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  1. It took a few trials to get the chicken right, but butterflied & with the seasoning sprinkled on, got it pretty good now. One beer is good timing, two is better 馃檪 Raspberry jelly this time, although my fav is mango flavor.
  2. Hi David, I want to thank you for your contribution to this topic, and to the forum in general. Sorry to see your 'retirement' from the keeper of the listing, but perhaps the timing is right for you. Appreciate that your time is needed elsewhere & good luck with that. Don't be a stranger!
  3. I'm sure he is not in it for the likes. Interestingly I suspect that his popularity would have risen with this directive. Many in the community are not cruise fanatics like many of us, and view cruiseships as an enemy at this time.
  4. All this talk about slow cooking and pressure cookers etc is making me hungry. I usually do my best work on the barbie but have been known to do a nice curried sausages & pasta dish that gets the tick of approval from DW. Anyway, seems the COVID-19 consumes Pasta, Tissues & TP, at least looking at the supermarket shelves, so no luck on the pasta. So last night the cook (me) had to improvise and substitute boiled jasmine rice for the spiral pasta, so a bit out of my safety zone. The result - thumbs of from DW for the curried sausages risotto!!!! With my confidence high, tonight is barbecued seasoned chicken breasts with salad, followed by jelly & ice cream.
  5. I think the PM has been very consistent in regards to this timeline, even with an "at least" or two thrown in.
  6. I had to laugh when I read that "other adjective" . It may have been inadvertent but sometimes inadvertency provides a good point. This comes from someone who works here in Sydney for a US company & often I think the word is a perfect descriptor for the 'Merican population as a whole 馃檪 Note: I have many American friends who would be less so than the average. I cant see any cruises out of Australia before there is a widely available vaccine.
  7. Thanks for the anniversary wishes. And the cake - that's a great suggestion, thanks. I will get her a scaled down cake, just for the 2 of us 馃檪
  8. 2020 looks to be the 'Year of the Cancellation' . So no 39th Anniversary cruise, no Tracey's 60th, no my brother's 60th in Sunny Coast ( we had 10 days booked up there in July - all cancelled now), looking likely no Cruisin' Country Cruise on Serenade in Oct, maybe no our son's 30th in Nov. Oh well looks like we will be making up for it in 2021!!!!!
  9. Happy anniversary for yesterday!! We have noticed how quiet it is here in Penrith. People are clearly mostly following the 'rules'. I walked to shops yesterday just to get a couple of things - shouldn't have to shop again until weekend (saving lots of money). Walking along it is clear that many. many are acutely aware of social distancing. From maybe 40m away, people start to move to one side to give a generous spacing as they pass. And all very civilized in the shops, unlike the TV scenes of the ferals from a few weeks ago.
  10. Thanks to all for your thoughts. Yes, we will surely remember the 2020 anniversary!! Anyway, we can now look forward to the 40th anniversary next April on Solstice 馃檪 Mic, Tracey appreciated that you thought she must be so young 馃檪 Sadly, we have had to cancel her big (60th sshhh) birthday bash on 2nd May. Even had to cancel the special cake - the two of us can hardly eat a cake that was to be for 50 people. I have a nice credit with the cake shop. Yes, we will 'share' a drink on Saturday with you all. Stay safe.
  11. well, we were due to board Voyager today for our cruise. I cancelled my leave & worked from home today. I am having my first beer for the 'cruise' right now. DW & I plan to enjoy our 10N cruise to nowhere, in fact in our house, as best we can, including celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary on Saturday, at home instead of in Vila 馃檪 Cheers, and keep safe!
  12. Just an aside from the 'medicine' discussion & back to haircuts for a tick. I usually time my haircuts in the lead up to a work trip, function, cruise etc. I planned to have one this week ahead of our now NON-Cruise departing on Monday. A few days ago I told DW that, as I am mostly working from home at this time, I will delay my haircut until after this is all over. She did not look impressed. Of course she didn't know me back in the 70's 馃檪 Of course I didn't have silver hair then either!
  13. I think it's good therapy for us all to share our experiences in these times. I am still working & in office today on my own. We are mostly working from home, just need one person in office each day. Thankful that I have a job that is still going, at least for now. DW & I have basically bunkered down at home, me only leaving to go to work & taking a daily walk, and us going for groceries & medical. We were to cruise next week, but of course that was cancelled. I will still take some leave to get some stuff done around the house. We had planned to sell-up this year & downsize to an over 55 facility, but that is now on hold. 2020 is not working out as per plan. Stay safe all.
  14. The use of the term is not in my view "straightforward" & is perhaps designed to confuse the issue. See below what the definition is, at least in the real world, not the world of legalspeak The concept should be if you CHOOSE not to travel, as that is the critical issue. Inclination or not, are not actions, but thoughts. There has been a push in recent years for 'plain English' wording in a variety of policies, and it's time this was extended to Travel Insurance. In any case, we were disinclined to travel, and chose not to. The thought process is irrelevant to the legal process, just the action process. So the fact we CHOSE not to travel is all that matters. Did we breach the terms by being disinclined & thus our thought process actually voided our policy? disinclination [藢d瑟s瑟nkl瑟藞ne瑟蕛(蓹)n] NOUN a reluctance or lack of enthusiasm. "Lucy felt a strong disinclination to talk about her engagement" synonyms: reluctance 路 unwillingness 路 lack of enthusiasm 路 indisposition 路 slowness 路 hesitancy 路 hesitance 路 diffidence 路 loathness 路 aversion 路 dislike 路 distaste 路 objection 路 demur 路 resistance 路 opposition 路 recalcitrance 路 disrelish 路 nolition 路 sweerness
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