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  1. There seems to be less tolerance on other boards than for us here downunder in regards to going off-topic etc. We mostly know how to behave ourselves 🙂 The bush lawyers on RC board were getting into discussing liability/contracts/blame/RC's response etc. I think the thread hit a 'turn off further comments' switch when the infamous lawyer was mentioned. BOT, the news on the tragedy is not getting any better. I can't imagine what the families and loved ones of the victims are going thru. And I am thinking also of the passengers & crew on the ship right now - how sad it must be.
  2. The cruise-ship will not pass thru the sounds during the night, only in daylight hours so the passengers can view the spectacular scenery. I doubt they are even allowed to be in the sounds during night hours. It will be fine & you will get to cruise thru, weather & seas permitting.
  3. Kia Ora from Sydney. Our best wishes to you & all the good folk in Whakatane & Bay of Plenty region. It is a terrible event for all. As for the keyboard experts - don't worry about them. They and there postings are not worth a momentary thought - what crass people (see I chose the nicest word I could) write is of no consequence apart from in their own little mind. In moments of tragedy (and our poor cousins in NZ have had more than their fair share in recent years) we see people that rise to meet the needs of others. In this tragic event we have heard of rescuers rushing in to save others, regular tour passengers working to save the lives of victims in the tour boat, and wonderful people working in the hospitals to treat the victims. This is what humanity is all about. Take care all.
  4. Woken up this morning to confirmation of what was the likely scenario of many fatalities - very sad for the families & loved ones of the victims, for the local communities, the NZ people, Australian people & others from around the world who have been impacted by this tragedy. Also I think of the crew of the ship, and the fellow passengers - one can only imagine what they are thinking right now. For us that are members of the 'cruisers' community it impacts us, almost personally, when something like this happens - it makes it very close to home, even though we don't know the victims personally. RIP for the victims, condolences to loved ones and safe travels to all.
  5. Yes, I am interested in following this process, sort of playing along at home - that's why I registered with them for the updates.
  6. If he worked Fri he wouldn't be on this ship - it departed Sydney earlier than Saturday.
  7. I have read now the information coming out of the recent information sessions as published by the Port Authority. All comments/complaints/queries/concerns have been listed and responses given. Further consultation to come. https://www.yoursaycruisecapacity.com.au/have-your-say/news_feed/information-session-display-boards-2019
  8. Feeling for someone who has been wronged is empathy, being offended on their behalf is something different.
  9. I suggest: Matamata - for Hobbiton Waitomo - consider staying at Woodlyn Park Rotorua Taupo Mt Ruapehu You can cover these all is a southerly loop from Auckland, and that would also allow for lissie's suggestion of New Plymouth (I haven't been there). As lissie suggests doing these places on your land tour leaves you time In Tauranga to take a good look around there, even climb the Mt.
  10. Basically yes, although the 'rule' was that the ship had to drop anchor to satisfy the 'departing Australia' requirement for duty free?? Maybe I've missed it but one time I didn't even notice if we stopped or not?? On one of our cruises we were alongside the island for maybe 10-15 mins and there was a conversation between the pilot and the station manager that was broadcast thru the ship's speakers - very interesting.
  11. Often though it is people not of that 'race' being offended on behalf of the people of that 'race'. That is what I have an issue with.
  12. Of course the luggage is X-rayed behind the scenes & before boarding. Always think it's funny when, after having everything checked in Sydney prior to boarding, upon arrival in Vietnam, you collect your luggage and then it goes, along with your carry-on, thru x-Ray as you depart the terminal 🙂
  13. This was the problem for us in DL on Radiance earlier this year. Basically people ended up lined up for the first part of the event (before early diners left) as most people couldn't wait for the waiters to circulate. One of the best parts of DL 'happy hour' is relaxing and chatting whilst the waiters serve you a drink. After the first drink, we looked at the lineup & left to enjoy drinks on our balcony. We still enjoyed relaxing time in DL during the day & the coffee machine, but not our scene when the line for drinks dominates - some got a drink & then got on the back of the line for another,
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