Belle - my sympathies for your car Just before we left our Suburban started acting up and I suspected transmission issues. My Father-in-law (retired mechanic) confirmed - it will only do 1st and 2nd (plus reverse and neutral). It's a 2004 with ~160K miles, so repair would cost more than it's worth fixed On the bright side, the decision is now made which older vehicle to replace - we were on the fence between it and the 2001 Blazer with 220K miles.

Katmu - glad your son is better and hugs and prayers for you. Hoping recovery is quick.

Mike - We sailed the Grandeur in 2014. One benefit is the solarium pool that's covered so you have a warm place to go while heading south. Baltimore's a super easy port too - that's where we just got back from.

Our cruise was great with nice weather, fairly calm seas, and lots of naps. Glad to be back home though. I'll weigh in on Thursday, but expect to be up a few pounds. We didn't go crazy but it was still!

Our next cruise is planned for June to Bahamas, taking the kids this time (daughter's graduation). It will be the kids first cruise and our first on Anthem of the Seas.

Have a great week all!