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  1. I think you are being a bit harsh with your criticism of how P&O are handling the refund/FCC situation. I do agree that they do generally have a poor track record when it comes to handling customer service issues, but this Covid19 crisis will result in many very profitable businesses failing because their income stream dries up. In these circumstances it will be those that suffer least from liquidity issues that survive, so I hope the P&O management are planning for survival, and for those that do survive they are very likely to be able to pick and choose their customers because there could be a lot less competition than there is now.
  2. I would imagine that if you used the FCC now to book a cruise for next year, then you would be covered by the normal ABTA rules, and eligible for a full refund if Carnival went bust. I would equally hope that anyone still holding a FCC would also get a refund from what ABTA are saying in general about credit refunds.
  3. I would imagine that will apply this time as well, dividends cost them cash, OBC costs them very little especially if it encourages bookings and happy cruisers.
  4. It looks like last weeks recovery was a bit of a dead cats bounce, down a further 15% today.
  5. If it did then I guess that P&O possibly would go bankrupt, since most passengers on the cruises I have been on are over 70.
  6. Jean, this is really no longer relevant because no cruises are sailing. Presumably once the govt relax the recommendation not to travel on holiday and only then will cruising restart; and then there will probably be new recommendations from govt and also from the cruise lines.
  7. Insurers have always wanted to know if there are any 3rd parties that could cover any of the costs in a claim, so I suppose it is to be expected that they want to know they are the last resort for the claim.
  8. My doctor said he would need to do a full examination before he could, but as P&O cancelled the cruise it ceased to be needed.
  9. You may be right, but I suspect they are close relatives.
  10. Probably out of date now Jean, since they are not cruising, I assume it will be reviewed on they restart.
  11. Similarly I could not find it either, but the last site update was yesterday, so maybe the website runs a day behind.
  12. It is not what customers want to hear but the current situation is leaving most travel companies with major liquidity problems, and ABTA are looking to provide a way to prevent that happening whilst still giving customers some sort of guarantee that they will receive recompense, eventually. Its a bit like social distancing, we don't like it but it is essential to prevent the spread engulfing the NHS's ability to cope and come out the other side with the least number of deaths. ABTA's plan is similar, in trying to avoid as many failures as possible, so the travel industry is capable of surviving as well. I would definitely prefer it wasn't happening, but these are not normal times.
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