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  1. I personally have no issue - I grew up on Lake Erie where the beaches were closed if water temps get above 75 πŸ™‚ I have seen others post that water temps under 80 are too cold for them to swim in. HMC is Bahamas and Grand Turk is barely Caribbean, so the water might be a little cooler than some expect. Bermuda (admittedly farther north) was a little cool the first week of June when we were there.
  2. For most pain relief I prefer topical (ice pack or bio-freeze) or ibuprophen (which can cause kidney issuesπŸ™„). My migraine medication has acetaminophen though, and is often part of any post-op pain management - so if I need it I'm not in the mood to be drinking anyway πŸ˜‰ Definitely a good warning for others though and why it is always stressed not to combine medications that contain it (i.e. don't take Dayquil and Tylenol together).
  3. I think many would disagree that those two Cays are interchangeable. Princess Cay has a much rockier beach but is great for snorkeling, while HMC has powder soft sand and super clear water which many prefer.
  4. Back in middle school I remember Twizzlers (or something similar) being hollow and using as a straw. I suspect this would still work for many drinks, don't remember it dissolving or affecting flavor. Then again it was over 30 years ago and I wasn't using it with alcohol.
  5. Laurie, thank you for the health reminder. My doctor hasn't recommended yet, but I'm only 46. Have a great time with your family on Sunday πŸ™‚ Sally, it's interesting how temperatures can be perceived. High 70's for me and I would likely be wearing capris and short sleeves, but if you are used to mid-high 80's it probably does feel cool. I saw a cartoon several years ago about 50 degrees in fall vs. spring and the fall picture had everyone bundled in coats, hats & gloves while the spring side had shorts and swimsuits πŸ˜‰
  6. I lean toward the 7 night with land add on (not sure which I would do first), but I'm sure I am picturing my own family and our vacation style could be different. Something that might help your decision is to picture best case and worse case scenarios for the back to back: Best case - everyone loves the cruise ship and are excited to see the different ports, no one regrets missing Universal and Kennedy Worst case - someone is seasick or bored, wishes they had time in Orlando Extreme worst case (will almost never happen, but I like to consider) - illness or injury and having to cut short the vacation is easier to do from Orlando than from the Caribbean πŸ˜‰ Cruise ships are great for the variety of food options and would let the 11 year old have her favorites (or maybe even try some new foods) while others can have more choices in their food. The girls should have ample water time, but the pools aren't really roomy enough to swim - beaches at ports would be though. Most ships have a good sports deck so the girls can stay active, but I haven't seen much arts and crafts. Carnival has started a partnership with Michaels, but the crafts were a bit simplistic on my cruise - especially if they are experienced crafters. You might want to bring your own supplies depending on what media they use. Have a great time whatever you decide πŸ™‚
  7. For this itinerary I would expect cooler water temps and more pleasant air temps. You might have less crowds also if many schools are still in session. Depending on your cold tolerance it still should be warm enough for swimming. I have also noticed notifications aren't always consistent. I use a Mac and at the top of the thread is a "follow" box - that might help you receive more notices.
  8. I'm often surprised after a long day of yard work (weeding/raking) how sore I can be. Definitely a workout - and usually a lot of steps too πŸ™‚
  9. Sneezing is generally an involuntary bodily function, which sometimes necessitates blowing one's nose. For most people urinating is a voluntary bodily function where there is time to excuse yourself to use a restroom. Perhaps we aren't all thinking the same thing for blowing one's nose, but your analogy doesn't work for me (except maybe if you are seated right by the entrance).
  10. While it wouldn't be pleasant, I would likely be forgiving of this. Depending on the dish being eaten I could see someone's nose watering and depending on where they are seated they might not easily be able to excuse themselves to the restroom. I would hope they tried to be as discreet as possible, and I would also offer hand sanitizer which I carry if they didn't use their own. Lately we aren't seated with others though so it really isn't an issue. I don't like seeing hats worn indoors either, but again will choose to ignore and not assume ill intent. Some men who wear hats all the time are covering a scar or injury which could be equally disturbing at a meal. That passenger has as much right to eat at the MDR as I do. I've see this happen far too often also (and am female). I think it is a pride issue more than feminism, as I've seen some elderly and disabled be offended when someone offered assistance. I now try to ask if I can help rather than automatically stepping in since some like to do everything for themselves and don't want to feel "less than." I like what someone else said about walking through but holding the door behind them so it wouldn't slam on the next person. My teen son has often held the door for people, but sometimes one or two people turns into 10 or 20 and I needed to let him know that he couldn't hold it for the whole building πŸ˜‰ This style of fork holding doesn't seem natural to me, but again it might be how someone else was taught - or they have a medical condition where they have to hold it that way. I missed placing an emoji once and when I realized it I apologized - they really can change the tone of a post. {{{Hugs}}} I'm glad your mother-in-law recognized her error and you were able to have forgiveness.
  11. Royal Caribbean has Grandeur of the Seas, but the sailing dates usually don't overlap. Grandeur is to be replaced but I don't remember by which ship, just as Pride will be swapped out with Legend.
  12. I forgot to wear my fitbit this morning, so there's no proof πŸ˜‰ but I did walking group for an hour so at least 3 miles. Tonight is strength training and I will do 6 major muscle groups with 5 sets each of 12-15 reps. If I remember right from Monday: Legs - 12" box squat, body weight only but I also have balance issues Triceps - lying goblet press (definitely felt those the last 2 days), either 15 or 20# Biceps - concentration curls, attempted 25# but had to drop to 20 & even 15 - my wrist was hurting and wouldn't support the weight even though the muscle could do more Chest - incline press, 15# (I always seem to struggle with chest) Back - close grip overhand, started at 70# but dropped to 50# Shoulders - side raises, 10 or 12# I don't track calorie burn, but do generally work up a sweat.
  13. Bermuda and Bahamas come to mind. Parts of Canada, but that also depends on how touristy of an area/how close to the border/current exchange rate.
  14. Today I learned not to take DayQuil πŸ™‚ Phenylephrine never works for me and I would rather take the individual meds separately rather than a combo at a less effective dosage (acetaminophen is usually 1g rather than only 325mg if I take).
  15. Lots of cruises don't go to a beach - or at least not a Bahamian, Caribbean, or pink sand Bermudan beach. Even for those beaches, if the passenger has limited mobility the beach might not work as well. I love relaxing beach and snorkel time on southern cruises, but also can understand others enjoying different aspects of cruising than I do.
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