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  1. C'mon, they can do better than that - a few kegs on the pool-deck, a few more of those mobile drink wagons & a daily barbie or two will Australianise it. Add a dartboard & I'm in 🙂
  2. Cheers - thanks for that, as it's good to get some first hand info. Enjoy the rest of the cruise.
  3. Someone claiming to have some contact with the emergency services, wrote somewhere, bookoffaces I guess, that the requirement to write a few lines as an entry was necessary to meet legal requirements, as to do so as essentially a lottery requires specific approval or similar, and also pointed out that there would be little chance between today & Sat for people to review the thousands & thousands of entries to choose on literary or performance merit, and then get ready for the cruise after being chosen. Good luck to all - I hope they have a jolly good time.
  4. You have failed to comprehend pretty much anything that travelpeon wrote. In the study you quoted, the 'bowl' was a communal one, which used the same water over & over, nothing analogous to handbasins with running water & soap that are used on cruise ships. The referenced article was given to show how studies can be influenced by the sponsor, not to hold up the Guardian as the bastion of truth. travelpeon then listed a number of points that we should be mindful of when considering reports, irrespective of the source - leftwing, rightwing or indeed centre or no wing. I will continue to use the handwashing facilities provided on ship and elsewhere, including I note by surgeons in hospital operating theatres.
  5. Here is a summary taken from a variety of sources, including the cc Australia & NZ board: Spectrum will arrive into Sydney in the early evening of Sat 29th Feb. Ovation has turnaround that day & it is reported that they will do a sail-past together in the harbor around 6:30pm as Ovation departs and Spectrum arrives. Spectrum will dock at OPT wharf shortly after that. She will have no passengers onboard from current voyage from Manila, but is reported to be boarding 3,500 emergency service personnel that evening who will take a 4 night (just confirmed by RC) complimentary cruise to nowhere. She will have to depart before early morning on Sun 1st Mar latest, as another ship is due to dock at that time. A further 4N cruise will follow (Mar-7) for another batch of emergency service personnel, again complimentary.. After that is unclear. Conjecture about further Spectrum revenue cruises is out there, but there are no cruises listed on the RC website as of this morning. We currently have Radiance, Voyager & Ovation here downunder, all due to complete their seasons here soon & moving to Northern Hemisphere. Voyager is scheduled to move to Singapore, but there may be a change?
  6. Anything on this? There are no cruises showing on RC website at this time
  7. The Holiday Inn Old Sydney has recently changed to Rydges Sydney Harbour - same location, just a change in ownership.
  8. Well, they are getting the fare, but missing the opportunity of the onboard spending of the 3rd person, something they budget for. An argument could be made perhaps a no-show should have an amount extra charged to cover this? Some may still pay this for their coveted cabin, for others that may be step too far, and this would penalize ' genuine' no shows, rather than the ones playing the system. Not sure if it in vogue elsewhere, but here In Sydney some high-end restaurants require a credit card number when booking, and there is a charge for no-shows stated to cover their lost income/profit.
  9. Australia is "open for business". The fires were terrible in the shear geographical range, the severity & intensity, but recovery is underway. No-one will take anyone on tours to places that will be dangerous. I can't speak specifically re Kangaroo Is, but I encourage you to take the tours offered. You will surely see some of the damaged, and now recovering, landscape, and likely learn of the programs to assist mother nature & to get the towns & villages back on track. The Australian bush has been burning & regenerating for millions of years. Yes the summer of 19/20 was extreme, but every single person visiting affected regions will help the recovery.
  10. never thought of that - you should be consulting to cruise companies PR depts. 🙂
  11. Latest schedule for Spectrum has her enroute from Manila, Philippines to be in Brisbane 27th Feb & then in Sydney 29th Feb, docking after departure of another ship that afternoon. It had been reported that Spectrum will do free cruises for the emergency services personnel who responded to our recent bushfires emergency. The details of this have not been released to my knowledge. I have not seen any future cruises listed.
  12. I read somewhere this morning that as the daughter was a minor, a parent needed to stay. It said that all 4 were going to stay.
  13. Some suggestions: - climb the bridge, or at least the pylon & walk across on the pedestrian path - tour Opera House & walk in Botanical Gardens - ferry to Manly & walk thru to beach - visit the zoo (ferry) - HOHO bus city tour & out to Bondi - explore The Rocks - take a Harbour Cruise - visit Darling Harbour for lunch/dinner - have a pie at Harry's down at the 'loo - dine at Sydney Tower for the 360 degree views - attend a sporting event at Sydney Cricket Ground (depends on season you are here)
  14. Yes, the logistics would look to be quite difficult. Most people are booked months/years ahead & have been planning for some time. How they can gather the people & get them organized is hard to imagine. Not everyone has a passport for instance. Maybe a domestic cruise, calling at some ports impacted by the fires? Although I think most of them would have seen enough burnt land to last a long time.
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