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  1. @navybankerteacher I was responding to the quoted post, which referenced a double ended ship like a ferry. When they mentioned a double ended ship, I was picturing something like a train with an engine at both end or a canoe with two people facing each other but the "ends" being the same. Even the old railway flat beds from cartoons that had two people operating without a determined "front" except by the direction it was going.
  2. Yay for less stress, Anita! Great news for your grandson, Melody 🙂 I had a job that included catered breakfast and lunch - it was a wonderful perk. Continued prayers for Les in his recovery - have a great cruise. Sally - best wishes on trip decisions. Our 25th anniversary is next year and we want to do a big trip, but we are both overwhelmed with the options. While it will cut it a little close, we've both decided to wait until after our cruise next month to even think about it. Daughter is packing fairly light (I think). She has a couple small bins for trash & recycling, backpack with school supplies (including laptop), small first aid container, clothes, linens, pillows, and dorm fridge. She wanted a "comfortable" chair, but I suggested she waits until Thanksgiving and see if she really wants one - possible Christmas gift. Our Pilot is probably similar capacity to a station wagon, so we should have plenty of room.
  3. I was not aware of the software change, but might not have paid attention. All all passengers now limited to 15 regardless of package or not? Also, do receipts show # of drinks consumed for all affected by the 15 rule? While you cannot pay cash for a drink at a bar, servers can receive cash for tips (just in case there was confusion).
  4. As a passenger, I would vary with direction of operation. Port would be to the left and starboard to the right of forward motion. I realize there is a flaw in this thought though since on a standard ship port and starboard don't change when the ship is moving in reverse 😉
  5. We sail the 16th and RFP is one of our favorite spots. I can't promise a wee dance, but will certainly give a cheer 🙂 (Is Slainte correct for Scottish or just Irish?)
  6. It also must be before final payment (in case you are booking a last minute cruise).
  7. I surprisingly agree with you. I was surprised how comfortable I was made to feel at Skylon (referenced in my earlier post) which is an upscale restaurant, despite being very casually dressed. I did notice the Maitre 'D being impeccably dressed, but really wasn't aware of other customers. We follow posted dress codes, but it was very nice to find a practical dress code for a tourist area. Those "stupid" pockets will likely bulge out if they are being used to carry anything. I know people who have to carry certain medications with them (epi pens, inhalers, etc) that are more secure in a side pocket with a closure vs. a front pocket where items can slide out when you sit down. Most men don't carry purses/bags so the pockets can be quite functional - not necessarily a style choice.
  8. I'm on this cruise with you 🙂 We sailed Regal Princess from Red Hook in 2017 and I don't remember a separate area for priority boarding - it was our first Princess and Brooklyn sailing though so we might have missed it. Possibly they will have a slightly separate area like in Baltimore (closer to the door, but still open to everyone else), but maybe not a full lounge.
  9. Thanks. The linked article mentioned a few food places, but at least one was dinner and weekend brunches only. Google Maps was even in satellite view was a little hard to tell. Our plan is to stop at Stroudsburg for lunch on the way, just thought based on the article Brooklyn might be better. Good thought, but we are on the cruise where they are switching ports so we might not even be able to enter until 2:30 if they enforce waiting 2 hours from original arrival appointment. We are aiming to get there around 1:30 with the hope we can get in a little early while also allowing extra time for traffic.
  10. I don't think you need to be a member for either AARP or Allstate. Some grocery stores also sell gift cards with a discount on gas or other purchases rather than a discount on the card itself. Certain credit cards will give cash back on purchases so this is another possible area of discount. If your sisters plan to get and you are on the fence (and can afford it), I would probably get and enjoy - but make note of if it is worth it for you for the future.
  11. @herb My condolences on the loss of your wife 😞 I'm glad there were parts of your trip you did enjoy (check-in, ports, weather) and wish the rest of your cruise was more enjoyable. I have mostly sailed the Pride with Carnival and noticed long lines at some of the other Lido deck restaurants too. If you choose to sail again I would recommend giving at least some of them a chance. While the lines were long, they did usually move quickly (except the deli - which wasn't that great when I did get it). Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience.
  12. I'm in the minority and prefer forward balconies. We've had aft (but not aft wrap) before and didn't like the vibration. We like the motion forward and watching the flying fish 🙂
  13. It's not low carb, but if anyone is looking for another GF option with likely similar alcohol content Angry Orchard and other apple ciders are generally GF - be sure to verify if it is a health issue. They are eligible for the bucket of beer discount if you don't have Cheers.
  14. Tea: iced is unsweetened, likely concentrate, semi-strong. Hot is Lipton bags (included) or specialty at $2 or $3 per bag (not sure if black as an option or all herbal). I'm fine with Lipton, but would advise bringing your favorite if it matters. Toiletries: if you are picky, bring your own. I bring my own shampoo and conditioner, my husband keeps his hair so short he doesn't need either 😉 Breakfast: never paid attention but doubtful they have pure maple. I don't eat much that would use a syrup regardless, and when I do it is usually a fruit compote, powdered sugar & butter, or whipped cream. Wine: 1 750 ml bottle per adult over 21. Wine only, no Port. Rum: will be held for you to be picked up morning of or night before debarkation.
  15. I see this comment a lot (trying new drinks), but still have trouble with it. Why should I pay $800 to try new drinks and not be concerned about cost when I can pay $450 (discounted gift card) and try new drinks while still likely having money left over. Why is it so hard to believe that someone didn't have 5-6 drinks everyday and/or lots of non-alcoholic drinks. If everyone who purchased Cheers got their money's worth then Carnival would likely raise the price. Six drinks per day doesn't seem like much until you have a day where you just don't feel like drinking (and weren't drinking 8-10 per day previously to make up for it). I enjoy several drinks per day, but an average of 6 with an average calorie of 200 per drink doesn't leave much room for food. If you want to get maximum value for your money without "going all alcohol" then it is difficult for Cheers to be the right method. There are other ways to save money though and have the prepaid feeling if you purchase discounted gift cards to apply to your account.
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