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  1. Just back off Independence OTS and despite our stateroom attendant (steward) sometimes not finishing until 2pm, we always had the evening turn down and bathroom tidy service every day, including the first night. Lack of the bathroom clean up every night would certainly bother us.
  2. That seems to be the spirit in which the music man sailaway is intended, whether its the dambusters or match of the day, and I would hope that's how any German cruise passenger views it as well.
  3. Strangely enough I suffer from Rhinitis quite frequently at home, I put it down to a pollen allergy, but once I set foot on board ship it clears up, and I get a full nights sleep with clear nostrils despite the aircon......maybe I should ask my GP for cruising on prescription.
  4. Is it really? I would assume that anyone buying a drink while watching the sail away, would still be likely to buy one at another bar if there wasn't one.
  5. I will let you know what you're missing Jean after our Feb 2021 cruise.😎
  6. You can have eggs benedict every day in the buffet.
  7. I think you mean March 2021 Jean, they would need to pay me for cruises in March next year.😉
  8. Just remember the food you get is only the free stuff you get in the buffet, so you paying quite a lot for privacy and butler service, and even more if you tip the butler as well.
  9. Yes, but you have to assume it is Iberia and Atlantic coast.
  10. Those are much bigger complimentary sailaway drinks than we have ever been given.
  11. Just off RCI's Independence and they have sauce bottles in the buffet, however they are kept scrupulously clean by the extremely diligent staff, I don't think the current staff on P&O would be up to the same standard unfortunately.
  12. Iberia does stretch round to Barcelona, and we are on a 12 nt cruise on Azura next year which has the same title and includes Cartagena and Malaga.
  13. Most milk from a supermarket has a 7/10 day sell by date, and those tend to be a bit conservative.
  14. Aurora has plenty of sunbeds on the sun deck, but no retreat, although it does have a section for suite passengers.
  15. Good point HP, if Hull could create a 24/7 cruise terminal that does not require a lock then it would be a perfect turnround port for all North sea destinations. Unfortunately with the sort of delays in our planning system, and the built in reluctance for change in most major companies, it's extremely unlikely to happen while I still cruise.
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