Post-cruise vertigo

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I returned from the Fascination cruise about 10 days ago. Both my wife and I are still experiencing some vertigo from the cruise. I've never had it last this long before. Is there something that can cause prolonged vertigo/sea brain?
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Wow, 10 days seems like a long time. Were the seas rough? A couple summers ago we had abnormally rough seas and I felt dizzy/weird for almost a week after being back on land.
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In October my family and I got off and drove 16 hrs straight home. We got off Saturday morning And was fine for the most part. We got home 2am on Sunday and I went to bed for good and woke up dizzy and sick. Even on Monday I was still uneasy. I have never had this happen even while being on my boat in the Bahamas for a week.

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Originally posted by squierjosh
I returned from the Fascination cruise about 10 days ago. Both my wife and I are still experiencing some vertigo from the cruise. I've never had it last this long before. Is there something that can cause prolonged vertigo/sea brain?
Never had that problem.
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I have this issue post cruise too. It normally goes a way within 3-4 days. I have prescription Antivert for Vertigo, which is basically the same thing as Bonnie. My family doctor told me to start taking it about a week before the cruise and continue until about a week after.
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I've had to do Flonase after my last two cruises and a 10 day hawaii trip. I got too much water in my ears, and my primary dr wanted me to do this as a decongestant. I've never taken anything for sea sickness, just Claritin D, as I always have allergies when I cruise, coming from a winter state.
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When all else fails, go on another cruise. Seriously though, I've experienced this a couple of times and it did go away on its own. If persistent, I'd check it out with a Dr visit. Best of luck.
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Thanks for all the replies (and to the admin that moved the topic to a better spot). Yes, it was rough at times, and the Fascination is pretty small. It's just weird, I'll be sitting at my desk and feeling fine, then turn my head to grab something and it feels like I'm on the ship still. I *think* it's slowly getting better.

Yes, I did read about mal de debarquement. That nails it exactly. It's like your body/mind is predicting when the ship is going to move, and adjusts for you. Only there's no ship moving!
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Fredericksburg, va. USA
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I've had that issue on some cruises...but not all! I think it's simply a function of your inner will pass eventually. The longest mine has bothered me was 2 weeks post cruise. No issues ON the ship...just after!!
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I've never had it last for more than a day or two....hope you feel better soon!
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Is it truly vertigo and not some other light-headedness? If it is vertigo, there is a series of maneuvers that can be done in about 15 minutes by a physical therapist or your doctor - or you can easily do them yourself at home by reading/watching videos posted on many sites online. It's called the Epley Maneuver, and one session by my physical therapist completely eliminated my severe vertigo. She coached me on how to do it myself if it returned, but It never has. Just Google it or look on Facebook for instructions, though here is one link to one from Stanford Hospital:

I'd check out the instructions from several sources, then have someone help/watch you do it to make sure you get it right. Good luck!
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SquierJosh, have your symptoms gone away? I have had what I believe is Mal de debarquement (MdDS) after each of our cruises. I started a thread asking for tips on dealing with it since we are going on a cruise later this month. The first time I thought it was a fluke. Mine usually lasts about 2 weeks, though even a month later I have had minor dizziness on occasion.
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I had a case of MdDS after our first cruise ( the ship was really rockin' and Rollin' the last couple of days.) I had also had problems with sea sickness. I had to stop the patch and turn to Dramamine (that's all I had with me).

My Dr recommended that I switch to Meclizine. To start it a day or so before the cruise, continue the dose every day, and continue for a week after disembarking. This has worked for every cruise since. The same drug is prescribed for patients with Meniere's disease, an inner ear disorder that includes vertigo as a prime symptom. Ask your Dr if this might be right for you.
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I've always had issues for a few days after each cruise, but last year after sailing on the Victory it was MUCH worse. I felt the "floor moving" sensation for about 2 weeks after we got back. I was having more than a little trouble with my sinuses during and after the cruise and an EMT friend said it probably had a lot to do with it. I started using Flonase and the symptoms went away after a day or so.
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Here's what I don't understand:

None of my family has any trouble with seasickness ... and when we stop at an island, we have no problem ... but when we return home, that's when we have this slightly off-kilter feeling, which lasts a few days! It's never been bad enough to really call a "problem" ... but we all feel it for a few days.

Why doesn't it bother us on the islands? Makes no sense!