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  1. Sunset is after 11:00pm and Sunrise just after 3:00 am, with lots of twilight in between.
  2. As a Carnival shareholder, I hope so if its a P&O ship.
  3. Vamps, if you are going in the school summer holidays then it will likely be warmer than the UK, we did Britannia in August 4 years ago and it was mid 20s the whole time with clear blue skies and the pool full to over-flowing.
  4. The Harry Ramsden's chain of 34 restaurants was owned by Bhuparan but was sold to Deep Blue Restaurants last year. I understand that the original shop is not part of the chain, so presumably the Wetherby Whaler group will not be using the HR name.
  5. Brigus is still used but only rarely, not really heard Sorby used, but it can be either (Sow) erby as in a pig, or (Sew) erby as in sewing, the latter is more common, although which one the locals prefer I am not sure.
  6. I may be totally wrong but I though beef dripping had been banned for use in fish and chip shops.
  7. I have not posted on this thread to date mainly because I have so little to complain about, none of our family and friends have had any encounters with Covid. In fact our best friends DIL, who is a physio at our local hospital, commented that even at the height of the pandemic it was eerily quiet at work. So it seemed as though Covid had by-passed Huddersfield until our misfortune to be part of Kirklees thrust us into special measures. But even that is not causing us too much discomfort, especially as it has coincided with both sets of grandchildren being away on staycations. Even the lockdown period changed very little for us, we had few problem getting delivery slots from Sainsburys, we did miss the occasional Sunday lunches at our 2 son's houses. but video calls kept us up to date with both families, and as soon as we were allowed we did meet up again, until the current restrictions were imposed. However since my wife's stroke 10 years ago cruising has become our main holiday outlet , we have done the occasional holiday park or hotel stay with our families, but we do find that cruises are by far the most relaxing and enjoyable holidays. So I suppose our major concern is whether and when we can re-start cruising again, as planning and preparing for our 2 or 3 cruise holidays per year is what has kept us cheerful, and why I keep chiding wowzz, and others, not to be so pessimistic.
  8. Yes that's also my main one, but I do occasionally lapse and do the other.
  9. I hope this link will take you to the English version of Mein Schiffs 10 point post covid protocol, it makes quite interesting reading and doesn't highlight any major uncomfortable procedures. https://www.tuicruises.com/blauereisen/ ... hrtbetrieb
  10. It might indicate that NCL are writing off the winter season in the US, and positioning their ships to start the summer 2021 European season maybe a little earlier than usual.
  11. Was that on a canvas covered bi-plane? Or did your job enable you to fly club?
  12. Will somebody please top up wowzz's half empty glass again!.
  13. Nope, cream first is very peculiar!!!!
  14. You seem to have split your half full glass again wowzz, you're beginning to sound like Mercury and KTS's love child.😆
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