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  1. Thank you! This is exactly the kind of thing that I was wondering. We both love to explore see the rest, so I'll definitely check out the Paradores! Loop around the whole island sounds kind of perfect. Especially if the ferries might not be a great idea right now. We'll definitely be back to PR again after this trip because we love the island and her people so much.
  2. All, we've stayed in OSJ before before our last cruise out of San Juan. This time we're staying post cruise (mostly due to price differences in air fare). We've done OSJ and the forts, beach time in Isla Verde, bio-luminescent bay kayaking, and Arecibo. Now we're trying to hit other highlights that we haven't yet managed and would love suggestions, including the best way to get to some of the farther afield locations. We were thinking that renting a car would be the best way to go and most of the places we're considering staying at include parking. So, can we rent a car at the Pan American Pier upon disembarkation? I figure that'd be the fastest and easiest way to start our day. We haven't done the Bacardi Tour and thought that the day we return would be a good time to do this. We also haven't done El Yunque and were wondering about combining that with a ferry ride across to Vieques (and maybe switch up our hotel to there for a night?). Lastly, my husband is fluent in Spanish, so getting off the beaten track has never been an issue and we truly do love exploring and finding those lesser known gems. Thanks for your help!
  3. Sun Tower Hotel & Suites I'd definitely recommend it. It's not a large hotel so the service was very personal. We prefer smaller, off beat hotels to impersonal chains. The parking is included, and they have spots reserved, but there can be shuffling of cars around. They handled it for us. We just left our keys with them and they did what they needed to. It's a little different than most hotels as the corridors are open to the sea breeze, but it really wasn't a problem. And we were there in early June. Our balcony looked out to the ocean (they all might do that) and it was an incredible place to watch the sunrise.
  4. So sorry that I, too, missed that you will be sailing out of FLL. For us, we simply stayed in FLL and didn't even attempt to go to Miami. There are actually a lots of things to do and our hotel was right on the beach, a smaller one between some tall condos. It included parking for our van so that was a plus as parking is difficult unless you're in a large hotel with a parking garage (and then they still charge a lot). Ft. Lauderdale has a different vibe than Miami, but we enjoyed it a lot. We spent time on the beach, time in the hotel pool, wandered down the beach to people watch, all of us got pedicures (there were eight of us, men and women), we had dinner and a tiki show at Mai-Kai (a recommendation from CC and we were so glad we went!), and the group of us split up for brunch (they guys wanted to sleep in, the gals not so much), made the drive to the FLL airport to get a couple of folks whose flights had been delayed, and then the even larger group ate at a wonderful Asian fusion restaurant which had this amazing sake that I've never been able to find again. It's fun just wandering around looking at the yachts, but I'm sure there are tours that you could take as well.
  5. That's crazy! Sounds like they hadn't gotten the entire revamping done before your sailing. Little things like missing hooks can be truly annoying when it would have taken very little time to make sure they were installed in all cabins.
  6. There's definitely a price ceiling on the Premium package, but nothing in the WCB exceeded that ceiling (or, if it was supposed to the bartender never charged us and, as it was our favorite bar, we had a lot of drinks there). I did have a couple of glasses of wine in the MDR that did exceed the ceiling and I was charged for them, but nothing in Murano did, even though I was fairly certain the prices listed on the menu should have resulted in a charge. I think the bottom line is, there is a limit which is available on the website, and the venue determines how the pricing is enforced.
  7. Wait. No hooks on the bathroom door? Where are you to hang wet towels then? Or, did you mean on the outside of the bathroom door?
  8. That's the key. Linen especially, but 100% cotton, too. Luckily, fabric blends look as good and don't hold wrinkles as badly. Rolling and packing cubes combined with Downy wrinkle releaser takes care of most remaining issues.
  9. I was hoping they'd expand this! We didn't do a class since we've done that multiple times at home, but we thoroughly enjoyed watching them work their magic. I love blown glass and am always amazed at the creations so I'm glad they're continuing this.
  10. We stayed in Miami for the first time last November before our first Celebrity cruise (also on the Equinox). We actually arrived Thanksgiving afternoon. We used Uber to get from the airport to our hotel and then from our hotel to the port. It was quite affordable (though confusing to find our driver at the MIA airport). We walked everywhere else because of the location. Our hotel was Marriott Vacation Club Pulse on South Beach. We wanted to be in the heart of the activities and right by the beach, which we were. I would definitely book the hotel again. We walked to restaurants and along the shoreline, we even got to watch a cruise ship sail past as we were heading to dinner one evening! You can book further north along the beach for less money and less hubbub, so it all depends on what you want to do. We just loved walking Ocean Beach and looking at all the art deco architecture and the neon lights, not to mention all the convertibles driving past. As for the absolute best dining are on the Equinox? Imho, that's Murano. We dined there the first night of our cruise and it was just fabulous! Incredible food and amazing service. It sounds like such a wonderful gift for your wife! I'm sure you all will have a marvelous time!
  11. I have to echo this. A co-worker was on Equinox in January (and we were on in November, but only tried Murano which I can not recommend highly enough) and their experience with Tuscan grille made him never want to return. The food was fine, but the service was terribly slow. They, like us, do enjoy a leisurely dining experience, but it should never feel like it's dragging. Of course this complicates my dinner plans since we were going to try to book a specialty on the first night as our only specialty dining. And I was pretty settled on Qsine, but maybe Tuscan? Decisions, decisions!
  12. If it's already almost sold out, yeah, there's clearly not enough supply for that demand. I suspect Iceland and Greenland are becoming the new "it" destinations. I know I've had some friends go and if it wasn't so darned expensive to get there, I'd be there in a heart beat. It's just gorgeous.
  13. I'm from Oklahoma, too! Enjoying your perspective as a first-time cruiser, too.
  14. Thank you, Dana, for such a great, detailed review! I've not yet sailed on Carnival and you're giving me a wonderful taste of the experience. I love sailing out of New Orleans since we can drive there in a very long day and it's NOLO! Plus, I really do like the long journey down the Mississippi to get out to sea. I'll have to check out itineraries from there for next year since we only have a big family cruise booked for 2020.
  15. Thank you for taking these! It makes sense that they wouldn't have cabins opening into a public space like that and they still left a decent lobby space for the elevators. I really don't have a problem with the addition.
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