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  1. Saw someone on the Getaway in January walk by with a Truly in hand.
  2. There was thread on here about this (yes, NCL) recently.
  3. Be sure that the name(s) on the ID you use matches the name(s) on your reservations exactly. This is a new rule with NCL in the past few months.
  4. We disembarked the Getaway @ New Orlean Sunday Jan 26th. They began "easy walk off" for those who could carry all their own luggage at 7:15am. There were lots of taxis early at door #4.
  5. Looking for suggestions for a great hamburger/sports bar atmosphere place for lunch at or near Jackson Square. Will be there on a Thursday, after a noon carriage tour.
  6. If you call ahead to book your shore excursions, the tickets will be waiting in your room when you board and will be charged to your onboard account. Any OBC you have will offset the charges. If you book online tickets will still be awaiting you when you board, but you will pay for it by credit card in advance.
  7. We are cruising the NCL Sun Sept 4-15 Ultimate Glacier Cruise that you mentioned. It will be our 4th NCL cruise to Alaska. We've sailed on the Sun before, a 10 day southern Caribbean, really enjoyed the ship - we don't need constant entertainment by others to enjoy ourselves.........rock climbing walls, etc. One of the amazing things about cruising Alaska, even sea/glacier days are so incredibly scenic, it is hard to tear yourself away from the scenery on your balcony-or the open decks . We always take our own binoculars. This would be a very relaxing and scenic Alaskan cruise, especially if it might be a one time Alaskan cruise. This is a great itinerary, in my opinion!
  8. Well guys (Paul, mjk), I happen to like the taste of the grapefruit/rose, some of us are lightweights looking for that option, and that is what this thread was about. I'm sure, since most of us have the drink package, we could find full strength vodka if we were interested-and yes, it would cost the same.
  9. You are welcome Erdoran and Linnie. I just 'happened' to have the bottle on the counter in front of me last night while doing a little work on holiday food. Made the task quite pleasant. I squeeze 1/4 of a lime, and add a can of La Croix water in the pamplemousse (grapefruit) flavor. Light & refreshing. Enjoy!
  10. Back to the original reason for this post. Have my Ketel One Grapefruit & Rose bottle in front of me now. On the label, 1.5 ounces = 73 calories. This, as I said, is a good Low cal/carb option for someone that desires one, yet still wants to have some cocktails on vacay.
  11. I saw something called "coal fish" on one of the Encore menus in the past few days. Never heard of that, but maybe because I am from the midwest. This OP, however, never has anything positive to say about NCL on ANY thread, so he has picked a good issue to harp on this time. Negativity is his normal contribution (just my observation).
  12. Do check out the sunset/daylight hours for the dates you are in port. Years ago, one of our first Alaska cruises, we stopped at Haines and booked a 10pm Carriage Ride thinking we wouldn't see much. It was still daylight at midnight when we re-boarded the ship. That particular night we couldn't get the curtains in our room to block the light out. Think it was June.
  13. Actually, I said 70 calories per shot, not per ounce (25% fewer calories). The botanical I am referring to is marketed as a ‘diet’ vodka, if you google it. It could be of interest to some, perhaps not to you.
  14. I’m following a live report from someone on the Encore, showing available liquor options at some of the venues. I was unable to find a previous thread about low cal cocktails, so thought I would just share this information. Have never seen Ketel One Botanicals Grapefruit Rose listed on any of the bar menus. It was on Encore. Mixed with seltzer and lime, makes a great refreshing drink that’s easy on the waistline (my go to real life drink). Has no sugar, and only 70 calories in a shot. Good for “light weight drinkers. If NCL has had it before, I totally missed it. I prolly wouldn’t drink this often on vacay, since the old diet goes out the window once I board the ship, nevertheless thought I would share this for those looking for good options.
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