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  1. There's a lot of demand because people who enjoy travel have felt "trapped" in their hometowns for a year. I know I recently started having weird travel related dreams due to a need to get out. Who takes a 48 hour flight to Russia on a hybrid Plan-Bus to get to the Olympics in a made-up city? Me in my dreams, apparently.
  2. The entire cruise line and not just a single ship? A massive, global surge of the disease causing unpreventable cases to appear on many ships again.
  3. It is NOW officially cancelled per the attached letter. NCL Important Update - CANCELLATION.pdf
  4. Not officially cancelled. Just in a weird state of Limbo. Still reads "Default Itinerary." I have until the end of June (or July?) for final payment. So, hopefully we get a better answer in the next two or three months.
  5. I finally found inspiration to write another post. https://ifnlovecruising.wordpress.com/2021/03/20/the-light/ THE LIGHT There is a light at the end of this tunnel all our lives were thrust into this past year. The vaccinations are coming for most of us
  6. Thanks for the heads up. Still on Default Itinerary Name. At this point I'm betting on cancelled. Just waiting for the announcement.
  7. Here's something I haven't seen or heard of before: Our Alaska cruise for late September 2021 is NOW showing as "Default Itinerary Name" in the NCL system. Weird and Interesting
  8. I love vaccines. Give me all of them. An immunologist confirmed my immunity to Measles as I was preparing for a trip to SE Asia and wasn't sure about my vaccine status. I wish they were still giving Smallpox vaccines. I'll take that too.
  9. I worked onboard the Carnival Fantasy in 2007. I was an Entertainment Technician, meaning I was one of the people in charge of the entertainment systems (not audio-visual related). Specifically, my area was backstage. We also had a sound technician and a lighting technician. We got paid an extra $50 an hour for special events the guests ordered. A dance school was celebrating the end of their season and wanted to do their final recital in the main lounge with all the lights and sound. They expected the Cruise Director to put their event in the event schedule, I think Carnival Cruis
  10. https://ifnlovecruising.wordpress.com/2020/10/26/four-upcoming-cruises/ FOUR Upcoming Cruises!? I suddenly find myself booked on four cruises for the next two years. Well, not that suddenly but the fourth came as a kind of surprise.
  11. Any locals have any updated info on this? How does the resolution look in terms of succeeding? What will be the actual fall out?
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