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  1. We had friends on a Crystal cruise who had a major itinerary hiccup....flight and port changes etc...the guests who had their insurance through Crystal got better service from Crystal than the guests who had booked other carriers....just sayin'
  2. Age is absolutely a factor!!! 😱
  3. You can request truffles any night in Waterside, just ask your waiter. But beware, they will never bring just one, always bring a full dish of them. Yum.
  4. They have pretty good ones in Hong Kong too! The Portuguese were there too and each claim the tarts were theirs first. 🤭
  5. Yes Steve Stevens is very funny! Looks like we were on the same cruise in April!
  6. John Joseph had us laughing till our sides split, and Steve Stevens is very funny too, similar schticks. Always enjoyed Mike Nuen but he's been gone for a long time...oops I'm showing my age.🙄 Also love to see Dale Gonyea, but he's a rare appearance.
  7. It varies, sometimes it's before 10 and sometimes later.....depends on what time the baker gets up I guess. 🤣
  8. Once or twice I've arrived after they've been removed and a nice smile and a pretty please can sometimes get you one from the back. If there are any left. 😎
  9. It absolutely counts!! By the time you get to 75 and 80 (years old) it sorta doesn't matter anyway......so just enjoy!
  10. I guess I need to do at least 17 laps a day😰 At my age I sorta give up, bring on the tarts!
  11. Thanks, Keith, we’ll look for the list when we board in November.
  12. Keith, is this list current? On our Symphony cruise in April we had "new style" canapes, yes we could opt out if we wanted but we didn't ever see this menu. We were definitely not thrilled with the new style, much prefer a few shrimp or a couple of crab claws and maybe a small serving of cheese. We eat late but 5 o'clock is really too early for our cocktail and too late to start nibbling.
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