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  1. I believe that even Princess have now succumbed to water slides, and their new Sun Princess has them. I imagine that any new monster P&O order will likely have water slides and a much fancier water park for the kids.
  2. And of course any major mechanical improvements.
  3. Have the Roman's finished the Coliseum yet, not much.point going if it's still unfinished!
  4. I thought all room service now had a delivery charge?
  5. I wonder how may cancers are found incidentally, my wifes breat cancer was found following a CT scan checking for a possible stomach ulcer, which happened to be negative.
  6. Agreed but I doubt the wine only sold by the bottle is worth the extra hassle of carrying back and forth to your cabin for every dinner.
  7. What is wrong with buying wine by the glass, it's no more expensive , especially if you buy the large 250 mile glass,
  8. Knowing that cabins are built off site as complete modules, and then rolled into place, I am left wondering how they manage to keep those poles in the middle of the cabin. The poles are presumably what supports each deck, so can they remove a section so that the accessible module can be rolled into place, and then reconnect them afterwards?
  9. Since it appears that vegan/veggie offerings are here to stay on P&O, maybe we could ask passengers regularly eating these to start a stickie advising us carnivores which dishes they think we would enjoy. I have tried only one, which to be fair was reasonably enjoyable, but reading the ingredients for many dishes is rather off putting, so I am probably missing some tasty gems.
  10. I guess the hexagon shape will save quite a bit in storage space as well.
  11. Bear in mind that P&O are part of Carnival, and Princess, Holland America and Carnival itself, as well as Costa and AIDA, all do Med fly cruises, so adding extra P&O med fly cruises would simply increase competition and put pressure on prices.
  12. There are many people who do cruise for the itinerary, or at least they express that view. Like you we cruise because it is the best way to take a sunshine holiday when you dont fly, and I agree the 2 new ships do have much more facilities to entertain us.
  13. It seems that trying to cater for veggies and vegans has reduced the choice for the majority of passengers who are neither, which would seem an even more stupid business choice.
  14. There were lots of portrait photographers on Iona last week, they had a great offer of 10 photos for only £100!!!!!!
  15. My Holiday says the table will be held for 15 minutes, whether it be a regular booking or the virtual queue, I have no idea whether the hosts follow this rigidly or not. However IMO the main problem is that anyone having a regular booking before 7:00 causes that table to be left empty, because they cannot guarantee that an early diner will have vacated the table in time for it to be be reset. Similarly the same situation applies to passengers who have an 8:30pm reservation, if the table is not ready by 6:30, then it will have to remain out of use. Again, only IMO, pre booking should be abandoned and emphasis put on the virtual queue, although walk ups for those who can't or won't use the My Holidat system are a much better option than pre booking.
  16. If you are talking about a Princess cruise, then unless you are Elite in their loyalty scheme, then you can only book dining reservations once the final balance has been paid. However they also allow walk ups and this does not seem to lead to long delays.
  17. I honestly don't think an App would improve the tech, there is nothing in an App that a website cannot provide equally as well. However the website could certainly be improved, currently it shows restaurants and entertainment as being fully booked, when experience tells us that this is clearly untrue. I think that this Is definitely a website where AI could create a massive improvement.
  18. Are ice cream, cakes, cheese and biscuits acceptable vegan foods?
  19. I agree that the World Market Place buffet on Sky Princess is far better than any P&O ships buffet. The serveries are maintained to a far higher standard both in content and appearance, and the choice is way beyond anything we have experienced on any P&O ship.
  20. We found that the latest times we could book a sharing table in DMW, was before 7:00pm, and quite often this was too early for us, and no later times were available on the app to switch ot to. So we had to join the non booking queue, which was a variable experience.
  21. I dont think Princess is any better at all, with dine my way you need to book well before you cruise otherwise there is very little choice. This of course means that you will have difficulty with changing times. So far less flexibility that P&Os virtual queue, which in our experience settles down after the first couple of days and operates really well, or at least it does except for the main school holiday times.
  22. This is the reason why I prefer the fresh disembarkation labels that are coloured and have a time code on them. If you then disembark as they announce your colour the luggage is all in the same place, and since the earliest disembarkation luggage is at the luggage hall entrance, then the hall empties towards the exit avoiding the rugby scrum that is the P&O experience.
  23. I wondered if everyone had set off for their easter break on Friday or Saturday, we have never seen the main routes as quiet for the last 20 years.
  24. We were also on this cruise and agree with some of your comments. We thought the food quality was reasonably good, but the choice was limited for for non veggies, which is probably 90% of passengers. Disembarkation was poor, not helped by the 90 minute delay in arrival time, I have given my views on this elsewhere. We did not experience your problems with finding a seat, possibly helped because my wife sits in her wheelchair, but the reluctance of most people to share with others leaves lots of empty single chairs. Despite the poor weather we really enjoyed the cruise, and met many interesting dinner companions.
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