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  1. Do you mean that they stayed for exactly 3 months & hence 91 or 92 days, and this resulted in his re-entry being denied for going over the 90 days?? Wow, that's really applying the rules!!! Guess that's why many time limits are expressed in terms of number of days eg 30, 90, 180, just incase someone fudges a day or two 😮
  2. Similar for us. On the Princess cruise HH was 3-4pm I think. We would normally be doing other 'stuff' then, but the waiter we had in Wheelhouse each evening told us we should come to happy hour. We were in Café one afternoon when he spotted us and insisted we come to HH, literally marching us in. Anyway, we soon let him know what we thought of it, and he took care of us each evening outside of the HH - a night cap or two ends most cruise-nights for us. We normally have a drink or two pre-show/dinner on our balcony or on RCI in the DL, though that event can be somewhat less than ideal - we like the drink vouchers on our sea-pass cards nowadays. Win/win.
  3. Stateroom announcements was a topic raised at the Captains Corner on our Jan cruise on Radiance. The captain said that from corporate, fleetwide, announcements are not broadcast into staterooms as a result of passenger feedback. A number of people voiced their displeasure and the advice was to put it on our survey. I agree with those who suggest that there should be some volume control in each cabin, & also that the announcements should be on the webcam/navigation TV channel.
  4. On our only Princess cruise thus far (Sun in 2017) we were very surprised at how some treated the happy hour 2 for one deal. For the afternoon session, seats in the Wheelhouse were full from before the start, it was a battle to get a drink, and the stashes under the chairs were crazy. Some people had drinks taking up every inch of space under their chair. A soon as the event was over, the place emptied in minutes, & all the booty was taken. Can't report on the evening sessions, as that would normally coincide with our dinner or a show. This was not our scene at all, with us preferring to have a drink or two in a quite bar (the same one) outside of the HH hours, even if we had to pay full tote odds. The Happy Hours were one of the negatives of our otherwise mostly excellent 29N cruise, and we certainly commented on this with the bar manager and in our survey. When we subsequently learned that these events were no more, that was viewed by us as a plus.
  5. Or perhaps can only have their status if they travel with the original partner who they gained the elevated status from??? 😮
  6. you have described much of the book of faces very accurately 🙂
  7. When we went to Canada to travel on self-drive tour (9N) of Canadian Rockies, we flew Syd-Vancouver-Calgary on Air Canada. Option was to go via LA, but I would always try and avoid transiting thru LAX. Our Alaskan cruise that follows the driving trip departed from Seattle. We caught the Amtrak train Vancouver-Seattle & can thoroughly recommend it. Wonderful scenery & it was actually one of the highlights of our Rockies/Alaska/Hawaii bucket-list trip.
  8. Not a rider, but can't imagine I'd trust an $80 helmet, from Aldi or wherever.😮
  9. In my experience most hotels will charge a surcharge for credit card payment, typically the 1.5% you mentioned. You can elect to pay in cash, but most hotels (all??) will require you to provide a credit card at check-in against which they will take a pre-authorization to ensure the card is 'good'. At checkout, you can have them use the card, or pay in cash. I see you are from US. I suggest using a card will be more convenient then carrying, or changing, cash. Also likely the 1.5% will be less than the costs of converting when you take into account poor rates, fees and commissions. Depending on your credit card providers terms, you may find that the conversion rate is significantly better than the 'cash' rate found at the money changers. I concur with Aus Traveller re Amex cards in Australia. Some other businesses apply surcharges on credit cards, even our mechanic, but I have not seen restaurants doing that - guess they factor in that most people pay by card in restaurants these days in Australia. Australia is rapidly becoming a cash-less society, especially for young people, who rarely even carry cash - causes issues when the system crashes 🙂
  10. That's the one. I thought it was a good name for an internet forum 💀
  11. Our resident RCI OPT check-in expert my chime in when he's free with the local knowledge. But, in my experience, yes waiting later will assist in a faster processing experience & getting on-board faster with minimal wait. We normally aim to arrive around 1pm to avoid the rush, you know the "we paid for the first day" group. Apart from getting a bite to eat, and a cold drink, not much is possible until cabins are available & we can lighten the load of carry-on. Another option is to advise the terminal personnel that you have a back issue and I'm sure they will assist you thru. There is usually a special section to assist the less mobile checking in sitting down, and they will assist you for sure. If you can live with using a wheel chair that would be an option also. As you say, even when relatively mobile in normal circumstances, not everyone can be on their feet for long periods.
  12. No, no relation. mr walker is just my 'screen name' that I had used on unrelated forum and went with it when I joined cc. It is the 'real' name of a famous literary/movie character. OT - I will be down the far south coast on the Oct long weekend for a birthday party, staying at Merimbula - the party is at a place I didn't even know of - Wallagoot. Haven't been down that way for years, so any advice for a visitor?
  13. On our Jan '19 cruise, for Akaroa & Dunedin (where we had been previously) we focused on wildlife tours. Similar to epixx as above, in Akaroa we did tour with Pohatu Tours, but we did the 4WD tour as here: www.pohatu.co.nz/Scenic+Nature+Tours.html In Dunedin we went with Russ of Tourworks on their Mainland Peninsula Tour www.tourworks.co.nz/tours/dunedin-peninsula-tour/ Both of these were great & we thoroughly recommend them.
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