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  1. Agree, they look younger than when I cruised with them in 2013 - life must be good.
  2. My thoughts pretty much also. That said, no doubt Melbourne is the sporting capital of the country.
  3. Some good advice above. You can't go wrong with any of those itineraries & all would be enjoyable - we have done similar cruises & each were great. If this was my first/only trip downunder I would go with #3 and plan some time in Sydney ( & wider if time permits) post cruise.
  4. Radio news this morning reported that the Aussie who was killed was a 56 year old man from Sydney with a wife & 2 kids. Very sad for all concerned.
  5. As someone once said " Wow, there are even homeless people on a cruise!" 🙂
  6. Not true - a Canadian port if not 'foreign' under the act's definition. When we cruised on Rhapsody, from start of Alaskan cruise season, cruises were roundtrip Seattle, and the last one started in Seattle & ended in Vancouver. The next cruise was Vancouver to Honolulu. No-one could board in Seattle and do B2B to Honolulu - contravenes the act. We, along with 28 others, did B2B2B, ending in Sydney.
  7. The best one for me was the Cross-City tunnel. The contract guaranteed the builder/ operator a certain level of income irrespective of how many vehicles actually used the tunnel. So the government (read: taxpayer) was required to top-up the income received to the guaranteed amount, so a no risk investment for the operator and no need for due diligence by them. My question - when did we start giving public servants the ability to write out blank cheques on our behalf?
  8. At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them. Lest we forget.
  9. and on disembarkation morning you can take some food from b/fast home for dinner
  10. We were raised on the poetry of Banjo & the two Henry's - Lawson & Kendall, and the music of Slim.
  11. Nah, like the ballads & some country rock ala Wolfe Brothers, McAllister Kemp, Travis Collins - no balcony dance parties. Anyway, we are looking forward to the cruise and trying out Serenade for the first time, albeit quite a while to wait.
  12. You don't know what you are missing 🙂 Contemporary Country Music would likely surprise you if you don't like the older styles. Harvey always seems to get corporate gigs & no relation to Peter or Gerry. He hails from country Victoria, nowhere near Canberaaaaaaaa. And yes Mic, there is line dancing & square dancing for the aficionados - not for us though. Even some bush poetry.
  13. Yes, that's right Mic - ports are Noumea. Isle of Pines & Lifou. Won't be our first visits there 🙂 Chiili, no headbanging for us! Cream of Australian country music - over 50 artists, with headliners including Lee Kernaghan, Troy Casser-Daley, Adam Harvey, Amber Lawrence. Will be our 3rd Cruisin' Country
  14. We will board her in 536 days for he first cruise out of Sydney - music charter - Oct 5 2020. We expect she will be very similar to our favourite ship Radiance. It's a long wait, lucky we have some plans in the interim.
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