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  1. Thank you! Is it just me or does it seem that most entertainment is scheduled for 8pm onwards? What time have you been making dinner reservations? I don't want to miss out on any of the shows!
  2. We are currently booked for 1 night pre cruise at the JW Marriott Marquis but have the opportunity to book the Royal Palm South Beach for an equally great rate. Since our flight arrives early, I thought South Beach might be a nicer alternative to downtown. We have stayed at the JW Marquis before and loved it. I know the two are very different but does anyone have experience at the Royal Palm?
  3. I don’t know if it’s different for UK cruisers. I know for US & Canada, I just make a call to my agent/RCCL and it gets adjusted. Some promotions require cancelling and rebooking, some are a quick reprice.
  4. I'm pretty sure we will be cancelling the Key. Initially, it sounded really promising. We're going to be on the Symphony which has had some disappointing reviews. The fact that the hours have been cut so significantly for activities reduces the value tremendously in my opinion. Terminal A appears to have embarkation down to a science so that negates early embarkation. We were on the fence about the carry on drop. Internet is very affordable these days. The reserved seats are what I'll miss but again when we initially booked no reservations were required. We currently have the Key and a 3 night Dining package, I think I might take this money and splurge on the unlimited dining instead and just buy internet.
  5. I'm also interested in a good seafood restaurant downtown. We're staying at the JW Marriott Marquis. Any recommendations?
  6. You do not however it is cheaper to do so before hand. Just wait for another sale there always seems to be one
  7. There’s a bar too, you drag it across to determine how much of your OBC you want to use.
  8. I agree. We have time until our sailing in November so I'm waiting to cancel. I'm hoping that the hours improve or we'll find something better to spend our money on.
  9. You can’t go wrong with either itinerary. I loved the ABC islands. Grenada is amazing! With kids the freedom is probably more appealing. Our sailing was very crowded so the amenities were not used. Having been on it and with port intensive itineraries, I’d choose vision. Like I said there’s no bad choice here.
  10. Near the JW Marriott Marquis, there are a ton of options ranging from low end fast food type places like subway to high end restaurants within 5-10 minutes walking. The hotel restaurant is decent as well. I found the pool area to be quiet. Sun varies during the day because the hotel is surrounded by other high rises. The JW also has a great spa on site and offers other amenities like virtual bowling and golf. There's a billiards room and theatre. The gym is good.
  11. We love the JW Marriott Marquis. Booked there again for our November cruise. Lots of restaurants and shopping near by. Whole foods is around the corner. It's under 15minutes walking to Biscayne Bay Marketplace for more options. They offer sightseeing tours by boat, the thriller one is fast and fun but you will get wet.
  12. My symphony sailing is now 24.99 however it is not marked as a sale. I wonder if they realize they overshot at 32.99, the regular price will now be 24.99 and the sale 19.99? Either way I'm glad I got it at 19.99, any more and it loses its value for me.
  13. If you search freedom of the seas reviews you should find what you’re looking for. I know mine included what we did in the ABC islands. They’re my favourite!
  14. The hump on the Freedom is perfect for location and not loud. Not a bigger balcony though.
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