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  1. Thank-you OP for posting the menu and photos if the items served. It will be helpful to illustrate to our grown children what to expect when they join us in August for a combined reunion/birthday/holiday celebration cruise on the Breakaway. We have been taking our youngest grandchildren on spring break cruises for the past 3-years. At age 4 our GS discovered he loved mussels and lamb. Given their ages we had to eat dinner early otherwise they would (mostly him) would fall asleep at the table. We would call ahead of time to let the maître d know he wanted either lamb, mussels, o
  2. I realize this is a somewhat untimely trip report, but it has taken some time to get back to normal after returning from our cruise. Sunday, 03 Nov 2019…..Kotor, Montenegro The ship entered the fjord leading to Kotor. On the Pilot’s boat the Captain was told were blowing at 20 knots. High, but still safe enough to dock the ship. Unexpectedly, the winds picked up to 75 knots, creating a parlous situation for the ship. Using the ship’s side thrusters, the Captain decided it was unsafe to dock, made a sharp “U”-turn , and plotted a course to open water. Bottomline, th
  3. Saw men in jeans in the GDR at dinner time several nights on our Oct 25th - Nov 7th cruise
  4. Monday, 28 Oct 2019…..Barcelona, Spain While checking out of the hotel, we were approached at the Registration Desk by an English speaking gentleman who offered to drive us to the Port for €30. I knew from listening to returning cruise passengers the day before they had paid between €25 and €50 for transportation from the cruise port. Considering €30 a fair price, we hired him. Our driver was a Brit who had emigrated to Spain to be closer to his children. While DW speaks fluent Spanish, it was interesting to engage in an English conversation about the demonstrations and ha
  5. Just a bit of background about ourselves. We are very experienced world travelers who have worked and lived overseas. Our cruising history has evolved from inside cabins, to balconies, to concierge level and up to suites. We have experienced suites aboard Carnival, Celebrity, and NCL (suite & haven). This cruise marks our first Oceania cruise. We booked Nautica’s Vista Suite on a 10-night Coastlines to Canals itinerary. The cruise begins in Barcelona and ends in Venice. When planning this trip, I explored the cost of both economy and business class airfares from Jackso
  6. Thanks Mate! Got the trash out for Thursday pick-up.🤣 You missed a shooting that occurred by Sadler and Jasmin about 12:30 AM, Sunday morning. Guy was walking home from Flash and was accosted.
  7. Thanks Rick. We leave tomorrow for our 1st "O" cruise. Have sailed suites on X and NCL since 2012. Full range of ship sizes. It is going to be interesting to compare. We are early boarders and have never experienced any issue with cleanliness of our suite. They generally secure the fire doors and that contains 99% of the passengers inside the larger common areas, pool, food & drink venues. It has been my experience the vast majority of cruisers are just as eager to disembark as they are to board. Vacation is over and they just want to go home. The crew doesn'
  8. Checked with my hotel in Barcelona yesterday (we arrive late Saturday night/early Sunday morning). They said they were not a problem. Ditto with the U.S. Embassy's Travel Advisory program. https://es.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/security-and-travel-information/demonstrations-in-spain/
  9. Another question regarding awarding of points. Does class of cabin have any bearing on points earned?
  10. Understand, but as Stand Jim said having the availability of reserving a venue for a private dinner party for amount is great!
  11. Wow! That's a good deal. We have book the Chef's Table on NCL several times for $75 and $90 pp. Max number of guest at the dinner is 12 and they only offer it one night out of a 7-night cruise and twice on the longer cruises.
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