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  1. No. Use it or lose it. 😰
  2. FWIW we prefer deck 10 PH for the space. Yes, a little dated but more usable space plus a bathtub (jacuzzi) is nice to have. New sea breeze PH has fab bath, just shower, and furniture that is too big for the space. If you choose deck 9 PH, you can ask to have the chair removed (friends did this) and it will be (cheerfully) removed, giving you a little extra space both practically and functionally. Re deck 10, just a guess but starboard might have a little less noise from carts going back and forth. We stay somewhat forward of midship and miss the chair scraping at the pool that bothers some people as well as rolling carts going to and fro. Never been bothered by the noise ourselves but some are.
  3. NJBelle, wishing your father in law a speedy recovery and a successful visit for your husband and a quick return to Symphony!
  4. We've been to Shanghai 3 or 4 times with overnights in the last 10 years, and I can only remember rain or drizzle except for one day of sun! I think rain and fog are the way it is in Shanghai!
  5. I love eggs bennie but was horrified when I saw them a few cruises ago in their new style which looked like they had been run under the broiler! I now order the hollondaise on the side with a bit of lemon to squeeze in some juice as the sauce is lacking a bit. Works out just fine and I’m in heaven.
  6. Oh boy, don't we love autocorrect?! That book Chou would have been delicious if it was BOK CHOY!
  7. Oh yes, I remember the book Chou/Chinese cabbage discussion! It was indeed an awesome collection, just wish we had more time there without the crowds.
  8. Trident Grill closes at 6:00pm when Silk and Marketplace open for dinner.
  9. The "clothing optional" cruise was a charter so unless one was ok with that, who would book it? Any complaint about that cruise would fall on deaf ears - buyer beware. Contrary to what some cruisers believe, Genting has the right to allow a group to charter the ship. Crystal was pro-active when a certain bridge group invaded and took steps to limit the size of those groups. When Jack Ma brought his group on board a couple of years ago, Crystal did limit what spaces they could reserve and people who were on that cruise did say the group did not negatively impact their cruise. I'm just not going to let one party on a port day that is over by 9:00pm make me "reconsider" cruising on a ship that I love to be on.
  10. I think it would be too bad if anyone let one unfortunate event color their entire perception of Crystal.
  11. Yes, I would like to know more about this! I think that it does make a difference what time of day and how long it lasted....the ship was in port, after all. If it was a late party and people’s sleep was disturbed, that is a problem. But if it was during the day in port when most are off the ship.....
  12. Couldn't have been the pool area above 1043, must have been Silk or Marketplace. The pool is above PHs in the 1010-1030 area. 1043 is under Silk. What time of day/night was this party?
  13. We've sailed with him, really nice guy, very approachable.
  14. Maybe you can give this techie some pointers when we next sail together! I’m a boob at CC inserts etc,🀭
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