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  1. The bills wouldn't be an issue if we had an actual modern healthcare system in this country.
  2. I hope it does because I want to hear the reports out of it
  3. That's a dumb question. I get ALL the vaccines available to me. A couple months ago I had a Measles antibody test to ensure I was immune for a trip to SE Asia. I wish I could get a Smallpox vaccine, but I'm not in the military so it's not deemed necessary. I want rabies vaccine just for the prophylactic quality. So yes. Yes I would.
  4. Had a tender in Satorini in 2017. The harbor there is pretty calm, so it's not much of a problem.
  5. God damn! What a judgemental trash monster
  6. Pretty easily. You pay for the cruise. Print out the necessary documents. Bring your passport. Go through security and walk onto the ship. Voila! You're cruising!
  7. The bare minimum goal of a muster drill is to 1) Teach passengers what to listen for in the GES. 2) Teach passengers where is and how to get to their muster station. My opinion is that the best way to do that is just like a fire drill in elementary school, where children calmly walk down smoke free hallways after hearing the alarm bell, which they were warned about before hand. Anybody who has worked with the general population knows how stupid and self-involved humans are, which is why a "virtual" muster drill via video or whatever will not work. A majority of people will ignore it and when a real emergency happens many more people will not be prepared than in a regular, pre-virus, time.
  8. The longer you can wait the more advanced the science will be.
  9. I have one scheduled out of Singapore in February 2021 and I'm just not sure if my group will be comfortable with what's necessary to take the trip. I really need them to start cruising in August to get reports and reviews back about what's going on. My birthday is October and we may try then as well.
  10. Not that I think anybody here needs help with this, but here's the next blog post How to Plan a Cruise https://ifnlovecruising.wordpress.com/2020/05/18/information-sources/
  11. The Next Adventure: Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand https://ifnlovecruising.wordpress.com/2020/05/11/the-next-adventure-singapore-malaysia-and-thailand/
  12. Not as personalized as you asked, but I did put most of my pics in this gallery on Cruise Critic, along with many other people. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/gallery/category/35-favorite-cruise-memories/
  13. Now THIS STORY, I would love more details about. Preferably from the perspective of somebody on the ship and then another version from a crew member in the know on the ship.
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