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  1. Near the JW Marriott Marquis, there are a ton of options ranging from low end fast food type places like subway to high end restaurants within 5-10 minutes walking. The hotel restaurant is decent as well. I found the pool area to be quiet. Sun varies during the day because the hotel is surrounded by other high rises. The JW also has a great spa on site and offers other amenities like virtual bowling and golf. There's a billiards room and theatre. The gym is good.
  2. We love the JW Marriott Marquis. Booked there again for our November cruise. Lots of restaurants and shopping near by. Whole foods is around the corner. It's under 15minutes walking to Biscayne Bay Marketplace for more options. They offer sightseeing tours by boat, the thriller one is fast and fun but you will get wet.
  3. My symphony sailing is now 24.99 however it is not marked as a sale. I wonder if they realize they overshot at 32.99, the regular price will now be 24.99 and the sale 19.99? Either way I'm glad I got it at 19.99, any more and it loses its value for me.
  4. If you search freedom of the seas reviews you should find what you’re looking for. I know mine included what we did in the ABC islands. They’re my favourite!
  5. The hump on the Freedom is perfect for location and not loud. Not a bigger balcony though.
  6. I love a hump cabin. It's not any noisier than other cabin locations but is very close to the elevator & stairs - making it really easy to get anywhere you want to be. Also the views from the balcony are great in either direction.
  7. We got a good deal using living social or groupon a few years ago for Thriller Miami. It was a lot of fun! Warning - you do get very wet.
  8. Check out out lmtclub.com, I’ve had luck in the past. Prices are high that weekend with airport properties being less expensive. I would probably fly into and stay in FLL for less.
  9. Well that’s pretty presumptuous lol. There couldn’t possibly be anything more disrespectful than a sleeveless shirt on a man, the horror of it all 🙄. My point is was better dressed and more covered up than many of the people in the dining room. Since it was a port day many people were in swim gear and cover ups. It’s silly that the dress code at breakfast is the only time that gets enforced.
  10. My hubby also got turned away from breakfast in the dining room for a sleeveless tee. It was actually annoying considering the other dress code violations that were allowed all week long.
  11. I'd be interested in hearing how this would work as well. The experience in PR is terrible with a line to drop off luggage and then another to get to security. Not sure if suites by pass this? If so then I guess the Key would too and that would be worth every penny!
  12. We had wings from room service (buffalo) and they were actually quite good. Honestly, we found the food on our last sailing to be underwhelming and room service was a better option lol.
  13. People on these boards were saying they wanted to see two price points as the Key on the Oasis class ships has more value. Maybe this actually is Royal's response 31.99 for Oasis class and 19.99 for other ships? This is a shame, I'm glad I have it for our Symphony cruise in November and wanted it for Europe on the Allure in 2020. We won't purchase at a higher rate though.
  14. Looking at cabin 8190, Cat 4D but it looks to be the last of the hump. Is it actually bigger than any of the other 4Ds? Does anyone have pictures of this cabin?
  15. I can change to the following week for not that much more. I may do that. Left a message for my TA. I cant imagine that they delay or cancel sailings that often - seems to be a lot of lost revenue.
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