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  1. Highly possible and likely. They cancelled our family cruise on Aurora when they sold Oriana and converted Aurora to adult only. They even had the nerve to send us a letter informing us of the change starting with the line " you will be pleased to hear that Aurora is going adult only". Well I can tell you that we certainly weren't pleased. Customer relations and Carnival just don't go together.
  2. Tablelamp you haven't got your ships confused have you, and when you say dome you aren't referring to the sliding roofs over the swimming pools are you? Only Aurora, Arcadia and Ventura have sliding roofs over pools as far as I know. I don't know about Britannia because I've never been on her and have no intention of ever doing so.
  3. What dome? It's some years since we were on Oceana so things might have changed but I have no recollection of any dome other than the domed canopy over the small pool near the terrace bar. I do however recall sitting outside the Plaza buffet to eat several times though usually from the grill rather than the actual buffet. It's not normal practise for P&O to only bring out tables and chairs at certain times of the day so I would usually expect any tables and chairs to be available 24 hours a day.
  4. No idea about Britannia but we were fortunate enough to be Aurora some years ago when Caravan had a jazz session in the crows nest one evening. It was absolutely superb and there wasn't a spare space to be had in the room, we were packed in like sardines. One particular musician in the group really stood out (Jesse), boy do I wish that I had talent like that. I then read of another jazz evening on a different ship which by all reports wasn't so successful with large numbers of the audience walking out covering their ears. My thoughts were that the reports were probably exaggerated and the music simply wasn't to the taste of the writer. However two years ago we were again on Aurora and read in horizon that the resident band (not Caravan) would be playing jazz late one evening again in the crows nest lounge. This time it was modern jazz and it wasn't very long before we too were joining the long line of passengers leaving the lounge covering our ears and shaking our heads. Sometimes P&O get the entertainment right but when they get it wrong they get it very wrong.
  5. By "full price" I take it that you mean select fare? Admittedly it's been a few years since we were last on a P&O cruise that stopped in Gibraltar and things may have changed but on the last three occasions there were no shuttle buses provided by P&O other than for disabled passengers. Shuttle services were available but these had nothing to do with P&O. In fact the only occasion that we can remember P&O providing shuttle buses for all passengers when in Gibraltar was a very long time ago when we berthed in the admiralty dockyard.
  6. The trouble you have MrandMrsCoz is that you have effectively gone through two middle men, your mother in law and the travel agent. So you don't know for certain what was said or agreed or explained when the booking was made. If it was my mother in law making the booking for the entire party we would all probably land up booked onto different ships and going on different cruises. I wouldn't trust her to buy a ticket for the car park never mind arrange a family holiday. 😈
  7. AchileLauro

    Do you Barter

    You confused me when you said barter, I think you meant to say haggle. After all while P&O may be generous with their baggage allowance I can't see how you would be able to carry on board enough goods to exchange for anything worthwhile ashore.
  8. We've been fortunate enough to have enjoyed several overnight stays or very late departures over the years. Definitely something that should be done more often in some ports.
  9. Why a shame? Shuttle buses are only usually provided where necessary.
  10. Debarking as in removing the bark from a tree or felled timber?
  11. Half of the "guests" don't know anything about where they are going and care even less. Passengers on the other hand may be slightly more discerning. 😉
  12. Yes I've also heard cabins referred to as staterooms too, a vast overstatement in my opinion considering the size of many cabins. LOL. For myself when I look from a distance at many modern ships and the multi layers of window box balconies I can't help thinking of pigeon holes and aviaries. To then use the term stateroom seems a bit ridiculous.
  13. You forgot the purser is now the hotel manager and decks have become floors. How long before the captain becomes the driver? 😉 I suppose dumbing down is inevitable as now there is a lesser class of person cruising. 😈 All joking aside I find it all very irritating, after all I don't know about you but I want to sail on a ship not just stay in a hotel that just happens to float.
  14. It may or may not have been a relevant factor in this case but I agree entirely with what you say about the "Great British" sailaway. I too am British and claim to be from no particular country in the U.K. as I was born on the border in an area that historically sometimes was regarded as one country and on other occasions another. In my view the GBS only winds the worst sorts and encourages tribalism.
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