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  1. Has anyone booked hotels yet? Any suggestions? I'm leaning toward something in New Jersey (cheaper rates) that includes parking, then doing an uber or taxi to the port (assuming no hotel shuttle).
  2. If you sail Spirit Class (Pride, Legend, etc) you might want to try a 4K "interior." We just got back from the Legend cabin 4112 and it was the same foot print as a balcony, but had floor to ceiling windows with a view of the life boat (and a little ocean) instead of an actual balcony. No fresh air, but lots of room at a better than balcony price.
  3. Probably can't ask for seconds if it is like other ships. The dishes are prepared a la minute and likely no extras.
  4. Thanks for this info. My husband takes multiple antihistamines daily for allergies and never heard of this contraindication (no bph yet though). How does Ondansetron work?
  5. I've heard of people getting donair in Saint John too. @Jamman54if you need another "husband day care" in Saint John, we really enjoy O'Leary's. I'm surprised we never heard of the Mont-Blanc explosion before visiting Halifax.
  6. We most often cruise from Baltimore & NY/NJ, but this is a group cruise so the departure port wasn't our choice. Love New Orleans though 🙂
  7. I'm honestly slightly nervous that flying 2 days early from BWI to MSY might not be enough in January, but we only have so much time available. My sympathies on change of itinerary. I appreciate your attitude of having a great time despite the circumstances!
  8. I understand being frustrated/disappointed when our vacations don't go as planned. I also am aware that most cruise contracts give very little recourse to the passenger for changes to the itinerary. They weren't even obligated to offer OBC. Did you purchase Cancel For Any Reason insurance? While that usually doesn't cover everything, it would help you recoup some of the costs if you want to cancel. At least you have advanced notice and can choose to cancel (and lose the money paid but at least not more money) or maybe change what you are doing at the remaining ports with the extra OBC. Perhaps there are things on the ship you didn't have time to do before that you could enjoy now with the extra sea days. We took my husband's parents on a Mississippi River cruise and had one complete port change and several time changes with no explanation and no compensation. It is what it is when you choose to cruise. I hope you can make peace with whatever decision you make.
  9. I'm guessing this is probably supposed to be Abita . They have several good beers and also a good root beer.
  10. Do you know if Deli sandwiches are made to order (ex: no horseradish sauce on steak & cheese) or are they all pre-made (and warmed if a hot item)?
  11. Was the food at Mija Cantina as good as it looked? Sorry to hear Cheers closed.
  12. My husband and I are booked on a 14 Night this month with 4 ports and 1 day of partial Panama Canal Transit. I'm looking forward to the relaxing sea days. We have another booked for next year 7 nights with 3 ports and will probably only get off at one.
  13. Thanks @nferr Based on the videos I saw it is more appetizer type food, but I would be happy with it for a light breakfast or lunch (still a ways from Diamond). 4 drinks per day would be plenty for us too.
  14. Not exactly in context, and you probably know this, but Royal does have a Diamond lounge with food for Diamond members at no cost. (I'm truly just trying to help in case you weren't aware. I saw it on a YouTube review and wasn't aware - but also not Diamond yet).
  15. I'm sure there will be some not dressing up. My husband and I will be on the Legend at the end of the month and won't be in costume.
  16. How heartbreaking! Prayers for the child and his family 💔 Praying for you and your neighbors too. Hoping you were able to get some peace from your trip.
  17. My mom suffered from MS for ~35 years 😞 I'm sorry your scooter caused you issues, but I'm glad you had an otherwise good cruise and stayed healthy. We area about 3 hours from the port and love cruising from Baltimore. Sailing this month for our first Journey's and first Legend.
  18. It's an extra step, but I've seen many suggest brewing hot tea and pouring it over ice to get decent ice tea.
  19. I think that Carnival is switching back to Coke also. I don't think you will look out of place. I've only done one NCL cruise, but I suspect like Carnival you will find some who dress for dinner and some who don't. My memory of NCL was I was comfortable dressing up or down as much as I wanted (and I usually dress up a little since cruises are our "date" nights).
  20. While on the surface this sounds like a good idea (especially as one with chronic pain issues), I can see a lot of reasons why it would be an issue. OP - are there any ready-to-eat/shelf stable foods you could bring? There are also likely other cruisers with food sensitivities that require assistance beyond just getting from the buffet, so the crew would consider it part of their job to help.
  21. Thanks for this suggestion! We had our first interior last month and like you love all the types of cabins we have had. We took our sunrise alarm clock, but were thinking about buying a different one for cruises since ours doesn't pack compactly. I didn't realize there are apps - and we have an ipad that isn't used for much and would work well for this.
  22. I would love for X to sail from Baltimore! Bayonne isn't too bad, but Baltimore is our favorite port too. @sparks1093 You made some excellent points. Thanks for bringing me back to an attitude of gratitude for being able to cruise.
  23. After glancing at the old and new menus, I think the "added" is things that were free (coffee, juice) not are added a la carte options. While technically Carnival didn't lie, it sure feels dishonest.
  24. The charge for otherwise complementary drinks is annoying to me, but otherwise on a quick glance it doesn't seem too bad. (Like @ShakyBeef I'm not going to look extra closely) ETA: I looked a little closer 😞 It's pretty disappointing.
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