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  1. Fabulous. Hope a lovely evening with your all your gorgeous grandchildren + great grandson & your lovely family.
  2. Could you do a day trip to Magnetic Island from a cruise ship stopped at Townsville?
  3. Here’s some photos you may like - from Jervis Bay - 3hrs south of Sydney, during our weekend away. Green Patch picnic area in Booderee National Park Cardio workout to access this beach during our bushwalk - “warning long steep descent” Boardwalk views 2nd whitest sands in Australia (behind Lucky Bay in WA) Early evening beach walk the locals visiting our street during our stay.
  4. @Blackduck59 I don’t know if we did the Oceanside route tbh. I wasn’t driving and was seated in the back. Towards the end of that day was just keen to get to our accommodation.
  5. Unlike our friends and family, we spend a lot of time in the city/around the harbour on our weekends. We do go to the Opera House regularly but not for Opera.
  6. Next stop was The Raptors in Duncan. Wanted to see the flight show at 2.30pm. We got there at 2.25pm. It was exciting for us Aussies to see a Bald Eagle & Barn owl up close & in flight. Small sanctuary but the flight show was an excellent and worth a visit. Next was a stop in Ladysmith for the very popular bakery in their pretty Main Street famous for their cinnamon rolls. Couldn’t believe the size of a single cinnamon roll. The queue was to the door but it moved fairly quickly. Then we arrived at our destination - Qualicum Beach.
  7. I am going to miss your daily updates. Thanks for taking us along with you. Safe flight home.
  8. After a very enjoyable stay in Victoria, it was time to hit the road. First stop was Tim Hortons where I made the mistake of ordered a large coffee. Completely forgot sizing is different overseas to Aus and it was weird not getting cocoa/choc sprinkled on top of the cappuccino froth. Next stop was The Malahat Skywalk. My family saw the entry prices and wanted to get back in the car…but I wanted to see/experience it. Beautiful driftwood sculptures on display along the elevated pathway to the viewing structure. Once you reach the structure itself, you slowly climb in circles until you reach the very top. The views from the top were very nice & it was lovely to see the raptors & other birds floating above the treetops way down below. At the top is a meshed square that none of us were brave enough to stand on but it was popular with the Insta crowd. There is also a slide that you can whizz down to save you the return spiral walk. One of us was very happy to do that. There were seats, a swing and an open fire and a trail walk to return to the car park. The entry was very price but I was glad we stopped here and experienced it.
  9. I would love you to post photos! The woodwork was very special. I recall the cabinet showcasing the silverware as the silverware was specifically designed with the Dunmuir crest on it and I was amazed at that detail so I spent quite a bit of time looking at it. The cabinet was beautifully done. Please do share photos when you get the opportunity of the work he did there.
  10. I am very so sorry for the loss of your friend and that I am unable to share with you photos of the work he did especially as I saw the excellent work done in the restored kitchen.
  11. After Butchart Gardens, we headed to the Victoria Butterfly Garden nearby. The lady at reception “warned” us of the “flirty” parrot which made us laugh. As expected, lots of butterflies, a flamingo, an iguana and parrots. I sat down on a stone benchto check my photos and out of the foliage behind me, appeared the “flirty” parrot.he gently nudged then climbed onto my arm before snuggling into me. Very cute. Entry fee was a little high but we enjoyed our visit. From there, apparently a visit to Tim Hortons was in order. Whilst the other two got their sugar fix, I wandered around the small group of shops and found myself a second hand bookstore. I am currently enjoying reading one of the books I purchased there. On our way back to Inner Harbour, we passed the signs to Craigdorrach Castle. I decided I had time to explore as it was only 2pm and from my research prior to the trip, I knew I could walk back to Inner Harbour. So, I waved goodbye to my family and spent a very pleasant 1 1/2hrs exploring all 5 floors of this beautifully restored 1890s family mansion that later became a hospital for Canadian servicemen and later still a College. There was no guided tour but a map and enough info was provided to make for a very interesting visit. Reading about the lives of wealthy Dunmuir family for whom the mansion was built was fascinating and there was lots to see in each room. I was particularly taken with the library, billiards room and the large dance floor - complete with framed dance cards. After exploring the adjacent castle gift shop, I confirmed with one of the staff on site that my planned return walk back to the Inner Harbour was heading in right direction. I walked down the hill to the service station, purchased a bottle of water and had a very pleasant walk all the way down to the end of Yates St and back to our accommodation. Whilst, we may no longer need to print out our photos, one of the issues with modern phones, is that your battery can die…So, no photos from inside Craigdorrach Castle but I highly recommend a visit if you are in Victoria. Our final night dinner, we returned to the Flying Otter Grill without a reservation. Being later this time, we were told it would be a 40min wait. We were happy to wait outside and within 15mins they called us and advised our table was ready. Had another delicious dinner. Forgot to mention, we had an enjoyable casual meal one night at the Sticky Wicket Pub & Restaurant.
  12. Yes, the sheep & deer were on Spieden island which we cruised past. The birds were nesting on another island that we cruised past as well. The birds were migratory. The whale watching cruise was Eagle Winds Whale Watching. With the exception of the close up tulip photos & the sheep (they were taken with a canon camera) all the photos are taken by me on my little XS iPhone camera 🙂 Craigdorrach Castle ✅
  13. Last day in Victoria and what a great day it was. Visiting Butchart Gardens first thing in the morning on a weekday with no tour groups on site meant no queues and no groups of people in the photos.
  14. I like finding a single duck on board - it’s a nice memento of the cruise. Some people are very passionate about duck hiding - they take 100+ ducks on board of all different sizes and designs. Now Princess Cruises are getting in on the craze, they are releasing their own branded rubber duckies. It was announced by our Cruise Director 2 weeks ago in Alaska.
  15. Grand Princess had the crab shack on for a couple of nights - Deck 14 aft Portside. Additional charge - didn’t go so can’t quote the per head cost.
  16. The weather was so calm & sunny, I made an impulse decision the night before to book a whale watching cruise. Booked a semi-covered boat with heated interior and we had a very pleasant couple of hours out on the water, seeing marine, bird & land animals. It departed and returned from Fisherman’s Wharf and our ticket gave us 10% off food on the wharf. So we had an early dinner after the cruise of fish & chips from Barbs on the wharf.
  17. I knew you were Canadian but wasn’t aware Victoria was/is your home city. We definitely would have walked through Rainbow Park. Such a lovely part of the city. This was the first visit for the three of us to Victoria so we didn’t do anything this visit that you wouldn’t know about. Butchart Gardens ✅
  18. View from Mt Douglas - it was a 360 degree view. Photo from one side. Dinner was a short walk from where we staying, on the harbourfront at Flying Otter Grill. I enjoyed my special of the day, seafood chowder. After dinner, we wandered over to see the Parliament buildings lit up.
  19. That afternoon, we decided to take a scenic drive along the coast to Mt Douglas. About half way along near Oak Bay, I noticed a small group of people looking down from the pathway next to the beach. We pulled over. You may have heard of Neil the (Elephant) seal in Tassie, well meet his Canadian counterpart - Emerson, the (Elephant) seal. 3 days prior, the authorities had moved him from Oak Bay, 120km away to a remote location on the other side of Vancouver Island to Barkly sound, south of Ucleclet. Undeterred, this Elephant Seal had then swum 30km per day for 3 days to return right back to his favourite spot on Oak Bay, much to the astonishment of the authorities. when we spotted him, he was lying peacefully and undisturbed on the beach and letting out an occasional snort much to the amusement of the kids watching for the footpath above.
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