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  1. We held off on purchasing because hubby wasn’t sold on the water park and we really do love a nice beach day. 51.99 I’d probably cave and purchase. $60 and up No way. Especially with the cdn exchange rate.
  2. For our November sailing, the water park at Coco Cay was 51.99 for a full day pass (other ships were much less). Coco Cay used to just be a lovely beach day for us so my hubby wasn’t sold on the water park idea so we held off. It is now on “sale” for 88.99 down from 96.99. So Royal has made the decision for us. I’ll now be on the beach for free 😊 The games they’re playing with pricing this year is worse than it has ever been (at least in our experience). It’s leaving a sour taste in my mouth and making it less likely for me to spend the money for the extras.
  3. Our November sailing was 59 no sale, then 49 BOGO 50%, then 59 no sale, then 55 no sale and now 55 BOGO 50%. The price listed is what you pay per person regardless of the banner. I’m actually getting very annoyed at the pricing for the extras (the increase in the water park on Coco Cay alone is double with a “sale”) on our sailing. If there isn’t a decent labour day sale Royal may not be seeing as much of our money as they’re used to lol.
  4. Never have nor would I ever pay that kind of deposit. At most, we've had excursions that sell additional insurance for $25-50 per vehicle.That would be more reasonable.
  5. LMT club has airport hotels those dates between 150-200 and the Holiday Inn Port of Miami for $233. Amoma.com also has hotels in the same range. If you're lucky you can find a refundable rate on a third party site thats cheaper than direct with the hotel and use their price guarantee. Marriott & Hilton not only match by decrease the rate by 25%. Kimpton also price matches.
  6. We have the same issue with 4 hours to kill post cruise in November. We opted for a hotel day pass through Daycation, figured it would be a relaxing way to spend the morning. https://daycationapp.com/e/REEM80UM
  7. We have a room booked precruise at the JW Marriott Marquis which we loved the last time we were there. There’s also a promo at the Kimpton Epic and my understanding is that they’ve recently been updated. which would you pick? The cost is the same.
  8. IHG has a decent promotion right now: https://www.ihg.com/kimptonhotels/content/us/en/stay/special-offers/florida-offer
  9. I wonder if you can book out the escape room and work with the activity team to arrange something. Alternatively, you could do a scavenger hunt. Timing anything so you’re on deck around sunset is instantly pretty and feels special. Central Park at night is so nice. You can also reach out to their weddings department they do a bunch of different romance packages and might be able to help you plan something special.
  10. If there is an opportunity to stop in Bonaire, it’s amazing.
  11. Our flight home MIA-YYZ was rescheduled to 2PM. I don't really want to sit in the airport for 5 hours... what's the latest we can leave the Symphony of the Seas or is there enough time to do anything in Miami/Miami Beach? What do we do with our luggage?
  12. They are not per Royal. I verified for my hubby today.
  13. There’s some promos out right now for a couple of the Marriott properties: https://www.miamiandbeaches.com/offers/detail/towneplace-suites-marriott-miami-airport--pre-cruise-welcome-package/cf23be6e-933b-4ff0-a508-2037108c8476?fbclid=IwAR1pNlUSbGNkGxBW_XrBHuhl_0fwi23qkyHeu7XrRz8I3lDuHYykLKmksi0
  14. For me, an oceanview balcony is a must. That being said I can't imagine sailing with 4 in a cabin either. 2 bathrooms would be very worthwhile. How is the pricing on an oceanview with an adjacent inside cabin?
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