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  1. It Vietnam, Lunar New Year is called 'Tet' and they all go on holidays for 2 weeks!!
  2. And yet there are plenty of people abled bodied and mind getting money to not work. I wise person told me 40 years ago that unemployment in Australia will never go much below 5% as 5% of people will never want to work when you get money for it.
  3. Oh, been a bit quiet on tipping around here lately... maybe a good sign that it's back 🙂
  4. The new way apparently is online petitions from groups like change.com etc.
  5. We watch a British TV show where they trace lost relatives from adoptions. Every episode it seems there will be a lady who says "me mooom" 🙂
  6. I find it interesting that we have seen: - jurisdictions that pretty well completely ignored expert medical advice & they, quite properly, were criticised for that - jurisdictions that absolutely followed expert medical advice to the extent they were criticised for being over the top - kneejerk was a word used - jurisdictions that followed expert medical advice tempered to an extent, described as a measured approach, to not completely ignore the economic & social consequences & they were criticised also You can never win 🙂 I am mo
  7. I see postings all over social media for petitions etc. a danger for the proponents of these is that cruisers who want cruising to start are a very small subset of the voting population. Getting a small number of people will not necessarily achieve the outcome sought. Likely it may demonstrate there’s few votes in cruise ships
  8. Just remembered - my little sister called it smashed potato, which was a good descriptor Pumpkin soup is a favorite of mine
  9. The basis of your argument ie full vaccination of the population, will never happen. If the basis of resumption is 100% vaccination of crew & passengers then maybe, but that ‘rule’ would be a target of the civil libertarians & the lawyers.
  10. When we were kids Mum would make mashed potato & mashed pumpkin. My sisters wouldn’t eat the pumpkin, so Mum would mix them together. My sisters loved the yellow mashed potato 😃 yes roast pumpkin is great
  11. You got it in one - that's my thinking also. Many people who say they will be on the first ship to sail haven't even thought of travel insurance - likely they never do.
  12. I'm not sure on the rationale for the 95% number. Surely the aim is for 100%. I recall reading that it was an allowance covering that U12's are not being jabbed, and perhaps for those that can't have the vaccine for medical reasons?? For me to cruise, it would have to be 100% vaccinated - crew & passengers, and only local ports, or I guess COVID-safe shore excursions, which wouldn't suit me
  13. If there are no consequences for actions, then the laws/rules cannot be enforced as there are people who just won't follow rules, even ones designed to protect 26M people.
  14. I am sure that the access to the vaccine will improve fairly quickly, and so that will become less of a problem. Two problems in achieving a high enough level of vaccination in our population are: 1. the negativity around the AZ vaccine 2. the reluctance of a significant number of people to have the jab (any variety). I am not talking about the crazy anti-vaxers here, but a much wider group. I personally know 2 people who work in hospitals, not in a medical capacity, but in admin, including having contact with the public, who have not & will not have the jab. One doesn't eve
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