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  1. We tried the crustless pizza/pizza bowl from Marco's last month and it was really good - didn't miss the crust much at all. Ours had really good wings too - although it is still take out and higher sodium and fat than I should have on a regular basis. I've switched to a nutrition plan that is vegetable and protein heavy with limited carbs. The carbs include fruits and root vegetables as well as grains (rice, quinoa, corn - not just flour) so I'm pickier about what I choose to spend my carbs on and would rather have fruit than bread. I feel much healthier eating this way and have often wondered if while my body can process gluten it can get overwhelmed if there is too much (like a drink a week the liver is ok, but a drink an hour my liver might say "wait a minute"). Then again, I might have a sensitivity but am so used to being sick I don't know what it is to feel well🤷‍♀️
  2. DD and I are trying beetroot powder in our post-workout protein shakes. I'm not fond of actual beets, but know they contain a lot of nutrients. Hoping the improved circulation claim is true - if so it should help several health areas for me.
  3. Happy Belated Canada Day and Happy US Independence Day to all who observe those (I'm not sure if we have anyone not CA/US on this sub-forum). Thanks for starting us, Belle. You are right about enjoying ourselves but not overeating - that is addressed in the mindset portion of the nutrition plan I'm using: what is the purpose of the function - to eat or to enjoy time with people. We are visiting DH parents (possibly his sister and her household will show up for one meal too) and I'm trying to be very intentional with food choices. I know I won't be on plan, but can be healthier than in the past. Our state issued a "masks when you leave your home" rule (previously it was masks at businesses) - a lot of people are unhappy about it but we do need to keep the hospitals from being overrun while still keeping a functioning economy. There are exceptions for those who can't wear due to health issues (and I know some who legitimately are that way) but I know many who just don't want to wear them. It feels like the seatbelt arguments from when I was little. I'm down .6# from last week (although up 1# from yesterday). Soreness from Monday's workout is almost gone which makes sense since we work out again tonight 😉
  4. Jo, sorry to hear about the vandalism. I wish we could learn from history instead of trying to destroy/erase it. Both when I visited Gettysburg (major US Civil War Battlefield) and The Citadel in Halifax my heart ached for some of the atrocities committed through history, I am glad I got to experience the sites though and have a better understanding rather than pretend it never happened. There is a difference between acknowledging history and celebrating/approving of cruelty. I hope I wasn't too political, it's just all gotten so frustrating 😞
  5. Glad you were able to have a good meal visit with your son & daughter 🙂 A plus of this whole mess for me is the extra time I've gotten with my daughter.
  6. Mel, we will likely have our November cruise canceled too. Nothing official, but when asking about our included air fare the rep said she suspects it won't happen. We were considering Alaska 2022 for DH 50th B-day and his parents 50th anniversary, but suspect they will be more comfortable staying in the lower 48.
  7. I think denim can change 2 sizes between comfortably worn and freshly washed 😉 Loose freshly washed is a big win! Happy holidays to all who are celebrating this week. We will be visiting DH parents this weekend - between it being strawberry season there and the possibility of a campfire & s'more I suspect next week might only be a maintain.
  8. DH and I did another session of cross-fit with our trainer last night: 3 sets of 30 reps per body part with 30 second rest between the sets (2 minutes between body parts). So.Hard. 😮 At least Thursday we go back to just plain weight lifting (5 sets of 10-15 reps, heavier weights) - will probably stick to a 3/1 routine of cross-fit vs strength training. I was so sore over the weekend and did what probably made it worse - lazy rest vs. active rest. It was really hot and humid so it was hard to get motivated to do much. Liz, keeping moving (swimming, walking, biking - nothing super strenuous though) should help you recover from the soreness quicker and foam rolling might help too. My body must be getting used to the more whole food/less sugar nutrition. This morning I had a bowl of "healthy" cereal to keep it from going stale. It is marketed as healthy but has more sugar than my plan prefers. It tasted sooo sweet - like at the end of a bag of sweetened cereals where the excess sugar settles. At least there's only about one serving left.
  9. Cool days definitely call for soup 🙂 Thanks for the advice on eggplant. I've seen some at my local Aldi that usually has good produce, but the eggplant always felt soft and I didn't know if that was normal (very dark too). I remember my Grandmother making it years ago and hers was the only dish I even somewhat liked as I typically find it too soft - so I was hesitant to purchase some that already had a lot of give.
  10. Anita, if you still have your dress with the oil stain you could try Dawn dish detergent as a stain remover. I've been surprised how well it works even on set stains.
  11. Cruise Kitty, thanks for checking in. I'm well but have been busy between trying to get central a/c in our house, gym opening, son's pre-season soccer practice. Plus I'm trying to ease back from social media some. Kat, glad to hear your eye is getting better. Your outfits were both cute, loved the necklace with the tank dress. Melody, try not to overdo. Glad you can enjoy a brunch with friends. Lois, the eggplant sounds interesting (and my kiddos watched Veggie Tales when they were little so I think they can be cute 😉 ). Is eggplant to be firm like zucchini or have more give/softness to it like a ripe peach? I've never been a big eggplant eater but trying a lot of vegetables again.
  12. Big loss, Belle! The weekend is still different for me since I spend more time with DH then ❤️ DS's soccer went well last night. As usual they have very few boys out, plus it is outside so minimal contact. One of the coaches was checking everyone's temperature too and there is no longer a shared large jug (5-10 gallon type) to refill waters so they are taking precautions. We plan to visit my in-laws next weekend so I suspect the weigh-in after the 4th might have a gain 😉 It will be nice to see family though and their county has an even lower count than ours.
  13. Nice loss, Jenny! One of my go-to breakfasts is a serving of plain low-fat Greek yogurt topped with 3/4 serving Grape nuts and 100 grams of berries. Protein, fiber, and a little sweet 🙂 The plan I am doing now focuses on fueling your body with what it needs and visual ratios more than calorie/macro counting, with the assumption that if you focus on the proper ratios and healthy foods the calories take care of themselves. It is veggie heavy and a lot of water (but I drank a lot before), lean proteins preferred, and minimal carbs - ideally full-fiber carbs (FFC). Timing of meals matters too: breakfast is 50% protein, 50% FFC with vegetables as "extra credit"; lunch is 50% veg, 25% FFC and 25% protein; dinner is 75% vegetable and 25% protein. Most fats and sugars are "accessories" and to be used sparingly (but I find I want/need a lot less than I used to use). Veggies to get you full, protein to keep you full, and carbs for energy - with the thought that we don't need much energy in the evening so no FFC with dinner. With fruits, most starchy vegetables, and whole grains (including corn & rice) being FFC's, it's a challenge sometimes to keep the ratios in check. Indulgences are allowed though, and nothing is off limits - even "silly" carbs like wine or ice cream, just realizing that a steady diet of them won't fuel my body well or give me the results I want 🙂
  14. I wish there were a sad face to show support, like doesn't seem quite right 😞 I just read elsewhere that one of our larger area fairs will take place late September, "Lord willing and the creek don't rise." I have very mixed emotions about it.
  15. I maintained this week, but also had fairly salty foods yesterday so not too surprised. Clothes are fitting looser so I'll take the non-scale victory 🙂 Today's weight is 198.4 (so still under 200) and January had a high weight of 208.6 😮 While it isn't the 1# a week loss I originally was hoping for, a 10# loss considering what these 6 months have looked like isn't too bad.
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