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  1. One full day immediately before the cruise and a few hours after we disembark. The rest of the time we are doing a roadtrip of Vancouver Island.
  2. Well, this Aussie koala will definitely be doing the full Love Actually Airport scene - flight has been pushed back a further 1 1/2hrs. But who knows what the next update will be in the morning….
  3. If anyone is interested, The Blue Bus through M & M tours is available to book again this season but the pricing has increased and it’s a reserved seat with 2hrs at Mendhall. Booked it because we cruise soon and shore tours through cruise line and elsewhere sold out.
  4. Well, my plans to spend the day walking Stanley Park have changed….instead of arriving Vancouver tomorrow morning, I will be (hopefully) arriving 11hrs later due to “operational issues”At least DH & I don’t have to get up before dawn tomorrow morning and there is now a strong possibility that the “kids” can meet me at the airport when I arrive. Time to put that koala onesie back into my carryon and embarrass the heck out of my kids - with my 🐨 hugs at the airport.
  5. Dani - we all care so much about you and your family and long term friends. I pray that you all survive this incoming hell storm.
  6. Sending prayers from Australia that Dani, Jack’s sister and their families and all those they hold dear stay safe.
  7. @dani negreanu Words fail me (again) about your situation. It’s breaks my heart that you cannot see friends and that your son & family much anticipated visit may be impacted. Please stay safe
  8. Thank for asking Graham. For those wondering - Westfield Bondi Junction - a large shopping complex in Sydney’s East - had a critical incident occur in the middle of the busy Saturday afternoon of shopping. I appreciate your concern Graham as I spent the afternoon doing last minute shopping for my trip at a Westfield complex but thankfully it is located on the other side of the city. I am waiting for the official police media conference but from media reports - lone male, multiple fatalities and injuries including an infant. Lone policewoman shot the offender dead. Absolutely horrific and traumatic on what has been a beautiful autumn day in Sydney.
  9. @MJSailors I typed a long reply and it disappeared so here is my short answer. 🇦🇺 production - no promotion - yes
  10. Frameless vs framed glass shower in bathrooms? What is your preference? DH is insisting on frameless due to aesthetics. I am against them because in his bathroom he has to put the bath mat outside every day to dry because the water leaks out of the gaps after each shower. We are going to renovate our main bathroom (which currently has a framed glass shower) and we are at a stalemate over this….
  11. Last day of work for four weeks 🎉 DD had final surgeon appointment. Ankle has healed very well no further need for boot or any physio. Gets to keep the ankle screw as a lifetime souvenir of winter in Invermere BC.
  12. Hi Lenny. I watched the entire series with my son. We loved it. I loved all the 80s references. Honestly, hard to say if you would like it or not.
  13. I only ever started ticking those boxes when I had a melanoma cut out. Prior to that BCC & SCCs (I’ve had multiple removed) had not required notification. Maybe it’s different in the US? All the best for the removal of your SCC.
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