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  1. Is “The Lucky Bowl” available on Horizon?
  2. I’m so happy to catch your review from the beginning! I’ve lurked on previous reviews but never posted. Patti looks fantastic! Does she share the secret to her success?
  3. I don’t think the Radiance sets sail until about April.
  4. We just usually go to the dining room on embarkation day and request a table for two. We’ve never emailed John .....or anyone else for that matter....and they’ve always taken care of us. I feel sure they will do what they can to help. Hope you have a great cruise!
  5. To the OP....Key West is an easy place to get back to the ship. It just isn’t that big!
  6. We have done both. I don’t want to be accused of being silly or anything but there have been two times we would have been left if we hadn’t been on a Carnival excursion. The first time was because our bus had engine problems and the second time was because the tour operator had apparently misjudged how long it was going to take to get everyone down the Flying Dutchman zip line in St Maarten. He finally gathered everyone who was on a Carnival excursion and put us at the front of the line. Unfortunately, some of the people from our sailing were there on a private excursion at the same time and didn’t make it back in time. Those are rare occurrences but I always try to do a lot of research when booking outside activities. I’m not a new cruiser nor am I a worry wart.... just aware of the possibilities and taking those into account when making a decision.
  7. Thanks for your review! We did the southern Caribbean on the Fascination in January and really enjoyed it. You’re taking me back!
  8. So basically at the front of the back of the line.....🤣. Just kidding!
  9. Happiest of birthdays and thanks for sharing it with us!
  10. Lol. Would you happen to be a real estate appraiser, too? That sounds like something me or my husband would say! 🤣
  11. I've been following this review since you started on Day 1. This is my first "Sid" review and I love it! I am looking forward to being on Horizon in January. I went back and read your Vista review as well. I had to take my break from work to check up on what you were doing today! I'll check back in this evening...….
  12. I am LOVING the beginnng of your review!
  13. I always photograph any jewelry Iam taking with my phone before packing. I was questioned once but it was resolved very quickly.
  14. I know that you can now use the Hub app and have pizza delivered to your location for an additional charge. Has anyone done this? Did they bring the whole pizza? What was the charge? Thanks!
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