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  1. We don’t usually tip for each meal in the haven restaurant, but there’s normally a server or two that we become familiar with over the course of the cruise. Generally our last night to eat there, we will tip those individuals that stood out, and sometimes the maitre’d, $25-$50.
  2. We had a a September Alaska cruise booked. We cancelled April 1st, before final payment due. Called the main number you see on their website. Full refund in 18 days, including DSC, water package.
  3. If Hellesylt is listed first, then passengers are probably dropped off for a shore excursions that ends in Gieranger (they meet the ship back in Gieranger). Hellesylt is really used as a drop off/pick up location for some of the longer shore excursions. Hellesylt is more of a pier than what you would think of as a port. Not much there. There is actually a live webcam of it on kroooz-cams.com if you look under port cams in Scandinavia.
  4. The only thing you do in Hellesylt is pick up passengers that went on certain shore excursions from the port stop at Gieranger. At Hellesylt the ship stops at a small pier (no one disembarks) on the way out of the Gieranger fjord, before it heads back out to sea. Both are such beautiful ports, some of our favorites!
  5. I wouldn't call it crazy, BUT I would call it risky, particularly after seeing that Warren Buffet dumped all his airline stock today. Said he did it with the assumption it would be 2-4 years before flying would return to normal. Being from the midwest, we really need to fly if we want to cruise. I recently got my deposit for two cruises (suites) +some prepaid DSC and a water package refunded to my credit card in the amount of $3,400.00. I cancelled the 2 cruises before final payment April 1st, it was refunded April 18th. Seeing Warren Buffets move today reassured me that I did the "safe" thing with my $$$, as much as we love to sail NCL, I don't see cruising as we know it coming back into fashion anytime soon. 😔
  6. This may be a silly thought, but perhaps there is a monetary savings by leaving the port of Miami. Surely there is a daily port fee for using the pier space, and GSC being the cruise line's private island, free$$$ parking (at anchor) until they need to go back to re-provision??
  7. We are in our mid sixties, stayed in a 9th floor aft penthouse suite for the 1st time in January on the Getaway. We normally stay in an owners suite, DOS, or GV. We really enjoyed the huge aft balcony, and even tho we are "old", did not mind the walk to the Haven for meals, escorts off the ship for tenders and debarkation were no problem either, nor elevators, luggage, etc. The concierge helps those in the aft balcony just as much as those in the complex proper (at least in our experience). It was actually our 1st BIG ship, other than a 15 day Epic TA, even tho we are Plat+ with lots of NCL suite time. That aft balcony was much more attractive to us than a tiny balcony in the Haven complex. Enormous! We learned that the savings on an aft suite is worth it. Even at our age we don't mind walking a bit to work off all those good meals and yummy drinks! The only issue may be that the shower in the guest bathroom is VERY TIGHT, I used it but I am 4'-11" and only weigh 110 pounds.
  8. We are also booked on a September 2020 cruise, the 9/4/20 cruise on the Sun. We have until May 7 to make our final payment. Have bought water, booked excursions (no payment needed on those yet), paid our DSC. We will be strongly considering the situation as that final payment day approaches. Being an 11 day "Great Glaciers Cruise" with many days sailing and just enjoying the scenery, we won't care whether they have available shorex or not. This is our 4th Alaska cruise and we love the ports and always support their economy, shopping and shipping home our wonderful finds each time. We've cruised in June, July, and the final cruise for our ship of that season. Each one has been fantastic. Crossing our fingers, trying not to get too antsy at this time about cancelling, one day at a time. I pray we can stop the chain of transmission of this virus by social distancing for the amount of time, as we are being asked to.
  9. Are the balconies in the 2BR Haven suites big enough for two loungers?
  10. Saw someone on the Getaway in January walk by with a Truly in hand.
  11. There was thread on here about this (yes, NCL) recently.
  12. Be sure that the name(s) on the ID you use matches the name(s) on your reservations exactly. This is a new rule with NCL in the past few months.
  13. We disembarked the Getaway @ New Orlean Sunday Jan 26th. They began "easy walk off" for those who could carry all their own luggage at 7:15am. There were lots of taxis early at door #4.
  14. Looking for suggestions for a great hamburger/sports bar atmosphere place for lunch at or near Jackson Square. Will be there on a Thursday, after a noon carriage tour.
  15. If you call ahead to book your shore excursions, the tickets will be waiting in your room when you board and will be charged to your onboard account. Any OBC you have will offset the charges. If you book online tickets will still be awaiting you when you board, but you will pay for it by credit card in advance.
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