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  1. You reach the cabins via the aft end of the forward lift foyer. If you study the deck plan it is by cabins 8320 and 8321.
  2. Until there is some international legislation putting the responsibility for the removal of inaccurate information onto the social media companies, then posters will remain uncaring about the accuracy of their material.
  3. For those of us who regularly travel with P&O this poor PR performance from them should come as no surprise, and no matter how much we discuss these failings, it seems very unlikely that this will improve anytime soon.
  4. I don't think the many shareholders on this forum would be happy to think they might be asked to pay compensation to claimants against the companies in which they own shares.
  5. I suppose it depends on whether the number of evacuation chairs is limited. If not then filling in the form should enable P&O to arrange for one to be made available. If they are limited then I agree it is essential that the request should form part of the booking process whether it is with P&O or via a TA.
  6. I would definitely agree, the trek along the rooftop height walkways seems endless, and once outside it's a boring walk to anywhere. .
  7. Maybe confusing you MB, this offer was for the Princess Canada cruise. I dropped in as @mrsgoggins was quoting her Princess cruise. But it is still a darned good offer for a 31 night TA cruise on Sky Princess.
  8. Oops sorry, should have gone to specsavers.😮
  9. We just had an email offer for this cruise, offering a balcony cabin for an inside cabin price of £2399pp.
  10. That would have been to cover @Fionboard commission!😉
  11. @Interestedcruisefan, can you please revert to shorter posts and fewer topics, with these long ones I need to edit to much out before I reply, which is very fiddly on a phone.😉😎
  12. Prices can only increase with high demand, but if demand drops so will prices.
  13. NB Grenada has now been dropped and replaced with Martinique, and select launch price for a GC adapted balcony cabin was £4526pp.
  14. The Olive Grove was free in March on Iona, except for a few "Special Items".
  15. I would imagine that cabin selection on a cheap deal would be non existent. The cheapest deals are always are always guarantee cabins, where P&O choose your cabin.
  16. But the back can suffer from juddering from the propellers, thrusters or azipods.
  17. I only use 3 staples per tag and have not had any problems over the 23 years we have been cruising. We wrap the tag around the top handle in a loop.
  18. Our deck 15 cabin on Iona in March did roll from side to side quite a bit as we sailed along the Spanish and Portuguese coast, but very little movement down on deck 5 and 6.
  19. I'm sure you are correct, but equally the other cabin occupant might not be infected, so until someone shows symptoms I don't believe it is necessary for them to be quarantined.
  20. Whilst agreeing that times and tastes have changed, I do think there is, and probably will be, a place for the traditional aspects of cruising on most lines for years to come. We just sailed on Sky Princess and on formal nights the majority in the MDRs did seem to follow the dress code, and I although I have not sailed on RC, Celebrity recently, I imagine that they also have a high proportion of traditionalists in the MDRs on formal nights. I agree that dinner jackets are not regularly worn in public, but I think this is probably why they have remained popular on cruises, and probably will stay popular for years.
  21. On P&O the night nursery is a great facility, when we cruised with my son and family, they used this every night, and were only called twice over 12 nights when our grandson woke up.
  22. Do you ever do that? Most people have plans for their evening, so once dinner has finished they go their separate ways.
  23. We certainly did not adhere to Princesses 2 hour table turnround recently. Our sharing tables were so enjoyable that we often were well into the 3rd hour before we were finished, and I would hope for a similar situation on our next P&O cruise.
  24. On Princess a week ago, and their show times were 8:00pm and 10:00pm, which we thought was much better times than the P&O, 8:30 & 10:30.
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