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  1. Growing up, I never knew you could actually buy glasses. I thought everyone drank from the empty vegemite jars, or the ones the cheese spread came in, or plastic tumblers. I recall that some houses had a couple of beer glasses, usually marked with AHA or the name of a pub 🙂
  2. I guess then that they are stemless wine glasses. Looked like tumblers to me, but then again I mostly drink from beer glasses - beer not wine.
  3. All your delicious sounding dinners made our chicken wraps from KFC while watching footy on TV on a cold wet night look a bit ho hum 😁
  4. I note that some 'trendy' places (not my typical haunts) are serving wine in glass tumblers. First came across it in a restaurant in the Viaduct precinct of Auckland, and have now seen it also in Sydney, although not recently as we have not been out much 😮
  5. Well, planning ahead in the likely year or two 'cruiseless' period we face, & doing land cruising instead, I recently purchased a voucher for a 4N Canberra stay (good for use for 2 years) so we could visit the capital. Had thought of a lake cruise during the visit, maybe with Mic & Rosie, but seems Mic would prefer to stick to his own company 🙂 Maybe we will divert to Batehaven & take the Clyde River cruise with a local there 🙂
  6. When we lived in Werrington (2747), another suburb of Penrith years ago, we got a few things thru the mail that had come via Wellington (2820) in NSW Central West, where some kind sole had written "TRY WERRINGTON 2747" on the envelope ( the suburb & postcode that the sender had used). Guess we were lucky they didn't go to Wellington NZ! That same house was on a long street that passed thru 2 suburbs, each with it's own set of street numbers. We often received mail for the house with the same house number as us in the other suburb & vice versa. Wonder how many of our cheques were cashed by the other guys? And they never paid any of our bills 🙂 Edited to add that DW just reminded me that a letter sent to us at Werrington NSW had been to Warrington in England before coming back to us 🙂
  7. yes minister 🙂 On my viewing of the evidence presented by the various NSW Health officers during the hearings, the prime training resources used by the administration of that 'organization' were the boxed sets of the Yes Minister series.
  8. 1. There was a line of questioning along these lines in the enquiry. When Carnival were asked (I guess it was Mr Mifsud) his reply was along the lines of what legal basis would they have had to hold the passengers on-board when the authorities had cleared the ship. 2. as there was no capability to test for Covid on-board, no-one had any evidence that there was Covid on-board. This was a clear stance of Carnival in the enquiry. Remember that the swabs tested in Wellington came back negative for Covid.
  9. I think you already should have 🙂 We have been a bit more fortunate with some recent packages thru Aust Post. 1 posted from Cessnock NSW last Friday arrived here in Penrith yesterday, and one posted at Sunshine West, VIC on Mon arrived this morning. Another couple are not here yet though.
  10. Pre-covid ( can't believe our often I say that now) I ran into a mate doing the shopping in Woolies. When I asked him what he was doing, he said that he was the cook now as his wife was incapacitated for a while & he smirked. I looked in his trolley and it was mostly pre-packaged meals for heating up. He said that's what we are eating now 🙂 Tough times ahead for Victoria it seems with more cases and more deaths. Just hoping that elsewhere is kept under control.
  11. We have now been to a couple of NRL games here in Sydney since restricted 'crowds' we allowed to attend - one at Penrith & one at Parramatta. At these games a great deal of effort has been made by the organisers to keep it safe, with allocated seating, with spacing between groups, distance markers & marshals, constant reminders over PA of the need for social distancing & that you can only leave you allocated seat to use facilities and must return immediately. I have been very conscious of social distancing & being out for non-essential purposes since mid-March, but felt comfortable attending the games, and we will again on Sat night. The scenes at Sunshine Coast were alarming and some need a swift arse kick over that.
  12. Sorry that I have seemed to hit a sore point with some of you folk. Hindsight, book throwing etc??? I don't care, and, as I already posted it would have made no difference in the end (based on 19th disembarkation), but the ship sailed without the required swabs, a point conceded in the hearing & Princess took the time to provide 'proof' of the efforts they made to source the swabs - it's in black & white. I am finished with this point, which is the one you all seem to be hanging your hats on. Stay safe.
  13. That would work for me here in NSW if they threatened with making me watch aerial ping pong 🙂
  14. Well I was up early this morning (for me 🙂 ) in Penrith so I could do the weekly grocery shop before work (working from home). Back home just after 8am. Hardly anyone at Woolies and everything was available. Wore a mask for the first time today as Woolies have asked that customers wear one - recommended but not compulsory. Most of the few customers wore masks, as were the staff. No big deal - I didn't feel my human rights were infringed by the request to wear a mask. Happy to do my bit for the good of the community.
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