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  1. Whatever you do, don't miss the night they have the smoked wagyu appetizer....it is the best! Your head waiter can tell you when it is scheduled. My guess is that if you have other ideas for dinner that night, you could show up at Waterside and order just that, then migrate to your chosen venue for dinner......
  2. Definitely go for the black cod. And order the lobster too, they'll bring you anything you ask for! I prefer the lobster tempura over the stir-fry. Stir fry just doesn't do it for me and there are so many other yummies. Do try the shrimp tempura too!
  3. Did you not receive the "Before you Sail" booklet? It states dress codes for daytime and after 6:00pm.
  4. We have done the Vintage Room a few times, once for our own party. Yes, the food is different and phenomenal and the wine is special, not what you would ordinarily see in Waterside. You don't have to be a true wine enthusiast to enjoy a VR dinner!
  5. Yes you can get an egg crate. Best to ask your TA to request it ahead of time.
  6. Our natural immunity still holding one year out...yet we are barred from cruising on Crystal, attending many entertainment venues, many restaurants...as potential plasma donors we don't want to mess with our own immunity. Doesn't seem fair...
  7. We stayed there 50 years ago when we were in our 20's and we thought it was fine...at least it has a pretty view.
  8. Some people have been waiting way longer than 5 1/2 weeks!
  9. What Flyer Talker said. We began our cruising life when I was 50 and DH was 56.....Crystal was our first cruise and nothing ever measured up to it. We did Celebrity and Oceania but came back to Crystal and after almost 50 cruises since 1995 (not so many in comparison to others), we still would only ever book Crystal! st We met many people senior to us and found them to be most interesting. They were intrigued by us too since we were the youngest on the ship. We made many lasting friendships too. DO IT!!!! We did for our 50th anniversary and you will too!😉
  10. I thought I was replying to "sandals" and didn't realize there was a change to "sneakers". There are many of us who have foot issues who can't get a real shoe on, but there are tasteful, conservative "sneakers" out there that would be less obtrusive and would fit it just fine.
  11. Boat shoes? Slip ons? Loafers? He must have something other than sandals that fit in the suitcase. Unless he's a size 12++!
  12. Do you think Crystal put them on E-Bay? They did sell other Guy Buffet items when they closed Harmony and when they retired the old chargers that showed the world from different perspectives. Could have been stolen but also could be legit.
  13. S.O.P. for ever for first port back into the US.
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