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  1. No dividends for now and stock price is not guaranteed to keep going up nor are UDP or specialty prices decreasing -- could be a no win situation -- time will tell.
  2. Well if that's the case then yes, it's kind of scary - not going to pull the trigger until prices go down.
  3. I did buy the shares at the lows and rode it all the way where it's trading now - so sitting pretty. No dividends yet just OBC. Wish I could buy AI direct but am content with Microsoft and NVIDIA.
  4. I'm booked on Wonder this December - UDP and all specialty restaurants are available. Waiting for a good sale - not holding my breath,
  5. Speaking of stock prices...RCL went up today by 6.5% - not bad for a daily increase!
  6. Had they allowed you to board, RCI would have broken US law. Whether you are a U.S. citizen or Dual US citizen, the law requires you to enter and exit the country with your U.S. documents. While they can not deny any U.S. citizen to enter the U.S., you will have a very difficult time with Customs and Border Patrol. Do you have a case? Only an attorney can answer that question.
  7. The earnings call scheduled for today @10:00am will be available as a live webcast - this is an in-depth report as opposed to the earnings announcement scheduled before markets open today. Registration for the webcast can be found here: https://www.rclinvestor.com/webcasts-presentations/#heading-2 Too late to edit above post but should read EPS (earnings per share) and not PPS (price per share). Let's hope it's a good report!!!
  8. Earnings come out today before the market opens. Expectations for Q4 are $1.14 a share. Will PPS be better than that? I hope so! The stock has more than doubled in 2023 and just recently hit an all-time high. Watching and waiting to see if RCL makes some waves today. Stay tuned....
  9. I once changed my photo after I got the boarding pass and guess what? I was denied boarding and had to go through a special line that took forever until I was able to board. Never again. I let them take my pics.
  10. Someone has posted one for sale on EBay for $25.
  11. Here's the recipe so you can have it anytime, anywhere.
  12. I heard Jan 27 - that's today. Went to the CP for my Allure cruise next month and found no way to book reservations for my UDP. If anyone was able to reserve please post.
  13. On the rare times I've seen the drink punch card, it has been towards the end of a cruise. Haven't seen it advertised in a while. As mentioned previously, the best bet is to ask for it.
  14. It's great to hear positive experiences. I sailed Navigator on a 7-day last November and thoroughly enjoyed the cruise. Did not go to the MDR - only specialty restaurants and they were all great! I especially liked the lobster at Hooked. I agree that the view from Izumi is to die for. I had never been to the Pacific side of Mexico, being from Florida I'm used to the other side, so it was a treat for me to visit Cabo, Mazatlan and Vallarta. Loved, loved, loved those 3 ports. The sunset sailing tour in Cabo was one of the best I've ever been on and the highlight of my cruise!
  15. Tuxes are few and far between - so are kilts, but you do see them occasionally. I love to look at them but I figure if I’m not wearing a ballroom gown, I don’t expect my mate to wear a tux.
  16. Comedy show was available for reservations on my 4 night Allure.
  17. I don’t see the pay option on the App for my upcoming cruises or on the CP on the website - guess I’m lucky or maybe unlucky?
  18. Loved following your experience, both on Harmony - a ship I’m very fond of, and the GoPro lessons were an added bonus! Nice to see such a lovely, well mannered and appreciative family - a rare breed these days!!!
  19. At least the CAS points show up correctly. Some have said their points and status were wiped out in the past, this is a much better problem. Still not corrected though.
  20. Oh my... I long for the good old days when complimentary sushi was bountiful. Alas, no Fing more!
  21. Something to keep in mind is that not all specialty restaurants are open for lunch on embarkation day. I've always been able to walk in without a reservation using my UDP at whichever specialty venue was open for lunch on Day 1.
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