Self inflicted bad experience

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I don't have a copy of my birth certificate. I think my parents just have the hospital version, which isn't acceptable for travel and stuff. If they still have it. The county I was born in requires you to come in person. I should probably get it, but it's an incredible hassle. If I were to try and get it now, it would probably take a good couple of months, including an airplane flight, to go get it.

Luckily, I've had a passport since I was a little kid and I've NEVER let it lapse. I didn't have a SS card either until very recently (at least they let you order online). Used my passport as proof of citizenship and jobs and stuff for decades. That sucker either stays in my safe deposit box or when I have a trip, then it's practically physically on me at all times.
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I have both a passport book AND a passport card. The passport book is in a safe place, while the passport card goes with me everywhere. My driver's license is not ReadID compliant, so my passport card will come in handy starting October 20th for domestic flights.
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[quote=Vampire Parrot;51792350]A tip I got from my dad who was in the military for nearly 30 years. It works for me.

My final packing check for the last 30 years is very small.

Passport, tickets, documentation, credit cards, cash.

Anything I've forgotten I don't worry about because if it's vital I can buy it. Yes, I forget things. No, it's never been a real problem.

That's about right.

In this day and age, I would add mobile phone, charger and adapter.
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Originally posted by Marine91
Ouch.. I could imagine how awkward that drive home would be. Right after I booked our first cruise a few months ago my wife went in to mom planning mode and created a binder and put everything including our passports in it.
Great idea!
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Meet a couple once sitting by the handicapped door to board. He thought he had his passport until they got to check in. He forgot it and their drive home was too long to go get it. They had checked all their luggage but don't know what happened about that and they were experienced cruisers. My husband always just has our birth certificates in his wallet if need be.
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Originally posted by Reina del Mar
In this day and age, I would add mobile phone, charger and adapter.
To be fair, it'd be fairly easy to find a charger or adapter as well so even if you forgot those, it wouldn't be a big deal. Phones nowadays use basically one of two chargers: Lightning or USB.

Originally posted by Bonnie J.
My husband always just has our birth certificates in his wallet if need be.
Wow, how fat is his wallet?