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  1. I had this on an itinerary last year. It was very nice to do the Amedee Island excursion from Noumea one day and do something else in Noumea on the other port day during our cruise. hope the issues are resolved by July.
  2. I don’t care if the media are calling them a luxury cruise line. Just nice to read something positive about cruising in the media for once. I haven’t cruised with p & o and I am unlikely to but big kudos to them. Rotary do great work in their communities and this group would have been in a very stressful situation. Wonderful that p & o stepped up and is bringing them home.
  3. The Bug Zoo was a short walk from our accommodation. My dad loves his garden and his insects, so I decided we would visit & take photos for him. When we first walked in, I thought oh no, we will only be here for 10 mins as it’s a very small place, just two small rooms. What it lacks in size though is made up for by the very enthusiastic and informative staff. We had a great time as the staff explained the contents of each glass enclosure in depth and offered us the opportunity to hold the insects as they gave us a tour of the enclosures in the rooms. Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to see a staff member hold one of the tarantulas. That would have been very cool.
  4. Yep. We were blessed with beautiful weather for our entire stay in Victoria ☀️
  5. First full day in Victoria and we decided to do another harbour walk. This time heading in the other direction to & across Johnson Bridge and then all along the beautiful foreshore to Esquimalt. Beautiful morning for it. Lots of otters swimming in the clear water. On the return walk, we stopped in at Spinnakers Brewpub overlooking the water and had a nice lunch on their terrace. Then I decided I wanted a ride on one of the cute little harbour ferries, so using the QR code on the post on the wharf, I hailed one of their ferries/water taxis that took us back to the inner harbour in front of The Empress. Lovely to see that dogs are permitted on the ferries. The couple and their dog hopped off and we hopped on for a lovely trip with the friendly & informative ferry Captain.
  6. The next morning, saw a couple of tourists stroking one of the seagulls - think they had mistaken him for a cat
  7. Interesting that Glacier Bay is the best for you. I was thinking that your College Fjord photos in the sunshine were more stunning than our photos from Glacier NP on a wet, overcast day last week. We forgot we had thermals in our suitcases and our outfit of choice on our balcony was our doonas 🤦‍♀️ when we cruised GNP. It was beautiful but 🥶
  8. The drive from Swartz Bay Ferry Wharf to downtown Victoria took approx 40mins. We passed right by the entrance to Butchart Gardens but we didn’t want to visit in the afternoon and be rushed, so continued on to our accommodation located in Inner Harbour very close to the Empress Hotel. The weather was so nice, I decided we should walk to Fisherman’s Wharf for a casual dinner. We walked along the harbour’s edge and we were delighted to see otters right near the rocks enjoying their own fish dinner. Having a light dinner in the sun at Fisherman’s Wharf was a very pleasant way to spend our first evening in Victoria. Btw, You can’t tell from this photo but we were surprised by how much bigger Canadian seagulls are to our Australian ones. On our return walk, I took a quick pic of some of the pretty flowers surrounding The Empress Hotel.
  9. After an excellent nights sleep, late checkout of 11am and a too short walk in Stanley Park, we hit the road for the Tsawwassen Ferry Wharf (40mins from Vancouver). We were catching the BC Ferry to Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island. The views from the top open deck during the 90min ferry ride were just lovely.
  10. Had a direct flight booked Sydney to Vancouver with Air Canada departing Sydney at 9.10AM which meant we needed to be at the airport early. Luckily, I was still up late the night before the flight because I received a text at 10.30pm advising that my flight was delayed and would not be departing until 10.00pm the next evening 😳 When I finally checked in, I got this letter for insurance and a $20 voucher (food only) as compensation for the delay - to be used at the airport - so I did. Nice smooth flight and lovely view as we flew over Vancouver Island before approaching Vancouver. Arriving in the evening at YVR airport, it was a breeze to go through customs and collect luggage. Then straight to the taxi rank to get the taxi to Times Square Suite Hotel, very close to Stanley Park.
  11. I would imagine that all the regulars here have been to Alaska & Victoria, Vancouver Island but thought I’d share my trip anyways for those who may be interested especially as we went beyond Victoria in Vancouver Island and we were on the Grand Princess’ first cruise of the Alaskan 2024 season.
  12. Ooh, we had planned a land tour Alaska back in 2020. This was on our agenda. Looking forward to your photos & hope you see the NL tonight
  13. Loved that Love Boat Dream. Couldn’t have it more than once a cruise though.
  14. Just back from my first ever cruise to Alaska. For me, having binoculars on the balcony really enhanced our cruise experience I took a heavy, expensive pair. I wear glasses. My binoculars do not cater for glass wearers (to be honest I didn’t even know that was an option) and they were great. Exciting to spot a breaching whale, quite a few humpback whales, many many otters & bald eagles, seals and look for mountain goats - all from our balcony. Just wish I’d thought to take the binoculars on the zodiac Whale watch we did out of Nanaimo pre-cruise. We followed & then observed 3 Orcas around the sound for about an hour.
  15. Watch out for those big sea gulls tommorrow whilst you are in Glacier Bay NP. They fly close to the balconies and will even land on them. I was chatting on our balcony whilst holding a pastry. Not paying attention, one swooped in and took it…
  16. The sailaway party was on the main pool deck, adjacent to the pool. The production cast performed a few dances in costume, then cruisers were encouraged to dance with the cruise director, assistant cruise director for about 30mins - to the YMCA, Macarena etc. There was only about 15 of us dancing…
  17. Really enjoying your TR. You are doing a lot of the things we were interested in doing on the 30th-8th May cruise but had other commitments, so I love your daily reports with photos. We did see Libby Riddles though. Such a passionate and interesting speaker.
  18. @helen haywood sorry to read of your accident on board. @FromSea2ShiningSea sorry you are feeling so sick & fatigued.
  19. Good afternoon from Canada Place. 3 ships departing so it took 1.5hrs to board. Just thankful I didn’t book radiance (which I was seriously considering) Beautiful day for our sailaway
  20. Just spent 2 weeks roadtripping around Canada. Exclusively used my 28 degrees cc with no issues. Have an Up card as a backup which my well travelled daughter strongly recommended. Had cash with me but not needed. Only place that was cash only was a bakery on the Main Street of tourist town Tofino on Vancouver Island. No issue - there were plenty of other places for to eat nearby. All tips electronic. Oh, a whale watching cruise strongly pushed for cash tips at the end of the cruise. My son used Wise but switched back to 28 degrees as he had issues with fraudulent activity as soon as he started using Wise and it took a while to fix.
  21. On my 14hr flight Sydney to Vancouver, the young lady seated next to me lost one of her ear pods about an hour into the flight. Between sleeps, she spent a lot of time fruitlessly searching for it - using her phone light & I added my phone light in the dark cabin. Then 30mins before we landed the guy on the aisle seat finally woke up and moved into the aisle so she could search a bit more but before he moved, he pulled up one of the cushions under her seat and low and behold - there was that EarPod!
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