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  1. I completed mine on 17th Sept, confirmed by P&O but still waiting, which I make now to be pushing 5 weeks.
  2. We both had ours last month at the local chemists, and neither of us had any reaction at all, not even a soreness around the injection site, which I have normally experienced.
  3. I think everyone has assumed that would happen anyway.
  4. You should be OK then wowzz if it only harms "Freaks".
  5. I was really referring to their websites being easier to obtain the itineraries for printing off, the one I use enables me to select a ship and I can get the entire listing for 2 week cruises on 1 or 2 pages, which makes it easier to browse at leisure. Using the P&O website I would need 2 or 3 reams of paper and lots of replacement cartridges to obtain the same data.
  6. They will be available on their website, and most cruise TA's which tend to be easier to use, on 3rd November.
  7. I still think my interpretation is the more likely, which just goes to show that Yorkshiremen are the more sensible.😇
  8. Not quite wowzz, it says that a risk-benefit assessment evaluation would likely be undertaken in advising on vaccination for under 50s. A major part of the risk would probably involve how much contact they had with more vulnerable relatives, which seems very likely to include a high proportion of this group. Unless the virus has already killed off their elderly relatives.
  9. I understand the AZ vaccine will likely require a yearly top up, I think it will be the GSK one that will need 2 doses.
  10. Points win prizes, someone said that, and my Tesco and Nectar points are always worth having.
  11. We dont know that for certain wowzz. AZ are supposedly stockpiling it already, and Pfizer doing the same both with large quantities earmarked for the UK. As Van Tam says, arrangements are being made to establish a vaccination team so once final approval is given they can roll it out.
  12. I wonder what the weather will be like, so late in the season?
  13. Yes but these are generally scattered around the ship, from what I have read about new protocols, quarantine will be in a specific area of the ship, and will clearly need to be large enough if it is to effectively contain any outbreak.
  14. La Spezia is Italy, but it does seem strange that it is the only one.
  15. I think you are right there wowzz. However I do agree with you a little and often wonder if sympathetic responses are sometimes a bit overdone, which is why I restrict my comments only to posters where I feel some affinity.
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