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  1. Incongruous seems a bit of an oxymoron if lots of people still love it, don't you think?
  2. My own experience is rather different, I rarely see anyone not suitably dressed on formal nights on P&O in the venues that stipulate formal attire. Now maybe I go on different itineraries to you, but I have done most destinations out Southampton except the Baltic so quite a wide cross section, and have not noticed that the freedom MDRs are anything other than full on formal nights.
  3. Having been round the galley and been informed how the waiters order and pick up each tables food, I would be amazed if there was any difference in the temperature of the hot food, it all gets collected from the same heated area.
  4. I suppose as long as no one tells J-C Juncker then it's OK.
  5. I thought that Guernsey had the same impact on a cruise as a call at Gibraltar or the Canaries, that is it allowed on board purchases to be VAT free because these countries are not fully part of the EU, rather than the ship being able to offer duty free goods. Does anyone know the correct reason? As regards my social grouping, I worry that I don't seem to fit in any of the categories, I'm definitely not upper class, have no university degree, very few skills manual or otherwise, and don't rely solely on the state pension. Maybe there is a group f for those who enjoy cruising on any ship and meeting lots of different people simply to enjoy a good holiday.
  6. I assume the central staircase will be opened up to passengers, it will only need carpeting and decorating. But the main problems with Britannia, the small(er) cabins and even smaller balconies cannot be remedied at any refit. As for it being fantastic that might be Andy's opinion but IMO it has far too many flaws to be considered fantastic, however Princess have given their versions the Wow factor that Britannia lacks, and they have even made the cabins look far superior to the drab decor on Britannia. So I am glad P&O only decided on the one Royal Class ship, and I just hope they give Iona a lot more sparkle than they gave Britannia.
  7. I imagine that the wind force would have been taken from the ships equipment , and may well have been different from the local land based wind readings. If so you are actually calling the Captain a liar.
  8. You have read the brochures and know the dress codes for all the cruise lines, so just choose one that suits you, but leave others to enjoy formal night's where everyone tries to follow the guidance.
  9. It has to be light weight to avoid blocking the small diameter waste pipes used on board cruise liners.
  10. I have not had my moneys-worth out of my current DJ yet, so don't anyone go giving P&O ideas about dropping them just yet.
  11. You should be able to, check with your TA or P&O if you booked direct, they will advise if you can, and if CPS charge any cancellation fee.
  12. Sorry Jean I was forgetting about the maritime service fees,
  13. I believe that if you are in Europe the cost of a text is the same as in the UK, which I think is only 5p a text (PAYG).
  14. Andy, I don't believe that was ever said, an e-mail reply I received from P&O stated that staff were not disadvantaged when passengers removed the auto tip. I took this to mean that their wage and bonus rate was agreed in their contract and that P&O would pay this whatever they received from auto tips. I suspect that auto tip removal had reached such a high level, whether with passengers wanting to tip directly or not tip at all, that P&O decided to do away with them altogether. Undoubtedly P&O will aim to recover any lost revenue somehow, but they have so many avenues that it will impossible for passengers to ever see this; and this is how it always should have been, and passengers can be left to decide if, how much and who to tip based on their particular cruise experience.
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