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  1. Yeah, I can imagine that dress was crazy expensive! Still, more revealing than is tasteful, imho. And I'm right there with you. We love dressing up! It's just part of the experience because it's not something that we get to do often in "real life". I mean, really, how many folks wear cocktail dresses and suits & ties regularly? So we'll continue the practice and enjoy looking swanky as we dine, watch shows, and dance the night away.
  2. I took my elderly parents on the Radiance southbound last August. It was actually the last trip that season as the Radiance was heading to Australia afterwards, I think. We did a four day land tour before hand and had an amazing time. I know everyone says go with Princess or Holland, but we had an amazing time, a great ship (I love the Radiance class ships because you can see the ocean from everywhere), and incredible weather. The one big problem with a one-way itinerary is the air travel, which was by far the worst part of our journey. Everything else went flawlessly. We even got to meet the Native artist that sculpted the totem pole on the pool deck of the ship!
  3. I'm a bit of a control freak so usually find the cruise and cabin I want and then book direct and then will transfer to my TA for additional OBC. So far it's worked out really well for me that way. I have yet to see a price drop either after or before final payment. Or at least a price drop that was at all beneficial. I think I have just been lucky and have managed to book so far out that they prices just go up from there. I will say make sure you know the terms and conditions of booking with a TA. Some charge a fee with your initial booking, some do not. Most will charge a fee if you cancel, even if it's a refundable deposit. Also, I have never had a problem working through my TA to make changes if there is something that needs to go through them. I can still call Celebrity for cruise planner items and went directly to them to book Air.
  4. My husband isn't big on sea days, so we're taking the second itinerary you listed this November. It has four new to us islands so was a perfect choice. And there is a lot of variety on every island to appeal to a broad array of tastes and interests.
  5. Thanks, that's what I was remembering. Personally I drink mediums cappuccinos, but with an extra shot. Definitely not worth buying the card.
  6. I can't remember the menu prices for a large. Does anyone have a current list? Again, it's trying to do the math, because two punches is ~$6. But when I tried to get a large back in 2017, they wanted to punch the card THREE times. And that's ~$9. Definitely makes the card a losing proposition. I'll never get this and it's probably just me. But the actual coffee portion of these drinks are BY FAR the least expensive part. The milk and the flavors are far more expensive. But they're fixated on espresso shots. I wish they'd just be honest and make it consistent on every ship and then put that policy in plain letters on the website when you buy the thing. Anything else feels like they're trying to get something past the customer.
  7. This has been a problem since at least 2017 when "a coffee drink" is open to interpretation. I complained and got $50 future OBC because of the inconsistency. They know about it. That have known about it, yet are not bothering to clarify the verbiage on the web site when you purchase. You know why? They're still making a huge profit off of it. Most folks won't argue with the barista or complain. And $3.00 for a single shot of espresso, possibly with some milk and flavor? Vastly profitable and it is less expensive than their posted prices. If you're okay drinking singles then the math works. But if you want a double or a triple? The menu prices are less. And that's why I won't bother even finishing the half-used card I have. I'm on vacation. Why am I being forced into doing math for a proper cost-benefit analysis when I just want a morning cappuccino?
  8. Wow! This is great! I really appreciate you sharing something that clearly took a ton of time to compile! I enjoy trying new drinks and maybe discovering a new favorite. This list will be a great opportunity to check out things I hadn't heard of before!
  9. I know you got this to work, but I'll try to explain what's happening so you'll know why... Celebrity's site uses cookies and they store all sorts of information about you. If you go incognito, those cookies are not there. If you clear them, it's like you've never been there before. Just like with the airlines, they work hard to tailor what you see to what they want you to see. But it's not hard to get around. I have three browsers I use for such things. And only on Chrome do I keep any cookies. It's my primary and I just do that for convenience. You can use IE or Firefox and keep those "clean" if you don't want to go Incognito. You could also hit one of the big online TAs since they often show different rooms for booking than the main cruiseline website, depending on how close to sail date you are.
  10. We haven't done a formal 'sitting' or anything like that (I'm honestly far too cheap to pay those prices), but we did purchase a couple of different photos from that cruise. My favorite was the Venetian Masked ball with us dressed to the nines and both holding our Venetian masks. Such great memories! And I, too, am glad cruiselines offer more options. We love dressing up, but it doesn't detract from our experience in any way for others not to. I don't get why that bothers folks. As long as people around me aren't "aromatic", I'm on a cruise! What's not to enjoy?
  11. We like dressing up. Or, well, *I* like dressing up and hubby humors me. We even did the tux rental thing on our 12-night Med cruise, which really? I highly recommend. It was like $100 for the entire cruise and we didn't have to add all that weight into our suitcases (But we still ended up buy a suitcase to carry all the stuff we bought in Italy and Spain).
  12. Your selection of clothes sounds fine for every evening in the MDR. I haven't cruised Alaska on Celebrity yet but noticed evenings in the MDR were more casual than on other destinations (RCCL). We loved our first Celebrity cruise and have two more booked. I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time. And you should write a trip report afterwards and let us know how it goes.
  13. I can vouch for that on the Equinox, too. My husband didn't want to change out of his khaki shorts even though I warned him. He had to go back to the room to change while the rest of us started dinner. And this was just one of the regular nights.
  14. We were on the Equinox in November and they definitely had Ginger Beer. Maybe get a couple of cans to keep in the cooler in the room? You might consider bringing Ginger Tea with you and maybe some crystallized ginger which should be strong enough to settle your stomach. I'd also suggest getting some crackers from the buffet and keep them beside the bed. I found that putting something in my stomach before I got out of bed helped so much. Congratulations and enjoy your cruise!
  15. Our cruise isn't until May 2020 on Liberty and the packages just showed up. The Deluxe is $50 and the Refreshment is $28. I fully expect them to go down. I'll keep checking. Black Friday is usually a good price (but not the only time).
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