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  1. There is a very strict payment protocol for charters, which includes payment guarantees, very big up-front non-refundable deposit and payment mile-posts along the timeline. There will be no furious honchos - the risks are with the group chartering the ship. I agreed it would be disappointing for the people who are cancelled, so I trust you are not saying I am ridiculing.
  2. As disappointing as having your cruise cancelled for a charter, the cruise line is merely doing to you, what you could similarly do to them, at any point up to final payment. You make a booking, they accept your booking upon payment of deposit, and then, as per the contract, you have the ability to cancel your cruise up until final payment without penalty. No reason required. So, why is it so unfair, for the cruise line to be able to cancel your booking, without penalty (returning deposit), again up to final payment? No reason required. Do you think it would be better if once you booked and paid your deposit, & from that point, maybe more than a year ahead, you could no longer cancel & would be up for the full fare, whether you went on the cruise or not. If you say yes, then in that case, the cruise line also cannot cancel. Fair??
  3. Or else hide your toothbrush πŸ˜‰
  4. Yes, we learned of this (Singapore refurb after Alaska), and, as we love Radiance, and, at that time, had just got off her, we had a vague 'plan' to travel to Singapore & bring her back home to Sydney in Oct 2020. Of course we now know she will be going to Brisvegas instead. New plan required πŸ™‚
  5. Your advice is noted - I thought it was automatic, & I think we have always got it on our cruises (maybe 3-4 ports missed), perhaps not? But I'm always happy to learn.
  6. Thanks for your concern about me costing myself money. You may be right of course, but I'm fine with the annual policy we have in place, covering all our travels, not just cruises. Our main concerns are to have coverage for the 'big' things ie OS medical & evacuation, so look for affordable coverage to achieve that. Hope to catch up with you on a cruise one day, we can have a drink - I'll shout, even though your are the one saving the cash πŸ™‚
  7. You totally missed the point. In an effort to support your view, you lost all objectivity to the 'evidence' the other poster provided, which was clearly wrong, and just quoted it holus-bolus as 'proof'. Then you try to cover your tracks by diversion from the subject of misguided belief of 'facts' that support your position, to a bunch of side points. Anyway, we all should choose, and live with, what we do with tipping on cruiseships & elsewhere - you need to justify it seems, but it's not necessary, well not on an internet forum at least.
  8. Of course it makes sense to make claims for events that are covered when they occur. For me, your proposition that for you insurance is some sort of speculative gamble to make money is the issue. Pay the premium & 'hope' that you miss a port(s) & make a profit on the insurance. Insurance is designed to reimburse for out of pocket - what are you out of pocket when you miss a port? You should be refunded any pre-paid tours, you get refunded port charges, and in some cases the ship will give OBC as compensation. So, for you, the equation becomes: Value of Cruise = Cruise Fare + Expenses + Insurance Premium - Insurance Refund with the lower the final number the better?? Of course you view it as: Profit = Insurance - Insurance Refund with the higher the number the better! You do know that by not going on the cruise at all, you will have more money. I will seek to avoid TI that includes such coverage, as I am surely paying for 'missed port' insurance in the premium. I cruise to visit the ports, and have missed some thru weather, but have never been out of pocket on these, so no financial loss, just the disappointment of not 'doing' the port. Never even thought that getting a few dollars would be 'better' than actually going there!
  9. I manage the local office of a US owned company. In our 20 years of operation, we have had many, many US visitors come downunder to visit. Every single one has commented how good the Sydney trains are - go figure! I don't travel on trains every day, or even every week &, maybe because I'm a local, & have used trains for almost half a century & am used to 'the trains' but I can't go close to some of the grumbles posted on here πŸ™‚ I consider the public transport to be pretty good for visitors to our fair city to get around - roads and parking, well that's another matter
  10. There ya go where? Someone posted what you wanted to see to support your point & you go all in with them, even though the basis of their calculations & the data was easily shown to be totally wrong. Objective reading and interpretation of facts is an art that can be learnt.
  11. True story. I am Australian born & bred and speak 'Aussie English'. About 20 years ago I visited a shoe store in Akron Ohio on a business trip.. The shop girl who served me "said you have a funny accent - you're not from around here". I replied "where do you think I come from?". She thought for a little while and replied "SCOTLAND". Oh dear πŸ™‚
  12. The stomping refers to the fun of popping the carton causing a loud bang which we all did as kids. Probably not appropriate on the cruise ship πŸ™‚
  13. OK, just seen on FB from RC - Serenade OTS sailing out of Sydney from Oct 2020
  14. With Radiance moving to Brisbane in Nov 2020 (after update), a theory I have read elsewhere & have now checked out, based on the Serenade OTS's Vancouver to Honolulu cruise in Sept 2020, is that the schedule to be released in two weeks will have Serenade (a Radiance class ship) continuing on from Hawaii to Sydney, and working the 20-21 season out of Sydney.
  15. As has been posted, for 20/21 Radiance to Brisbane (after revamp) & likely Serenade to Sydney??
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