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Thanks Lois .. I'm wondering about meals as a solo ... thinking about MDR for most evenings, and will ask to sit with other people. I plan a trip to the speciality restaurant for a change, but wonder if it might seem a bit odd eating in the speciality restaurant on my own?? Would it be acceptable to take a book to the speciality restaurant ... just in case I need to occupy myself between courses. Paid my fare today and looking forward to my holiday even if it's taking me outside of my comfort zone. Checked the roll call and I'm the only person on there at present....
Most of the roll calls for SS seem to be slow.......but it is very easy to meet people on board......as for dinner,
I have to say, they are VERY welcoming towards solo cruisers.......since the snips are so small, the staff makes a big effort with seating solos together. And as for dining in a Specialty Restaurant on your own? The staff/crew are absolutely wonderful. If you want to bring a book, no problem. You may find it very easy to meet other folks on your own too and end up dining with them as well.......the vibe on board is warm and inviting.. Hope you have a great time.