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  1. I haven't yet been on the Majesty, but I wouldn't suggest taking older teens on it. It just doesn't have the activities that Liberty has. That's not a drawback for hubby and I, its appealing, as is hitting Key West and Coco Cay, but mostly I booked the cruise so that we could leave out of New Orleans. We did that on Serenade a few years ago and it was still one of the most memorable cruises for us. Such great music! And we both loved sailing down the Mississippi. Unless your kids like to read and bask in the sun, they'll be much happier on Liberty or Enchantment out of Galveston.
  2. Wow! That's so cool! We didn't make it into Sushi on 5 on Equinox, but sat in the WCB a lot and noticed the bartenders making the drinks and they looked intriguing. Going there for a few nibbles and some of those cocktails is on my to do list for my upcoming Summit cruise.
  3. It really does help to know what you prefer to drink as to whether or not the Classic package will work for you. We traveled with a couple that had it and they were fine because her husband drank mostly domestic beer and she was fine with standard liquors and the included wines. And she could use her OBC for a few special drinks like the martini flight and just pay the amount (+ tip on that cost) over the $9. But, if you're like hubby and I and really enjoy bourbon, the offerings are very slim in the Classic package. I also enjoy "adventuresome" wines with dinner and upgrading to the Premium was well worth it for us (more than paid for itself every single day). Plus, I'm really big into sparkling water and much prefer San Pellegrino over club soda. I hope that helps!
  4. Nerds unite! Thank you for the spreadsheet. Like someone provided for the drink package on Royal, I love these kinds of things as it really does make it so much easier to do the math (and not have to keep track of a trillion variables in my head!). We just started cruising with Celebrity last November and have our 2nd upcoming in a few weeks and have booked one for May 2021. With our reciprocal status from Royal and what used to be an included drink package, it was often a wash to book Celebrity over Royal so I doubt that the increased cost will be a deal breaker for us. But, again, I have to do the cost comparison of the total cost of the cruise (I don't calculate Excursions into my equation because I usually book those away from the cruiselines).
  5. I know no words can help, but I am so very sorry for your loss. And thank you for taking the time to point out that there are still good examples of customer service out there. I think everyone has a more negative view because it is rare for people who are pleased to take the time to post the good things. But boy does it feel good to rail publicly when things go wrong! That tendency is perfectly normal, but it can skew perception. I personally love Celebrity. I've only been on one cruise with them (next is in November so soon!), but had another booked for Hawaii to Vancouver in 2021. They cancelled it on us as they changed their ships "Revolutionized" schedule and I was very sad. We've never been to Hawaii and the only other option was a lot more money for one extra day when I originally booked. I looked at repricing because it wasn't clear that Celebrity would do much for us more than $100 OBC and it was going to be $2500 more for the same class of cabin! I contacted my TA and they worked with Celebrity who honored my original price and all perks and the taxes and port fees and moved me to the other cruise! So we got an extra day and a stellar rate. They didn't have to even though they did cancel my cruise, but they made it right. And that is rare these days. (Don't get me started about American Airlines right now. I am livid about how many schedule changes they've made on our flights to San Juan and all without any acknowledgement of how bad our travel day will now be.) Again, thank you for your story and condolences for your loss! Peace.
  6. I haven't been on a Carnival cruise yet, so I can't give you any comparisons or tips for the differences, but a group of us went on Harmony June 2018. It's a huge ship. So much so that there were still places I never made it to after a week! We were in a balcony overlooking Central Park and, at the time, that included a specialty lunch which we had in Jaime's Italian (it was very good!). And, because my son was totally intrigued by it, we booked a night in Wonderland, which I think was well worth it! The food was delicious and the experience was inventive and unique. Plus, they have a great cocktail bar. Other than that we didn't try other specialty restaurants and were quite satisfied with the included offerings on the ship. No matter what you decide about specialty restaurants, do make your reservations in advance. For everything. I had a party of eight to make reservations for so hopped on them in the cruise planner as soon as they showed up. I did this for dinner in the MDR and for every show. And we got to see every show as planned because I didn't wait until we got on board. You can always make changes once you're on the ship, but there's just no guarantees so better safe than sorry in my book. I thought the Harmony was a beautiful ship. Our cabin was spacious and well laid out. I loved being above Central Park where we could listen to live music in the evenings from our balcony. And for such a massive ship they do a good job with traffic flow so that it doesn't feel like you're on board with nearly 6500 passengers! I still prefer the Radiance class vessels. They're just more "intimate" and they have a real Solarium with a covered pool and sea views from practically everywhere. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time! Enjoy your cruise!
  7. I'm so sorry for what happened to you! And there's no doubt that you were treated horribly and the whole situation was poorly handled. I'm just not sure what you can do to get satisfaction. Maybe write to the CEO and detail all that you can remember, especially the very awful way you were treated? I don't know if you'd just rather forget the whole incident or not, but maybe there's a local organization for victims that might at least be able to act as your advocate? You can't turn back the clock to before the incident, but maybe their intervention could begin a process to affect change? While I agree that none of the cruise lines are exemplary in how they handle crime on their ships, that's no excuse for continuing to do an abysmal job. Sweeping it under the rug might have worked a decade ago, but things should be different now. They have a duty to protect their passengers and sometimes that means protecting them from other passengers. I really do hope you are recovering and doing well and, again, I am so sorry for what happened to you.
