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  1. Hi Nancy! We’ll be passing like ships in the night when we get to Ft L ! Enjoy your cruise too!
  2. Such beautiful sunset pictures! We arrived in Lisbon yesterday after a very rough flight, all our friends are here too at Avenida Palace. Looking at just another 3 hours till we head to the ship. Already met a nice couple in the bar here who will be crossing and I’m sure there are others. See you on board!😎
  3. PS - Coffeebuzzbuzzbuzz is also my favorite, I hope we don't clean them out of it!!
  4. Decision made. Thank you all.
  5. Hi Kathy and Tim! I'm a little late to the party here, but I am really enjoying your blog and your posts.We will be joining you in Lisbon and cannot wait for a wonderful 9-10 sea days.We are finishing up the packing and on Friday we start our trek up NY, visiting kids on the way, and flying out of JFK on TAP on Sunday. How was the flight? You said "uneventful", I like that. 👍🏻 I think that we recognize you from your pictures but haven't had the pleasure of visiting with you. Looking forward to meeting you. I think we missed the sign up window on the M&M as I tried tonight to sign up and the date doesn't show up....should we crash the party?🤣 We also look forward to meeting Chanson de la Mer - Terry sent us a pic of you so we know who to look for... We will be sailing with several friends to celebrate some big birthdays so just look for the rowdy group of 7. 🙄 Enjoy the rest of this segment, such great ports, and you can rest up after Lisbon. See you soon!
  6. Once upon a time, Crystal had a tuxedo rental....do they still or has that gone the way of so much else? Thanks.
  7. In 50 cruises we've met maybe 2 or 4 stuffy people. 😍
  8. We took our first cruise on Crystal in 1995 on Harmony. As we boarded we thought OH NO we're cruising with our parents!!!!!! We were 50 and 55....we met some of the most interesting (older) people, so well traveled and so nice to us...the funny thing is, they thought WE were interesting!! And we'd never been anywhere! Now we are 75 and 80...and 50 cruises in, will anyone find us interesting?
  9. We opt for the original PH. The new Seabreeze PH has furniture that is too big for the room and feels crowded. Yes the square footage is the same, but the layout is much better in the original PH. The Seabreeze PH has a new fancy bathroom but we spend more time in the living space than we do in the bathroom.😜 The original PH has a separate jacuzzi tub and shower and two sinks. To each his own, but look at the actual layout of the two.
  10. Well I guess that explains why I couldn’t locate it! 🙄
  11. I was cleaning out my huge stack of Crystal printed material the other day and noticed some Passport magazines.....then I realized I haven't seen one in ages, probably on line when Edie was in her heyday. I'm pretty sure Crystal went digital with it but unable to find it on the new and improved 🙄 web site. Does anybody know if it is still in existence and of so, how to find it? Thanks!
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