathtaking moments in those 7 days. The “pin-drop” quiet ( everything turned off on the open decks) so we could actually hear the iceberg pieces falling into the water ( calfing I believe it’s called). A private floatplane into the Misty Fiords. Our three boys were speechless ( and that’s so rare!) 😂 The private whale watching tour with just our family. Whale watching, didn’t sound very exciting to me, until one large whale swam closer and closer and was almost under our small boat ( the boats need to stay a certain distance away from the pods- but this one swam to us!!!) Hearing the breathing, see their tails, the sounds the whale was making , the water moving. Just wow. To top it off, a family of porpoises chased our boat for about 15 mins and it was magical. Just breathtaking.
  4. It’s some very strange pricing on our planner. Last sale some excursions were 25% off. Now? I see a few on sale only, and they are 5%. Seriously. The excursion we were looking at wasn’t on sale last time. Now it is, but $8 off. I’ll wait for a bigger discount closer to sailing. Fingers crossed. If not we will do something else. It’s frustrating because if I was able to book privately it would be $70 cheaper per person. It’s a Catamaran Sail in St Kitts, and the dates are blocked out online -private bookings. When I emailed them ( there are two companies showing the same prices) they said I needed to book through the cruise line.
  5. That’s a great deal! We are hoping to be able to maybe bid on an upgrade closer to sail date. Also, even though that screenshot says GUARANTEED we were able to pick our room. Going to try one of the new insides added after refurb ( if we don’t score an upgrade!)
  6. That is the cheapest we have ever paid for a cruise. And it’s a very expensive time to travel (Canadian March Break) That price is about $440 US per person. Wow. Yes, it’s an inside, but the price was too good to pass up. I called and added all 4 perks ( this was the Black Friday sale a few weeks ago) for a total price of $2062 Canadian. I had to call to get the perks added. If I tried to add the 4 perks online the price was $3900. I think the price I got might have been a mistake. Now, with this new sale, the price with one free perk is almost $3000. Up and down pricing like I’ve never experienced before.
  7. So confusing, The prices for our March Summit cruise have been all over the place. I believe it was a mistake, but here's the deal I got with the last sale.
  8. We took the Sail and Nevis Beach getaway - Catamaran a few years back. Great tour. About an hour or so on the beach in Nevis ( a private section on the beach, no hotel visible) Delicious “ beach” lunch, and all you care to drink. It was about 4 1/2 to 5 hours. This cruise, we are travelling with friends and want to snorkel with them, ( first timers) so this time we will do the cheaper option, with just the sail and snorkel. They will want to shop a bit in port so the shorter option of 3 1/2 seemed like a good fit. Now, if the Fan to Sea sailing drops in price (the one which includes snorkelling, and the beach) we might consider that. But $170 Canadian a person , is a bit steep. We were able to book the 3 1/2 snorkel sail for $73 Canadian each with the last sale. Big saving for 6 of us.
  9. I received an email this morning. We cruise in March on the Summit.
  10. The sale is up today! Banners and all😂 Looks to be 25% off some, 10% off others. Happy planning!
  11. Interesting. There is no advertised sale in my cruise planner ( no banners that say SALE) , but there are a few excursions that are back down to the price they were at the last sale. Not the one I’m looking at, of course, but a few in each port. Thanks for the heads up!
  12. Interesting.... we put a deposit on a tour with this company a few months back . I had no idea the business has sold to another owner. Hmmm. I am also finding it difficult to find reviews , although I did find recommendations here on CC. Just recommendations, no recent reviews.
  13. Curious, i just did a mock booking. The same dates and stateroom I have booked with the 4 perks, is now $1950.00 more then when I booked on Saturday. Wow!!! Maybe that’s why not everyone is scoring a deal. Prices were cheapest when first released, maybe? In the fine print it states “only selected rooms available to be booked” ( or worded something like that). They must have sold out on all the “sale” cabins available. Such up and down pricing.
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