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  1. As far I know, no. We're on a 28 day now and it hasn't been replenished. Interestingly, it is replenished for back-to-backs.
  2. Aboard the Emerald 28 day LA RT Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti. Just received word from the Captain that both port calls in Samoa (Pago Pago & Apia) have been cancelled due to the coronavirus issue. More details are forthcoming but the Emerald will extend in Hawaii in place of the Samoan ports. Cruise is wonderful so far!
  3. We've been on many ships as well and also noticed a lot more movement on the Crown than the others during our TA cruise last September. It was never bad really, but considerably more unstable than we have been used to. Of course, there was the usual grumbling about the ship among some of the passengers. My wife opined that if we had satin sheets she would have slipped out of the bed a couple nights!
  4. Yes, no problem. The bartenders at the Vines will ask you to switch your glass from the Riedels used at the Vines to a standard wine glass to go. Sometimes, you may get a wait team in the MDR that will go to the Vines for refills for you, but that's not standard procedure - and sometimes you may be allowed to take your Riedel with you as long as you return it to the Vines, but that's not standard procedure either.
  5. It should be noted that by-the-glass selections are considerably broader in "The Vines" bar, than in any other bar or restaurant on board.
  6. For men, no open-toe type of shoe. For women, comfortable flats are fine it seems.
  7. We used to do the same - only the embarkation photo, we had a collection of them. But guess what, they don't do the embarkation photo anymore in the manner that they used to. They now take the photo and put in a porthole frame but no itinerary or ship name anymore. So, no photo for us either.
  8. Just discussing this last night with the neighbors (also Princess fans). The last few cruises - all mostly adult cruises with extended itineraries, I'd say, umm, informally: 10% formal, 30-40% in business-type suits, 50% neat/casual, some say "country club casual". Also noticed very few in formal attire after dinner around the ship. To answer your question though, no, you do not. Dress as you wish. Whether you enjoy dressing formal or not, you will not feel out of place. But! No shorts, jeans, or tees in the MDR!
  9. The Library was always a nice quiet space to visit and relax in - particularly to peruse a large reference-type of book off the shelf without taking it out or contributing to the puzzle solution. But a few too many folks would take out books permanently and that presumably was one of the factors in eliminating the space entirely. So too with the games that would regularly be returned - if they were returned at all - with missing pieces or beverage stains on the boards. Poor behavior/etiquette by our passengers, as anyone who has wandered around the pool deck filled with comfy towels and bags lounging on the deck chairs knows, usually results with a change in policy to stem that behavior. Sad but true.
  10. Can't help you with the 5pm sitting - that's far too early for us, but after many cruises on Anytime Dining, we recently switched over to the late traditional slot - 7:30pm. This time was changed a while back from 8:15pm, which was too late. Why? Well, we loved Anytime for awhile but it got too popular I suppose and we were tired of waiting for tables or having to show up at least 30 minutes before our preferred time. Now over time we learned how to mitigate this - it involved a palm transaction with a Head Waiter (usually) or Maitre'D (if you can find one). That worked like a charm, but then they changed the fixed late sitting to 7:30, so why bother anymore? That was around the time we usually got to the DR anyway.
  11. Formal nights - top of my list Loud bands in the atrium Junk mail Photographers in the DR and at the ramps Medallions (been on two so far, maybe they'll get better)
  12. Nice pics! Haven't been to Sabatini's in the past few cruises but it sure looks like the menu has been significantly pared down - no more chops? Have a great cruise!
  13. Definitely the latter. This is clearly one area that Princess would be wise to improve on - particularly with the wine service. I'd venture to opine that their wine sales would improve with a dedicated wine steward in the MDRs - and a wine selection by-the-glass equal to that which is offered in the Vines.
  14. Well, you are a "cool cruiser"! Terrific review and the pics were fab. Safe home and come back soon!
  15. Simply beautiful! Well done! I think the universe is trying to tell me to turn everything else off and just run this video on a continuous loop for the rest of my days. Thank you!
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