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  1. Belle, thanks for the poem. And, thanks for your encouraging words on my weight loss journey. You truly are the glue that holds us all together. Great losses Mel, Jo, Mama and Belle. Good job staying the same Diana and MaiTai. Sorry for the gain Jan and pacruise. I am down a few ounces. Still a few pounds away from my final goal weight. Long Island is now in Phase 1 of our reopening. My daughter starts back to work next week. I am hoping that my DH can continue to work from home. He is retiring in December and he can hardly wait. Stay healthy everyone. Rose
  2. Hi, all. Sorry I'm late checking in. My DH works from home now so he's on my computer all day. I am up 2lbs. That makes me 2.4 lbs away from my final goal weight. Being home all day is making it harder to not eat snacks. I have not left my house in two months. I even get my groceries delivered or my daughter picks them up for me. Belle, I can understand your worry for your daughter. I am in the same place with my son. To all of you who are essential workers, thank you for going out to work each day and putting yourselves out there so we can stay home safely. Take care of yourselves and be safe. Rose
  3. Thanks for the poem, Belle. Diana, melmar, Irmo, congrats on the losses. Jo and pacruise, I am with you. I am up 1lb. I don't mind staying home either. I miss my kids and grandkids, but feel so much safer at home. I am in a higher risk category so I prefer to just stay safely in my house. Rose
  4. Good morning, everyone. I hope that everyone is doing well and staying safe. I am down 1lb and now have .4 to go to get back to my final goal weight. Congratulations to all the losers. You are all doing so well keeping busy. I find that the longer I am home, the lazier I get. I need to start on some projects or I am going to lose my mind. Have a great weekend. Rose
  5. Hi, Belle. Sorry I haven't been able to come on before this. With DH working from home, my computer is tied up all day. We are all fine. DH and I haven't been out of the house in so long. Only to walk around our own yard. We won't even walk around our neighborhood because our town is one of the hardest hit on Long Island. We are worried about who we might come in to contact with. My daughter still does all my grocery shopping for me and I am trying to do as much as possible online. I, too, am sad about my three cancelled cruises. I am hoping that things will get back to normal enough so that we can cruise again next summer. We may not cruise again until there is a vaccine available. We shall see. We cancelled our big family cruise for this summer. It was our first back-to-back and was to celebrate three milestone birthdays in the family. We are going to try to plan it for 2022, although the birthdays will have passed. Everyone stay safe and stay healthy. Rose
  6. Belle, thanks as always for the poem. You have a great imagination. Diana, pacruise and Belle, congrats on the losses. Jo, sorry you're up. But not a lot, so that is good. Jan, fingers crossed for a loss. I stayed the same. I don't know why. I am making healthy choices and not overeating. I am 1.4 lbs away from getting back to my final goal weight. Everyone have a wonderful holiday. Above all, stay well. Rose
  7. Hi, all. Just checking in to say we are still doing well. I hope that everyone is healthy and safe. The weather was beautiful here today. I was able to get outside and vacuum out my car. Even though it hasn't left my driveway for three weeks. Stay safe all Rose
  8. Hi, Belle. I am doing well. Staying home and staying safe. I am lucky because I have my husband, oldest daughter and grandson here with me. The feeling of isolation is still strong, so I can't imagine how it must feel to be alone during this time. We don't have much planned for the weekend. Every day seems like the day before. Its even hard to keep track of the days. Today was a beautiful day here. Fairly sunny and although windy, it was a nice day to get out in the yard and get some fresh air. DH and I walked around our yard and planned what we want to do with our garden and patio once the weather gets a little nicer. Stay well. Rose
  9. Hi, all. We are still doing well here. My son did tell me that the number of NYPD cops infected was inaccurate. The news said 12,000 but its actually 1200. That is a relief. His partner just went out sick, so now I am counting the days until my son is either sick or cleared. I stayed the same. Haven't been eating much, so I thought for sure that I would have a loss. Robin, that price gouging is terrible. They should be reported. Stay well everyone. Rose
  10. Belle, I know how you feel about not being able to hug your daughter. I have not seen my son in weeks. He is afraid to come to my house. I have not seen my granddaughters except to FaceTime with them. I usually see them every day so thats been tough. My son is not doing his usual job. Everyone is on special details. They have to patrol the streets and stores to make sure people are not congregating. It's very different for my son since he has not been on the streets for a long time. But, with 12,000 NYPD officers positive for the virus, everyone has to do their part. Jo, I had my April cruise cancelled. I should have been boarding my ship in four days, but that is not meant to be. We also chose to cancel our B2B in July. We don't think that it will be 100% safe to travel at that time. We had to fly to PR for that cruise and don't want to do that. If things settle down, we may choose to hop on a cruise out of Bayonne (because we can drive there) in late August. But, we are waiting to book that. Everyone stay safe and healthy. Rose
  11. Hi, all. We are doing well. NY state is getting hammered, but we have been trying to stay at home as much as we can. My daughter and son-in-law are teachers so they are home and my older daughter is a government employee, but non-essential so she is home too. My DH was told to work from home full time for now. The one who is out there all the time is my son, he is a NYPD detective so obviously considered an essential worker. We have many cops who are ill so it is very scary for me. My schedule is way off. I sleep until I wake up. No alarm for me these days. The days seem very long sometimes, but I am trying to get some projects done. I love to read and do puzzles, so I have that to do when I am bored. Belle, I hope that your daughter is doing well. I know that she still has to go out to work. Stay well, everyone. Rose
  12. Belle, what a relief to hear from you. We were all so worried. Sounds like you had quite an ordeal, but you have a great attitude about it. I stayed the same. Some stress eating. My DH still goes out to work. Even though NY has a shelter in place order, he works for a company that supports the government, so they are considered essential. His company put everyone on a schedule so they bring in half the company on alternate days. The other days he can work from home. Things are pretty bad here in NY right now. We are just praying that this virus passes us by. My son is a detective for the NYPD, so I am scared for him all the time. Everyone stay well. Rose
  13. Congrats to the losers. Good job staying focused during all this craziness. I stayed the same. A lot of stress eating, so I'm happy that I didn't gain. I'm also very concerned about Belle. She usually lets us know when she's going to be off the boards for a while. I hope it's just computer issues. Stay well, everyone. Rose
  14. Diana, we are staying home as much as possible too. My DH still has to go to work but I am hoping that his company decides to let people work from home for a while. He has some memory issues also due to a stroke he had 1 1/12 years ago. I don't let him shop with me anymore because he impulse shops all kinds of junk food. LOL It is very hard to find any kind of food here in New York. People are hoarding as if we will never get another grocery delivery. Our local grocery store is going to open early just for seniors, so I am going to try to do that. We have food in our pantry so I am not panicked. I feel bad for those people with small children who cant find milk or bread. But, the people who buy cases of toilet paper really annoy me. Are you going to the bathroom more than usual? There was always enough in the past, stop hoarding enough TP for an army! I hope that everyone stays safe and well. I wish we knew if Belle is okay. Rose
  15. Diana, I am with you. We had to cancel our April cruise. I have diabetes and my doctor said no way could I go. We have a B2B scheduled for July and he said he thought that one would be fine. We will wait and see. Congrats on the weight loss. Jenny, congrats to you too. Love when the jeans just glide on! pacruise, Robin and Jo, sorry about the gain. Jo, good on the stay the same. I am still up since the holidays. I have 1.2 lbs to lose to get back to my goal weight. I hope that Belle is ok.
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