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  1. Our nearby BP filling station has been busier than normal, but no sign of queues, yet.
  2. At present it is 2 in 14 days, or 1 on a 7 night cruise. But only on Iona at the moment, the other ships remain at 2 every 7 night cruise.
  3. We did a few Caribbean cruises with Princess and they all included a pre cruise night in a hotel, and lunch in a hotel on disembarcation day, and a late afternoon transfer to the airport.
  4. If you are worried about sailing on old ships I would think it's essential to know the age of al the cruise lines fleets. All P&O ships are now 21st century builds, this compares quite well with Fred Olsen, TUI, and Ambassador whose ships are all 20th Century builds and all hand me downs from other cruise lines.
  5. A swing round sounds as though it's a lifeboat check, which certainly could have been done earlier.
  6. I was about to post a very similar response.
  7. You're cheerleading crown is looking a shade tarnished Dai!😊
  8. Not quite as bad as our's Les we had our accessible cabin booking cancelled and lost the cruise because there were no other accessible cabins available.
  9. Les, if you booked and paid for select why have they "upgraded" you? As for the cabin location I would be amazed if P&O are not fully aware that 90% of their passengers dislike R deck cabins, and would prefer to have a stern view cabin, whether it was a suite or a standard balcony. This isn't as a result of them closing off different areas to be available as quarantine cabins?
  10. Similar experience on roundtrip Caribbean cruises, we got tired of the formal nights on the outgoing journey, and did not bother again til the last formal night.
  11. But they will obviously have to replace the sticking plaster after 3 weeks if nothing has changed.
  12. So getting production restarted in just over a week is not a bad result in the circumstsnces.
  13. What on earth is she going to make of all the perspex windbreaks on Iona's prom deck, or are you definitely committed not to set foot on her or Arvia?
  14. In that case Avril Iona's sunbeds should be empty, and maybe stored away, so you would be able to saunter all the way around it's Prom deck. But will you ever switch away from Aurora?
  15. I dont believe that Iona's promenade deck is intended to be used for strolling, walking and certainly not jogging. It's functions are to enable sun bathing on loungers and deck chairs as wel as al fresco dining. I suspect walkers may find themselves being "accidentally" tripped by passengers that dont want to have people wandering past them regularly.
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