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  1. This problem only matters in club dining since tables in freedom are normally full, and it's not until later in the night that one notices an increasing number of empty tables.
  2. On our early cruises, before Pauline was in a wheelchair, we did some large tables in club dining, but mainly did tables for 2 on Princess where we switched to anytime dining. We did have some reasonable table companions, but not such that we would want to share a table with them for a 2 week cruise. We now still choose freedom dining because of the convenience, but prefer to share a table and avoid the need to take a pager, and are quite happy to have new companions every night, although if you dine at similar times each night you do sometimes see the same people from time to time. We rarely encounter long queues and have only once been given a pager on P&O.
  3. Are you suggesting that spag bol is English Jean?😉
  4. Do you know who underwrites the Nationwide insurance.
  5. Remind me again Andy why you disliked freedom dining?
  6. Does that mean you don't eat Indian at home then Jean?
  7. If you were born in the late 80s and hope to retire in 20 odd yrs, then you must have a very wealthy husband.😉
  8. Ah but that is the wonder of P&Os IT systems. Keep a copy on your phone, show them to the Restaurant manager and ask which days they will be on, I'II be right behind you!!
  9. Totally agree seen nothing like this, and we have been regular cruises for the last 9 years.
  10. Can you provide a link to this please.
  11. If you mean the themed dinners like Tandoori, Asian, Mediterranean, Italian, British etc, then these are in the Buffet. Each night has its own themed dishes, but they always have a roast dinner on offer as well.
  12. I bought one in St Kitts, on special offer, and wore it on one of our Ventura round trip Caribbean cruises, there were a lot of others also wearing tropical shirts, so I didn't feel alone.
  13. You have to give your room number as you check into the freedom dining MDR, if you are down as fixed dining they could turn you away.
  14. If you are travelling on Ventura then 35 night cruises now only have 8 formal nights. https://ask.pocruises.com/help/PO/life-on-board/dress_code_all.html
  15. The themed menus in the MDR are only on certain formal nights, and in addition to the themed items there are also a range of normal starters and entrees, as well as the always available steak, chicken and salmon. So if the special items don't appeal, there should still be something that will suffice. But don't be put off by the flowery language, ask the waiter what it is and how it's cooked, and he will be only too happy to advise you.
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