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  1. No need to book and you can leave it, the normal wash cycle is 45 mins but try to be back in time or you might incur the displeasure of other users.
  2. I doubt they ever had Sommeliers, well not since the thirties peak of luxury trans Atlantic cruising, but they did still have wine waiters on our Aurora cruise in May.
  3. You will need to bring your own soap powder, tablets or liquid, also it used to be available from reception but not sure it still is, but the washers and dryers are free to use.
  4. We live in Yorkshire which also enjoys soft water and have never found that cruise ship water has any unpleasant taste, and we don't boil it, we fill our bottles straight from the tap, and then put in the fridge overnight. I sometimes wonder if its the people who live in hard water areas, or like Londoners are drinking second, third and 4th hand water that's been in and out of several rivers before it reaches them. Then to make it drinkable the water companies have to clobber it with so many chemicals to make it safe, so the poor souls don't appreciate pure water when they taste it.
  5. wowzz, we sometimes go to the buffet when its an Asian themed evening, and quite enjoy it for a change, the tables are all neatly arranged and laid with cutlery, napkin and table mat, and its easy to find a table for 2. It's not as sophisticated as the MDR experience, but certainly a long way removed from the workers canteen experience, and it does enable you to time your dining so you can watch the early show, without needing to rush to the MDR for 6:00pm.
  6. Sad to say we agree with you. We sailed Celebrity regularly from 2011 to 2016 and my spread sheet shows their prices were very much in line with our P&O prices during the same period. Even the drinks prices once you factored in the exchange rate, which was about $1.60 at that time, and the fact that with their generous measures you bought less drinks, and during that period their launch prices had some very generous offers. But fast forward to today, gone are the launch discounts and since the introduction of drinks packages and the drop in Sterling's value drink prices have nearly doubled and the price pppn is now well above P&O prices. Their standard was, and probably still is, a cut above P&O but as we only sail from Southampton we have now done most Med, Canary, Baltic and Fjord ports, and with P&O's entertainment being a cut above Celebrity's, we prefer to do 2 or 3 cruises on P&O rather than 1 or 2 on Celebrity.
  7. Sunday in the Canaries is always quiet, only a few ships and cafes open, as a result they are very busy, I imagine Easter Sunday will be even worse.
  8. Yes a splashaway bay area would be a good idea for Iona 2.
  9. Nowhere near as environmentally friendly as refilling used ones and popping them in the fridge overnight either.
  10. Not sure what you seek from a cruise holiday Jean, although your comments about just going ashore for a wander and the occasional drink do mirror ours. Then when on the ship we just need somewhere to sit and relax and read or people watch, and for us the big ships provide all those facilities, and we rarely feel they are too crowded. Which means that we are looking forward to Iona and all the new dining venues especially the al fresco feel of the prom deck. Maybe you should give the big girls another chance.
  11. For once I am in complete agreement with you; although since any profit made by the casino reduces the demand for higher fares, then maybe we should just stay stumm.
  12. You may want to consider that if you want a sofa bed rather than a Pullman bunk, on Azura you will need to book a de luxe cabin, whilst I believe that Britannia does have some standard balconies with a sofa bed.
  13. It depends on the cabin category you intend booking, Britannia has only inside and balcony, Azura also has ocean view ones. All Britannias balconies are much smaller than Azura, especially C and D deck on Azura which have larger balconies although they are overlooked from above. If going for an inside then you might find Azuras promenade deck beneficial. Britannia does not have a full prom deck. The recent refit on Britannia should mean it looks fresher, but as long as Azura is being kept clean and tidy this should not be a major issue. Whichever you chose hope you have a good cruise.
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