  8. Also, to the OP, thank you for the info! I've just booked hubby and I on the Majesty for October 2020 because we love going out of New Orleans and it's such a great value! I'll miss the Solarium, but it seems like the rest of the ship, though having quirky elevators is still quite wonderful. And any day at sea is better than a day at work.
  9. And this is even later, but thank you for that! I've had to take separate photos and then attempt to smoosh them together in Adobe Acrobat Pro (which doesn't work well and looks terrible). I'll definitely be grabbing this app!
  10. Thank you for this review. I've just booked hubby and I on the Majesty for next year because we love leaving out of New Orleans. I was a bit worried since it's a smaller ship with only a single pool, but from your review it'll feel more like being at sea than the big ships do.
  11. Since we're still relatively new to cruising (my first was on Navigator of the Seas back in 2013), I don't have a "line in the sand" and can't imagine I ever would have. I don't have cruises from 20 years ago to compare to, just the last few years. And I feel like we get a great vacation at a great price (but I do shop around and have managed to get such good prices that I have yet to be able to re-price for something lower). Attitude makes a huge difference. We've traveled a lot, all of it land-based self-directed tours before my first fateful cruise. Things happen, sometimes really bad things, like food poisoning that required an overnight stay in a hospital, but even that experience didn't alter our perception of Costa Rica or of our vacation. In fact, it demonstrated what generous, caring, wonderful people they are and provided a story for the ages. Things are going to go wrong and you have to be able to roll with the punches. Adding a charge for room service wasn't a deal breaker, but it did make me reluctant to order just because the food isn't that great. We usually ordered it so that we could enjoy the morning on our balcony. So now we take them up on the free Continental breakfast to have our coffee and watch the sunrise, then we get up and go have a real breakfast or get off the ship. We make do. I have friends who will get bad service or a bad entree in a restaurant and then "never go back". But they also never tell the waiter and/or manager about the problem so that it can be fixed. Just like with the in-room movies and the footstools, make your case. For those cruiseline wide things, if enough speak up, things change. After 7 Royal cruises, hubby and I took one X cruise last November and fell in love with the food , the service and especially the bars. Seriously, such good bartenders! Plus, it was novel for me to be by the main pool all day long because I usually get noise overload and need to retreat to the Solarium. So we're taking another X cruise this November. But we're returning to Royal for our family cruises. With at least twelve of us going, Royal's just better for the younger set, more to do. And the reciprocal benefits are nice, too. And just to comment on Celebrity's service... which I know a lot of folks feel like has really declined, I just haven't experienced that. Again I don't have the history to compare, but they've been a great value for us, especially with included perks. It's the total cost that matters, not just the base rate. And Celebrity even made it right when they cancelled our April 2021 Hawaii cruise. They rescheduled the refurbishment of the Eclipse (our ship) and then planned to move it to Asia. Now I booked that 10-night cruise instead of the 11-night because it was significantly cheaper and the Eclipse would have been "revolutionized". We've never been to Hawaii and having five days at sea to end in Vancouver sounded utterly amazing so we were very disappointed. When I looked at booking that cruise it was going to be over $8200 for what I had booked at $5900! But our TA contacted Celebrity and they protected our rate, our 4 perks, and got us near our previous room. I know it was their choice to cancel our cruise and they should make it right, but that doesn't always happen. It did this time, very much so. I get an extra night on the ship for free. That's all my very long-winded way of saying that attitude matters and variety is the spice of life! I haven't yet cruised NCL, HAL, Princess, or CCL, but I'm not averse to try. We especially want to branch out into different itineraries and ports, but we have to fly to all ports except for Galveston and New Orleans so that is a factor for us too. Maybe once we're retired we'll be able to cruise more often and try all the lines!
  12. Not having a Solarium would be a problem for me. I love the Solarium (well, except I didn't enjoy the one on Harmony because it was too windy and far too hot) and would miss it. I think you and the OP have convinced me to give the Breakaway a try. Thank you for sharing your experience on the Majesty. I don't really understand why Royal doesn't put a Radiance class ship back in New Orleans. Taking the Serenade out of there right after Mardi Gras was one of the best cruises we've been on.
  13. That does help! So much! I'd take the Majesty cruise because it's dirt cheap, but the affordable options are OV or Inside and hubby much prefers to have a balcony for the "just us" cruises. And The Breakaway looks like a great ship, but it'd be "new" and "different" and it's just so much easier if I can set my husband's expectations. I'm looking forward to more of your experiences and thanks again for sharing!
  14. Thank you for this detailed review! I'm following along. We've only cruised on Royal and Celebrity, but love the port of New Orleans and our options are limited there, so we are looking at the Breakaway since Royal's option is the Majesty. I'm especially curious about the dining and drinks package because we can book a balcony with those included and I have no clue how they work.
  15. I too sleep in basically the zero gravity position, but it never dawned on me that I could ask to have the head of the bed elevated. DH sometimes raises the head but usually not. It's nice to know that they can raise only one side. Thanks for the information!
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