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  1. Arcadia is powered by azipods which should significantly reduce vibration, it's a while since we were on her and I have no memory of whether she had any vibration.
  2. I think only a phone call to P&O will give you a clear answer.
  3. We have used them several times with excellent service, did have one incident with a parking charge but one phone call sorted it out and it was paid or sorted out by P4C.
  4. I imagine that what it shows is that P&O's computer system has a one track mind.
  5. You're being your usual unkind self here HP/Docco????, my understanding is that all the fleet now have exhaust scrubbers, or very soon will have, to clean up the emissions. The occasional black smoke was explained by the chief engineer as a necessity when starting up any of the engjnes which require an over rich mixture to get them going efficiently, so sooty spots on aft balconies are still likely. This new initiative to cut down on one use plastic packaging should also be applauded and not be disparaged either.
  6. It looks as though both standard and de-luxe balconies do have sofa beds for a third passenger in a cabin, and mainly only the size is different. You need an up to date brochure or on line deck plan to determine which these are, those with an * have a sofa bed.
  7. The P&O website has a very good section on the Iona page which indicates which are the extra charge eateries and which are included in the fare. All the normal ones on the current fleet are the same, of the new ones I think the Quays is included but the other new ones are extra charge.
  8. You need to use the "change cabin" facility and then choose the option to select your own cabin.
  9. Normally between the Laguna Bar and the Poolside Grill, unless its very cold and wet when they move it to the covered pool area.
  10. Yes, grab & go is now featured on all P&O ships.
  11. Not sure if that comment should be considered racist, or maybe politicist, if there were such a word? However I would imagine that P&O passengers are a reasonable cross section of British society and fully reflect the divided nation we live in.
  12. Works for me on the laptop. Anyone know when the NCL ship is due for float out, leaving the entire dock for Iona?
  13. You should be able to if you are choosing a select fare, but you need to go through the process of choosing your cabin grade and location going carefully through each step, then you should reach a screen showing the deck plan with P&O's chosen cabin in blue, and the other available cabins in ecru (sort of fawn colour) for you to select if you prefer one of them.
  14. Azura will be 10 years old next year and like a land hotel will be looking a bit shabby by now, so hopefully P&O will be planning a full spruce up with new carpets and soft furnishing everywhere, and all new bigger TVs where you can actually read the rolling news bar from the bed, and no longer have to stand in front of them.
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