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  1. This is so good to know. Money in my purse 🙂 Thanks!
  2. Good to know....I always thought the the BOGO specialty is only good for the 1st night. To get the 2nd night BOGO, did you prebook prior to boarding, or did you just show up to see if there's space? I also wonder if this varies from ship to ship. Can you share what ship were on on? Thanks!
  3. I have not purchased any photo package from Celebrity, but I have quite a few times over at RCCL. I can give you some reference points on the RCCL photo package, but to be sure, you might want to give Celebrity a call to confirm. At RCCL, ALL passengers in the same cabin + any photos that any passengers in that cabin taken along with other people will be included in your package. You'll need to lookout for photographers either roaming around the ship, or at any set-up photo stations. Hope this helps.
  4. The price last week at $2363 is for category E4 (deck 6 mainly, and more towards aft or front). Those are all sold out Remaining inventory is E2 or higher (mid ship, higher decks), and the price of these are a lot higher. I learned that through my TA.
  5. I believe Chic nights are on 2nd and 6th day. Lobster on the 2nd Chic night.
  6. Yes, thank you G2G...your posting prompted me to take a look at the Celebrity web site. Low and behold, they are having a veteran day sale...I adjusted my booking and now I'm getting premium w/ all 4 perks. Thanks G2G! 🙂
  7. We will be on the Edge in March and receiving the promo for the Classic Beverage Package (drinks up to $9). So if I wish to order a fancy cocktail in one of the specialty restaurants that charge $15, I understand I can just pay for the difference, i.e. $6 in this example. Wonder is there a 20% gratuity on top of the $6 difference? And if there is, is it calculated based on 20% of the $15 drink, or 20% of the $6? This will be very helpful for us to decide whether to upgrade to the premium package or not. Thank you for any tips or advice. This would be highly appreciated.
  8. I travels to HK fairly often, and totally concur with "SleepingUgly's" recommendations.
  9. Hey psmarkle, Thanks for such an awesome and detailed review. Did you by any chance tried Venchi? I'm wondering if the Venchi drinks and ice cream are still included with YC, given there has been announcement that it;s going away, yet some cruisers have reported back that they are still getting it. . Thanks.
  10. Hello Asland, I've tried to google for the Firestick you-tube videos on celebrity cruise ship. All that I've come up with requires adapters, and doesn't appear to be simple. Can you please give me some pointers where to look, or provide your instructions? Thanks!
  11. Do you happen to know what time the ship will arrive in the PC Port on Wed? There's hearsay out there it's gonna be 3 pm. I hope it's wrong. Trying to reschedule flight for my relatives who are also on this ship.
  12. Thank you so much, Marelaine! I do plan on using my OBC to purchase the package. If I were to cancel and rebook, will the OBC be immediately deposited back right away for me to re-purchase?
  13. We will be on the Edge early 2020. Looking at the 3 nights specialty dining package which is $137pp right now. I would imagine that this price may fluctuate from time to time depending if there is promotion going on. Wondering if I book the package now, and then see a lower price down the road, can I cancel the package and rebook at the new price, and get the refund on the price difference? Also, what is the lowest price that you see for a 3 nights dining package on the Edge? Thanks for sharing your experience!
  14. Hello SacCaliCruiser, do you recall which night is the lobster night? Trying to get organized for the specialty dining. Thanks!
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